Where's the new shoah?

Where's the new shoah?

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>still listening to this Jewish psyop

idk I keep f5ing

I don't know I've been franticially pressing F5 waiting for the release the whole day


Is Mike Enoch still on the show?

day ruined

I've checked back several times this morning and haven't seen anything. There's a new fatherland and war room but no shoah :(

>jewish psyop

why does everything gotta be controlled for you people?

If it was a psyop, they wouldn't have doxxed mike

>listening to Jew wife
Mike ((Enoch))

It will come, just listen to the Fatherland or The War Room instead.

Thank you kind sir. I suppose I need to make a twitter so I can stay abreast of these things.

Way ahead of ya.

war room is from yesterday

I'm listening to the fatherland right now

>after all of this time, the right is still unable to be pragmatic

Are you suggesting that he refuses to address the JQ? He adds a ton of incite to the right. Not to mention he created TRS.

They are just memers. Ignore and dont engage.

Fair enough. If you don't mind the NRx stuff, check out Weimerica Weekly and Myth of the 20th Century podcasts on SocialMatters



At least he can say he had a wife..you fucking loser

you don't need an account to read twitter. i don't have one; they keep getting shoah'd

Fatherland is so gay, I think it gave me aids


Listen to Ryan Faulks effortposts New Europe Radio.

Chicks with tattoos are like building with graffiti. They're both full of disease and easy to get into.

same. i tried to listen to it, couldnt.

rebel yell is good

The War Room is really the only podcast i follow, it's like a testosterone shot right in the ball sack.

Fatherland is kinda for a specific audience. I'm an older guy with kids in their early teens so they appeal to me.

I am 24 and planning on starting a family when I get this electrical engineering degree

I love the fatherland

>testosterone shot right in the ball sack

You heard them say that before.

I'll give them a look. I'm always looking for more alt right content to listen to.

yeah probably, but it's true.

I am a father as well, but I am not a faggot

guys lets raid the 9gag message board "cookie"
the german section
They're all leftists there
but the radical kind
ltes raid it

No doubt, love rebel yell. The third rail was great too. Fuck u will listen to this hour has 88 minutes before fatherland.

Everyone gets jewed

I'm the father of my own white children with my wife of 20 years. Not the acting father of my wife's mulatto bastard as is your situation.


low energy meme

>Fash the Nation wont come back
>they missed trumps innaguration

I do love how they LARP hard until there might be consequences. I don't even understand why the alt right memes Nazism and the JQ so hard to begin with. Seems very counter productive. They'd probably call me a cuck for not wanting to be burdened with all that shit.

Enoch's dog just got doxxed. Turns out it's a kosher wiener.