Will Drumpf be the most disliked president in history?

Will Drumpf be the most disliked president in history?

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not by me, so no.

I mean didn't we fight a civil war because Lincoln was elected

I doubt many British loyalists liked George Washington either when he came into power.

Who cares so long as he does his job good, bush was a good president and nobody like him, meanwhile Obama was fucking awful yet will go down in history of one of the best presidents.

fake polls at it again
they will never stop
trump will simply have to destroy the lying media and build it back up from scratch

Just like before the election most trump supporters stay quiet for fear of irrational liberal backlash.

Always add 6-8 points involving Trump

>trusting liberal polls ever
just kys desu senpai

took bush 6 years to get that low


u right wing retards are just Tumblrina snowflake little bitches at this point

>5 years

At least I'm not a leaf

Why does it say he's at 50% today on TV?


I literally saw 37% yesterday on the news
I'm guessing you're watching fox. I saw the number on cnn

Didn't Gallup refuse to release the raw data for this poll?

And yet it's still taken seriously

It's simple. Gallup was at 37%. It's 39% today.

They do a daily poll.

They've been doing presidential job approval since the 1940s so it's hilarious when right wing retards cry about gallup


lol ahaahaha u right wing retards are fucking hilarious

everything u don't like is fake right?

what a bunch of autistic morons

Yes but 5/6 of the country was on the wrong side of history

>"you are basically us now"

literally all polls are liberal now

considering all of them predicted Trump had no chance of winning

what do you have to say now leaf?

Very likely
He never improved, he never backs down and he'll get older and older
I sometimes wonder if he didn't get elected just to piss Americans
Impeach him, before he starts taking on the entire US population, out of spite

the polls predicted hillary would win the popular vote by a few points.

u retards are dumb

same poll that gave hillary 98% chance to win, nigger?


Rasmussen poll is at 50%

As I said in another thread: If this goes the way we all on the left would like it to. This investigation goes on for another 6 months. Trump admin impeachment process starts in around Sept/October. After hearings he's removed around March of 2018. Ryan steps in April. Flip every house and Senate seat we can in the fall. Watch Ryan squirm for 2 years and miserably to try and win a seat back he wasn't elected to in the first place. And with that, the dismantling of the tea party, and the death of his political career.

No. You're way worse than Tumblr.

That wasn't poll.

You fucking retards are hilariously stupid


Oh shit it's obongo leaf. Someone go get a rake.

ah... back when gallup wasn't a liberal talk piece

i remember those days when liberals didn't control 100% of the media
just barely remember them though

keep trying shill it's pretty funny

>gallup poll has him at -21
>meanwhile, all other polls have him at -5 at worst
>take the worst poll and present it as a fact

You'd thought that after the disaster of the 2016 election journalists would be smarter than that.

wasn't rasmussen the romney landslide poll?

Even the RCP avg is -7


oh shit obama leaf
tell me you are going to get 80 post today

>that wasn't A poll

it's the same fucking polling agency.

u right wing retards are such autistic morons, u think anything you don't like must be fake

you're basically retarded snowflakes

a prediction based on polls, dumb leaf faggot

enjoy the long 8 years

Rasmussen is at 50%, not generally considered the most accurate/reliable polling. Also Rasmussen is likely voters vs gallup being general population.
National polls actually were not far off. See realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/us/general_election_trump_vs_clinton-5491.html

just had like 95 in another thread

not doing it again

anyways it's hilarious watching trump crash and burn

Bruh there's never been more misled hype and organized resistance against any incoming president EVER. Seriously, the MSM was shilling for Hillary the entire election. What, did you think they'd stop and start telling people to support the duly elected president?? This is a reflection of the subersiveness of modern American democracy. Republicans do it too, but Dems have taken it way the fuck out of hand.

And yes, like last time Dems cried like bitches over the last duly elected Republican president, they got their asses stomped. CW2.0 is a very likely possibility at this rate, fuck your weak poll

Isn't that average effected by the outlier FUCKING MINUS 21?????

so it wasn't a poll

Obama's approval rating was that low even with the putrid, shameless media fellating his nigger dick 24/7

that's even worse for your argument, it was multiple polls

kys now


also affected


by the outlier rasmussen 50-50

Trump is garbage. Deal with it. GOP can't even pass their own healthcare bill.


OH fuck is that Obango Leaf?

>polls predicted popular vote
why do you idiots actually believe this?
its like you never actually looked at the polls and then just take whatever you see on twatter as gospel

the polls worked under the electoral college system you insipid little buffoon
they predicted she would win the PRESIDENCY... you know... as in win it with electoral votes not popular vote which has nothing to do with winning the presidency?

the polls worked on a state by state basis you imbecile

it's okay... you can leave this thread in embarassment now

Who the fuck believes polling anymore after the election? Pollsters lost all credibility after Trump won.

