Are Slavs God chosen people?

Are Slavs God chosen people?

is that sherepova?

Yes :3

Is that a stick or a human?


t.Abdula Al-Suladin
>falling for THICK meme

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Slavs, is in fact, Wends and Slavs, or as I've recently taken to calling it, masterrace and slavshits. Slavs are not an ethnic group unto itself, but merely a linguistic group made useful by based Wends, a vital group thanks to which Europe exists.

Many Sup Forums users mistake Wends for Slavs every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the Wendish group is often called "Slavs", and many intolerants are not aware that it is basically the Wends, a Central European masterrace.

There really are Slavs, but Wends are no part of it. Wends are different, much more civilized and stuff. This is essential for you to realize. Slavs often include Wends, but basically it's Slavs with Wends added. All the so called "Western Slavs" are really Wends.

Definitely.pic related

If they are so masterrace why don't they travel to space?

>Falling for the Jew body type meme

Low T

Looks a bit like Ivanka mixed with Ann Coulter desu

Definitely. Dating a qt polish grill, best choice I've ever made

being pretty doesn't make you a leader pooland

This thread can't evolve into anything useful other than a degenerate pornography thread and I'm on nofap so can't have that shit

Only the women are pretty and they don't age well.

Thin as a rail gross

I'm 100% czech blood (germanic?), am I white?

God doesn't exist so no
But slavs are second best anyway to Scandi's in the looks department(the women that is, Slavic men are usually goblins)

Too busy trying to keep you out of their country ivan

Slav women are god tier. The only good thing russians have is their women and their vodka.

IMHO it's reason enough to be bros with them and get along. Why are we even fighting?? all the reasons for the cold war are now forgotten and obsolete. ICBMs leveled the playing field.



>even human

Pick one.




Slavs destroyed both napoleon and Hitler. They beat Hitler with the biggest handicap possible too.

Where are her tits?


>Are Slavs God chosen people?
*Plans downfall of Poland in Yiddish*


Sharapova is 6'2. So, all of you manlets wouldn't even have a shot.

Meanwhile, I'm 6'4

Sure, why not? Whatever helps you sleep at night, Jakub.

Be careful. They um, can age not so well. But when they're young, yes, they are mmmmmm.

We all know Poland is Israel 2 so it's partially safe from Jewish tricks.

It only that Western women use more makeup.
Women in Russia and elsewhere tend to use less if none at all.


we are slavs if we say so

she;s 6 foot 4 with no shoes

By giving Maryƛka to the world, Russkies have redeemed a lot of their sins.
They will still burn in hell, though:^)