Black soldiers?

Anyone ever serve alongside them? If so what was it like?


Not the same as nigs but most Maori soldiers are pretty on to it.

Normal people, who had family and loved ones and wanted to make it home. But they were loud, and annoying.

Maori aren't even in the same league as niggers, that would be like saying "chinks get a pass because Gurkhas are alright".

Some races are naturally predisposed to be amazing soldiers, blacks are not one of them (they have the brawn but not the brains which is why the US is fine to use them as fodder whilst the whites do the real killing with tech)

spoiler alert: they are incredibly lazy and like to shirk their duties by buddying up to the one older nigger who has rank or playing the race card.

sound familiar? almost like they behave exactly the same way they do as civilians.

You never served stfu. If anything they get it harder for being black.

ITT: people who have never severed in any capacity.

not true at all, you are obviously black after observing your posts.

>we I-I-I mean they are good hardworking regular guys!
100% confirmed you are some kind of minority. Either black yourself, or a spic. Those are the only people who see it that way.

What unit? What branch? You never fucking served. STOLEN VALOR.

I served with a few black guys, mostly straight from the Africa. I remember guy from a Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda.

Uganda was total bro, clever and wise guy. Wise in that "old preacher" style, he was pretty traditional as well, strong christian. Ghana guy was dumb as fucking rocks, but at least straight with you all the time. He was lazy as fuck though. Nigeria wasn't clever too and didn't speak too much. He was also lazy.

All other blacks I've met during my service were usually pretty fucking lazy, but somewhat fun and straighforward guys. You just have to anticipate their laziness and you are alright.

100% confirmed, if they don't want to work they don't have to.

All the niggers in aviation didn't do shit, even after being sent TAD to the lineshack.

I thought usa using niggers as cannon fodder.

Navy, CVN69, Operation Enduring Freedom.

also, you are still confirmed a minority.

Armyfag here. I would say that they're about the same as whites. Around the same ratio of shitbags versus non-shitbags and highspeeds.

However, take what I say with a grain of salt because I'm in an aviation unit and not some infantry or armor shithole. People change when things start to suck. I remember in basic training there was a black clique and most of them were shitbags.

You never served, you probably have a friend or family member that did. STOLEN VALOR.

gas yourself faggot.

I asked your unit and you give me a fucking aircraft carrier. You never served, go back to your cheetos and Mountain Dew you fat fuck.


VFA-147 here faggot, went to Fukushima for operation tomodachi


Air Force here,

Served with a few, for the most part they were good worker, people, and members of society when with a group of whites.
But as the group of blacks got bigger the louder and more antagonistic they got, then at a point it becomes a gang of nigs.


Thry smell bad

Lmao what a larping faggot

Electronics Technician for NZ Army, never been deployed anywhere.

>Believing in the "warrior maori" myth

There werent really too many in my MOS, i was a Combat Arms MOS and mostly the blacks stuck to support jobs. I did work with a few though, even fought beside a few that werent afraid to fight. i would say 80% are decent dudes. There did always seem to be at least 1 black shitbag in every company though who was always fucked up.

I am in the 37th battalion on the navy fleet and I just wanna say that if we see a nigger we hang a nigger

aircraft crash and salvage firefighting training in Florida here, but we were honestly just dicking around in old aircraft when this photo was taken.

Nope. Don't think I've ever even seen a darkie in our army.

Hahahahahahahaha you got BTFO

You would have some in the more skilled jobs but they seemed mostly content to be in the do nothing career fields with little or no room for career development like fuels, services, or TMO.

0/10 larping. Pictures don't prove anything. Picture of your military ID would. You probably go to the mall dressed in mismatched cammies you get from a military surplus store you stolen valor faggot

Looks like Norfolk.

>trying this hard for a bait thread


How does it feel to have a military on par with New Zealand?

Those are really nice photographs.

Which nation's army is this?

you're all dark.

besides, you have american nigs on your soil. and quite a few of them.

Let's see your military ID time stamped you can block our personal info larper

This will never not amuse me.

this was some boat hoe the whole division basically fucked at one point or another.

it is Norfolk, good eye.

