Sour Kraut

Why are Germans on this board so butthurt and whiny all the time?

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Because our country is fucked and beyond saving.

i dunno

Most of the posters under a German flag are actually Turks

I love BBC btw

fuck merkel

Most of germans are actually turks.


How did you guys even get to this point? I always had it in my head that Europeans were nationalist. Who hurt you Germany?

This, subhuman turks and many proxies.

Actual germans on here are anti EU, pro brexit, nationalist with one or two retarded german antifamixed in.


(and give Bernardo Silva too, he is a fucking Moor, but we would make him work for us)

Pretty sure that was us. Us and the degenerate commies infesting Europe.

because most of the Germans here support AfD, and AfD is currently in the process of dismantling itself

Germany? You mean this bunch of subhumans living in shithole?

Because our government is shit and the sheeples will elect another useless anti-german cunt this year.

LoL... Ehm... Maybe because you annihilated us in WWI&II and then subsidised a liberal hippy culture throughout the rest of the 20th century, making everyone believe that equality&human rights = economic prosperity = happiness ???

When you alternate between the EU and Ahmed's dicks you either hang yourself or get a taste for it. Means they'll lick Merkel's hairy diseased sandwich flaps any day.

They've been lead by a woman for years.

Too bad shitposters like to pretend shills are a legitimate representation of German Sup Forums user. Every German in favor of the EU or butthurt about brexit are either muslims or literally Merkel.

Es mīlu kaķus.
Kaķus mīlu es.
Mīlu kaķus es.
Kaķus es mīlu.
Mīlu es kaķus.
Es mīlu kaķus.
Add a proper word ending and you'll have future tense.
By the way this says i love cats in present tense.

To Germany it, after the war it was essentially like this a) 'omg never again' and due to massive financial assistance from the US and other allied nations leading to the German 'economic miracle' b) 'omg look at how successful we are being hippies'

So today, we got this:


You did, you injected the Jew juice into our butt, you fought for jews and degeneracy.

There is still hope us, it could be worse, look at the swedes...they have my sympathies.

The krauts are bi-polar and without doubt the weirdest Euros. Exceptional brilliance combine with just weird whiny poop-eating. Unfortunately they don't have the humour gene to cushion the bad times. Over to you, Jurgen...

Because deep down they're still angry they lost the war but they can't admit it out of fear of being "evil nazi's" so they take it out on themselves (through national self destruction) and everyone around them (through shitposting).

>Why are Germans on this board so butthurt and whiny all the time?
Because we have reason to.

thanks for the flag cocksucker

You would be too, if you were required to bend over for the migrants' sexual needs.

Germans are for rapin' and Swedes too

>Because muh muh muuh dresden
Also german autism is to blame

It's because there are no genuine Krauts on this board. Sup Forums is strictly forbidden to the general public in germany. All you see here are Krautschills sent by Mama Merkel & Co.

...and turks. Of course.

I'm not!

becouse muricunts and britbongs shitposting to much.

I like how this picture is actually 100% true

But you are butthurt and whiny right now m88.

Because they didn't got any chance to be cucked by jamal and you know why they don't have a girlfriend/wife

There is something seriously wrong with germans. Multiple attempts to ruin europe. Luther, Wilhelm,Hitler, Merkel. It's deep in their blood

kek so true .... XDDD

CIA niggers use German connections.

Because Europe isn't theres

That's how Germans are. I don't get the whole "I went to Germany, the people were incredibly nice and helpful" meme. Yeah, they are POLITE to tourists, but if you lived and worked here and got to know the actual country and people, you wouldn't ever ask this question.


yet, britbong. Yet.