HAPPENING: Videogames in the best timeline era

>NieR: Automata is certainly gathering a lot of attention lately thanks to the great gameplay showcased by the recently-released demo, but there is another element that turned many heads, the rather prominent behind of android protagonist YoRHa 2B, which is often generously displayed by her physics-enabled skirt.

>Square Enix Japan doesn’t seem to have trouble showing it off even in official promotional screenshots, as you can see below, and during the latest livestream, Producer Yosuke Saito even took some time to clarify that the white underwear worn by 2B isn’t actually panties, but the bottom of a leotard.

>While some among the easily offended crowd might take issue at the display, a whole lot of artistically-inclined fans appear to be appreciating, and that has given birth to a veritable cornucopia of fan art prominently showcasing 2B’s rear end.

>“About 2B’s butt uproar, a lot of bold pictures have been uploaded. Since it’s troublesome to gather them all, I’d like you to zip them and deliver them weekly.”
>“Since I wrote about “a zip of 2B pictures” it seems that it was posted somewhere, and the zip really came. The Internet is amazing.”


>be videogame creator
>be japanese
>people get butthurt about protagonist showing panties
>make fun of butthurt liberals
>ask internet to collect R34 in order to distribute them more easily
>internet delivers
>creator delivers
>creator praises internet
>internet praises kek

this is truly the best timeline

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I am always amazed at how many degenerates are on the internet

did he post the 2B butt folder

The best timeline would be if video games never got as politicized, so nip developers wouldn't have justify themselves for things that no one used to really care about.

>user kuchiekoo provided an actual zip.

>2B butts.7z (92M)


I always like to believe that if humanity ever manages to perfectly recreate an artificial human being it'll do so in the form of a sexu woman with great proportions.
Because that's just how mankind is.

might distract from Yoko Taro's amazing writing and stories



Commander best girl

Japan makes this world worth living in.

Fucking Japan, i wanted to play this game but can't since im on No-Fap.

Why are all females characters in games sexy while all male characters are fat and ugly?

....oh, right, they aren't.

Is this game any good? I am on the fence with Yakuza 0 or this for my dustcollector 4.

>3D women going through their death throes

Yes brother, we are truly living in the best time line.

welcome to japan. in case you didn't notice, japan has only been like this since forever. none of that sjw stuff ever made it over here. japanese men aren't the horny fucks that white/black men are, so japanese girls have to try harder to win our affections. we aren't all pussy whipped, desperate for whatever pussy our western girls will give us. just a simple matter of supply and demand.

2B is a gift from god, no wonder women want to fuck it up

t. Davido-kun


>japanese men aren't the horny fucks that white/black men are
why do they grope so many people on trains and why do they give their characters so little clothing

>japanese men aren't the horny fucks that white/black men are
You can't be serious

What is it with little Asian men always talking about sex online?

No fap is a meme, Hans. It literally has no benefits. Just let go and let a pure waifu like 2B take control of your desires.

I don't care about the nips and their degeneracy. Do we have any screencaps of feminist/numale salt over this?

He is right though. If a desire is suppressed, it becomes greater. When sexualization is such a "normal" thing in Japanese culture, it's no wonder Japanese men become desensitized to it. I mean, people literally shop for porn like they are shopping for groceries, in Japan.


The urge to fap at work is growing!

>If a desire is suppressed, it becomes greater.
The opposite is the case.
Desire exists, and supressing it does not make it "greater", it stays the same.
Giving in leads to greater desires.

>Meanwhile in the west

>Giving in leads to greater desires.

Uhhh, no.

Who do you think is more desperate for sex?

A virgin on no-fap, who has never even seen boobs in his life, or a stud who has slept with hundreds of girls?

No fap does have benefits, but you "cap out" after 5 days of it.

>on no-fap
so it's already assumed that it's a culture where most men masturbate

but sure that has nothing to do with the prevalence of porn


Suppressing thoughts only makes you more likely to have them.

Just added that to add to the "suppress" theme.

Mate, I literally live in a country where you cannot access any website with any kind of nudity, let alone porn, and that has rape statistics off the charts and men lusting like apes over even the ugliest women.

I think I know and have seen a bit more than you in this subject.

Crack when?

This game is really good, made me cry like eight times.

Yes, for the very long period of time in which masturbation was seen as a bad thing, everyone was actually secretly masturbating EVEN MORE than people do today!

>people didn't masturbate before porn!

Masturbation dates back as far as we have history to depict it.
Go read the Epic of Gilgamesh.

I didn't say that

See this? This is what we could have if it wasn't sjw's, who in a world that's already painful and boring enough want to make all videogame characters sexless beasts like pic related. Most girls in western games aren't just covered up like puritans but they're given refridgerator bodies to make them as sexless as possible. Or should I say, "realistic". I hope they don't succeed in ruining Japan.

looks like typical weebshit to me

In my youth I played through entire games just because it gave me a third person view of a tight lady bum.

Game in my pic is one of them and the graphics were so shit all it required was 64Mb of ram and a 3DFX Voodoo 2.

Funny what hormones inspires you to do at a young age.

Support based Japan with your gaijin money so that we get more waifus like 2B instead of western feminist garbage, you stupid amerifat.

wtf I hate anime butts now

You said "it's assumed it's a culture where most men masturbate" which is a retarded statement because regardless of culture majority of men masturbate.

TB says it's fucking amazing and it IS made by Platinum, so probably a good buy.
I'm personally waiting for CPY to do their craft.

>Far right wants to take our anime butts away
>Far left wants to take our anime butts away

It's almost as if...

...they are the same thing, huh.

No, that's the less extreme meme nofap retards are pushing because they got BTFO so utterly

If you ejaculate less than once every three days, your prostate cancer risk goes through the roof

Femynysts want you to be thirsty for their attention and then die

>regardless of culture majority of men masturbate
this isn't true

it's great but you shouldn't listen to totalbutthurt

Fun fact: the designers were told to make the butt as perfect as possible or else they would be fired

>Be a liberal that gets butthurt because ass
>Be a degenerate that the only thing in his life is 2D butt pic collection
I am so glad to be in neither side, man.

You seriously believe that at least 51% of men don't masturbate?

What kind of world are you living in?

In the case of him praising something it is pretty safe to assume that it's actually good.

im gonna go buy this game ASAP full $60

damn I spent about $100 on games already this year Berserk twice and then im gonna buy this one spending way to much supporting jap devs even if berserk wasnt that good at least it was berserk

No, I'm saying that there have been historical cultures with much less masturbation.

This idea that "supressing makes you want it more" is fundamentally based on the idea that you would always think about it the same amount, versus the reality that you think about it more, until it becomes kind of dull and boring (at which point you've probably got even more deviant desires)


would rape/10

Reddit fag tier religion


I thought she was an android? That ass is too big.

Ireland pls go.

I get the point that you're trying to make, but we aren't arguing about fetishes or sexual deviancy, what you said applies to that.

When a man is suppressed by society about his urges, as long as they aren't satisfied, those urges will grow.

>that ass is too big

Must be irish


Can somebody give me a quick rundown on this game? What's it about and why should I play it?

what happened to having a wife and fucking her

But you're wrong.

Yoko Taro is writing it

he also did drakengard and nier

>getting a wife
>be young man with no assets, straight out of college


>Square Enix accidentally (or deliberately?) creates the best video game waifu of the decade
life is good sometimes

Hope it will absolutely demolish ME Shitdromeda in sales. Will buy just to support unapologetic and creative art.

Not liking anime butts is degenerate

Neck yourself

I don't know anything about vidya senpai, but I might get into it, what's it about? What do I have to kill ingame?