Obama was at 62 at the same point

no the 98% thing wasn't a poll and had nothing to do with gallup

u retards are just triggered by trump being a shitty unpopular president


The polls predicted she would win the popular vote

And the 98% thing wasn't a poll

right wing retards are just dumb

you must have poor critical thinking skills amigo

you realize that polling agencies are ran by people right?
and that the polls are conducted by people?
so every few years the owner of the polling agencies change as well as their subordinates who more directly conduct the polls

when Bush was around liberals didn't infest every inch of the media like they do now

litmus test
> Investing.com -- A new study by economists from Harvard and Princeton indicates that 94% of the 10 million new jobs created during the Obama era were temporary positions.
> The study shows that the jobs were temporary, contract positions, or part-time "gig" jobs in a variety of fields.

who the fuck believes trump when he's pure fake news

do you get paid? if not, please stop - it's disturbing

>just had like 95 in another thread
>like 95 in another thread
>95 in another thread
that is autismo
big time

>not a poll

i didn't say 98% you autist

and no you're blatantly wrong

they ALSO had a popular vote poll but the polls everyone was looking at and the news were quoting WERE THE STATE POLLS
>Hillary will win Texas
>Hillary will win Florida
yaaaah that's popular vote and NOT electoral vote

you're a fucking idiot stop wasting our time

Bush had very low approval as well.

Right wing retard Republicans are just shitty presidents. Deal with it. Americans don't like them.

That brit who replied to u is in love with me. He will sit in this thread for hours because he's in love with me. The highlight of his day is finding me in threads. If I stay here, he will stay here for hours. He has serious problems.

I'm gonna try not replying to him and see what happens.

because unlike Trump Bush was an idiot

have any more failings in logic to show me?

ah, no - we had more than that - 110. and that was over an hour past him allegedly having to attend "a meeting". probably his mom telling him to stop sperging and get a life.

The general election polls were measuring the popular vote. Are you retarded or something?

They're both retards. Trump is Bush 2.0

worse than the albino poster

This obongo-leaf has convinced me to buy a gun and vote right-wing.

The brit is in love with me. He dedicates his entire life to me. There is absolutely nothing else going on in his life. It's actually quite sad.

too bad you're Portuguese

>Will Drumpf be the most disliked president in history?

There's no way such an unpopular man can win.
Hilldawgs will be the president, Drumpf will lose!
Trust the media and the polls.
Why would they lie?

>people go to libreal neighborhoods
>what do you think of trump sir?
>OOO OOO OOO AHH AHH AHHH *eats banana*
>there you have it folks, trumps the most hated president of all time

You're a retarded, even by leaf standard.
Polls showed that she was ahead in Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin and PA by a large margin

so i see you have reading problems as well

you know Florida and Texas are states right?

and you know that people TALKED about those states right?

yes... they had popular vote polls
they ALSO had state polls

and everyone was using the STATE polls to predict who would WIN THE ACTUAL *PRESIDENCY*

it must be physically painful to be this stupid

>right wing retards think this is a poll

It's almost like there's a media smear campaign against him

I'm talking about the general election polls. And wtf does any of this have to do with Gallup doing presidential approval ratings since the 1940s?

Why are you right wing retards so triggered by polls?

Why can't you accept that Trump is shit. Americans hate him.

You retards have a hard time with facts and reality.

it's a forecast using... THE STATE POLLS

libshits these days

>bush was a good president
Opinion discarded

>the best preisident is the one who is most popular in the first year of his first term

said no-one ever

The GE polls pitched her winning in a number of states she didn't win in, it's impossible to say they were predicting the popular vote if the voting came from state polling.

>fake polls at it again
Even when he was elected he was less popular than Hillary so you're stupid

Are the liberals really doing the whole poll thing again?
Do they live in reality?

Use your proxies retard leaf, you're getting shit on again.

American leaf out! Meeting!

c'mon mayne, having your flag is as bad as getting caught same-posting

What are we going to do about the leaf question? Could we use Britain's merchant fleet to ferry them to Madagascar?


Remember this, Leftists.

>You retards have a hard time with facts and reality.

said obamaleaf

daily reminder that obama doubled public debt

this retard just posted a screenshot of polls showing that hillary would win the popular vote

you just proved my point u autistic retard You're trying this hard to deflect from the fact that Trump is a shitty president with 39% approval? What a fail. You retards trigger so easily.

he was good compared to his replacement


>every reply to trump criticisms is either LEAF LMAO or HILLARY WAS WORSE TRUMP WON GET OVER IT

Is there any actual economically sound reason to like trump, or is it just le libs btfo!!!?

they appear to think a few people out there give a shit

>Why can't you accept that Trump is shit. Americans hate him.

So if someone is hated, they are shit, gotcha.

So 37% approval PROVES how shit Trump is.
But 39% about Obama proves NOTHING, right?

Can you walk me through your process that helped you arrive at that conclusion?

After the 2016 election I simply do not believe polls anymore. Especially if their results will never be verified by an election.

It's all spin to me.

wtf r u retards talking about?

you're losing it

what proxy

Get this through your retarded brains

Obama Leaf doesn't use proxies. I post as a leaf 100% of the time

The fucking mental gymnastics you guys use to try to come up with some sort of excuse for this is crazy. If Obama was polling in the 30s you guys wouldn't even question it. But when it's Trump? The excuses just don't end.

It was also the only poll that said that Trump was gonna win. Really makes you think huh?

>4 posts by this id

The brit is in love with me. He dedicates his entire life to me. There is absolutely nothing else going on in his life. It's actually quite sad.