Veteran radar tech here. Niggers are never in iq focused jobs in the military. All the nogs on my ship were unakilled jobs like cooks and barbers and shit. They are loud as fuck and travel in packs.

Every stereotype about blacks i found out to be true in the military.

They can fake civility sometimes but are always niggers.

A colored soldier saved my live in Korea.

How's the naval pussy? Is there many? Considering Airforce or Navy atm

>Population of Ireland with red hair: c. 10%
>Population of Slovenia with red hair:


Our navy and air corps are shameful. Quite proud of the army though.


Did you?
Also requesting pics of F-18s taking-off or landing

the shitskin is just going to try to report you, we believe you served and that niggers are lazy

He's larping dude.

Military pussy comes in two flavours. Dyke and HIV+.

Most tend to be lazy and inconsiderate people. When living in close quarters, their behavior tends to be overwhelming. The few blacks that are curteous and hardworking tend to be ostracized from the rest of the blacks.

Most of the black service members are out for their own, and I don't mean that in a collective sense. I mean each is out for his own self. (At least the Hispanics care about the squad or the platoon, even if they don't understand or care much about the point of swearing one's alliegence to the Constitution.)

Snappy dressers, though.

Trips decide, you earned your valor.

The women get raped by their own allies and the enemy. It's so funny to watch them after they get raped crying and begging for attention

Meh overall.

>Lower enlisted - niggers who sucked at sports and joined because they had no other options

>Upper enlisted - empowered nigs. But generally better because experience.

> Junior officers - super hyped and full of themselves to compensate for being shit and just barely branching transpo. Had a 1LT chew me out for taking an extra second to put my bcg down during rifle maintenance (we were litteraly ordered by our company co to spend the time cleaning our rifles) before I jumped to attention. Which like yes okay come to attention when and officer comes up but I would have gotten chewed out more for flinging rifle parts everywhere.

> Senior officers - usually pretty based but will say or do shit that is stupidly obviously wrong and everyone wants to go "but sir that's fucking wrong" and if you try to hint at it they break into ebonics and go "son I been doin dis fo X yearas!"

That being said there are shit heads of every color and creed and rank.

>If anything they get it harder for being black.
No they don't. When we were going through our super crazy diversity phase we were promoting and hiring blacks and other minorities at a hugely disproportionate rate. Which is why you see so many in leadership roles, despite them only being 13% of the actual population.

That said, it depends where they are from. I had a black boss from the Caribbeans who was the best boss I had during my entire time in. I've worked with lazy ones who avoid work at all costs, and only get by because they chat it up with people. So labeling all of them as one thing or the other is silly. Individuals, not skin color, etc.

That said, blacks and minorities don't have it harder. Absolute bullshit.

You're right I am, I saved all these pictures and will find out who the poster is. He (or the Facebook friend he stole these pictures from) is fucked. Post military ID with time stamp if you ain't stealing valor faggot.

France's officially.

I served in the 15744th Battalion of the army's special commando black ops squadron and I can say unequivocally that niggers were the worst

I wish military wasn't compulsory here. It steals a year from our lives.

>Someone from Sup Forums will end up marrying this slut eventually
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I doubt that Navy would have high rapes seeing as most men who join the Navy nowa days tend to be muscleless/nerdy lookin fucks besides the Seals.

lots of chicks, but still more dudes.
Girls are basically worthless at physical work so they become whores.

We had to wax the floor in their birthing because they were so stupid they didn't now how.
They watched and made dumb comments like "why aren't you wearing shoes?"

im trying to find the cooler pictures I took, but I may not have them on this computer unfortunately.


I was Infantry in the Army. Not many black people in combat arms, most black people seem to end up in support roles.

But the few black Infantryman I worked with ended up being some of the best soldiers I knew. A lot of them seemed to try extra hard to make up for the unruly/undisciplined/ghetto stereotype black people have, like they had to prove themselves extra hard basically.

Every black dude I met with a CIB was an amazing soldier. So even though I come from a super racist family I've never quite been able to rationalize/accept racism due to my personal experiences.


I wish it was here. We'd have much fewer degenerates.

There are no black soldiers. They're all soldiers

>15744th Battalion of the army's special commando black ops squadron
This can't be a real name?

>This guy is a darkie and a bitch apparently.

Defend your rightful clay!


Even worse, in actually a Jew.

This. Navy faggots are weak. I beat 3 of them at once in a sparring match. They hit like pussies

Why is the world so hush hush regarding the Korean war?

It's as if it is sone unspoken rule to keep it a secret.

Why did you leave?

Maybe it was overshadowed by WWII and Vietnam.

hey i'm from norfolk, good on you

oh about that, she got a civilian boyfriend and he seemed to be pretty "in love" with her.

Little did he know her "count" was above 60 men at age 19.

Sad, but a little funny. Never trust a hoe.


Private Black and Private White have some detail, private black fucks around smoking and joking. Black E6 notices a shitty job and goes half knife hand, private black bitches and makes up a bunch of shit about Private White fucking around, black E6 goes full knife hand on Private White. Meanwhile I'm raging because private black is full on blue falcon lying p.o.s. but E6 is on warpath.

Sounds comfy.

Contract was up and didn't felt I would like to do more.

stop trying to DOX, that's against board rules my larping, shit posting, baiting, leaf-with-a-proxy, plebbit friendo

Often wondered this myself.

I reckon part of it is that the Korean War explains why the North Koreans are so unbelievably fucking crazy, and that would ruin the official narrative about them.

I'm not defending North Korea. But having every square inch of my country napalmed to fuck would make me pretty ornery too.

Here's a basic training story.

>Be Sunday
>Slow day, chill DS
>SFC Bostick is a tall mean black guy, but is a totally different person on Sundays
>he's the only one there, we're cleaning the barracks and writing letters
>Mississippi kids get sheets on and put pillow cases on their heads and walk around with a mop stick yelling "LETS LYNCH THOSE NIGGERS!"
>The same kid leading the charge was hogtied in the barracks for a whole day and no one noticed
>Two niggliest of nigs, Couser and Butler start crying and getting all upset about it.
>DS Bostick hears about it, calls us out to formation
>"I thought this was funny, but these two NIGGAS down there crying their eyes out like a bunch of pussies need to shut the fuck up. Show up in the laundry room in full MOPP gear"

Those two were loud, obnoxious, and annoying. Always doing stupid shit and got everyone in trouble. I angrily wrote a letter home about it and I have been extremely racist ever since.

They're like normal plebs but smellier

>If anything they get it harder for being black.
No, they get it harder because they're lazy and assume their race card will work.

It never ended and everyone is scared of Kim Jong Un

This right here gents. A black SNCO of mine could not read for shit and wrote in ebonics. A junior black Marine who couldn't swim , read or write got hooked up with rank. Blind leading the blind

How is it doxxing if he blocks out all personal info? Notice how he stfu since I asked for that proof. Also I thought Sup Forums didn't allow proxies?

Why didn't you stay in France though?

>You just have to anticipate their laziness and you are alright.

It is.

Maybe in the first month after that nah.

Korean war involved far more soldiers under arms than the Vietnam war, though. Vietnam is a big part of popular culture because of the 68ers insane narcissism.

This as well. The black guys who were good, were real fucking good.

Unfortunately a lot that get in are shit heads that were basically street nigs.

Most wind up in shitty branch's like transpo.

the only place I ever saw a black person get it harder was boot.

And thats only for two reasons.
1. they actually think coping an attitude with a drill instructor is a good strategy
2. you have to swim to join the navy, and none of them know how to swim. So they all have to attend extra swimming training where they get screamed at by special forces and one old lady who im sure why she is there, appeared to be civilian.

After boot, they have it easy. They get lazy, form their little cliques, and never have to swim again.
They also usually have shitty jobs like CS where they for white people to go cranking and then try to make your life hell because they finally have authority over white people.