RARE flag thread


bamping because i want to harvest flags

Thanks me toooo, come on rares

bampan again

I got Somalia a few days back

Nice flag too. One of Somalia's only assets

>pol hates niggers and anything that resembles anything close to one
>half of these rare falgs are in such nigger infested places

what the fuck guys also i got a rare meme myself a while back

Its all yours boys.

More like RAPE flag thread.

you know for a gook youre alright

Wooooo thanks

>tfw flag became too common in nu-pol

This flag makes me wonder.

I mean, come on, the Somali kids are trying to give the US a hint.

im just uncommon. There used to be a retard lefty shitposter from my country. Thank God he's gone.


But I already have you Finland

>Wanting more niggers to post

you gonna become rare again after you get beheaded for browsing Sup Forums


whats so rare about Somalia flag?

Pekka, no one wants to rape your yellow mongol ass.

They don't even have computers so the pirates don't post often

Is that the flag of the Republic of Texas?


Nepali we have security job opening in few days,do visit,and meanwhile bring those tibety topies and please we don't serve dogs here if you found eating one we will literally stomp your balls till you feel numb and the balls are smashed semen dripping through your pants.

Niggers just KYS soon or we will just carpet bomb you out of existence.

Not rare anymore. I'll post from Bahrain this weekend though.

are you going drinking again?

And getting a "massage".

What type of Saudi are you? Obnoxious Prince jerkoff with 5 wives, a harem, and a gold car, or a poor desert idiot?

gib money for loli hormones

Somewhere in between

No need for " "
A dick massage is a proper and valid massage

>tfw haven't added a new flag in over six months

Kek cool. I wish I could have a harem :^(

Aren't we all

You can always convert to Islam and have a harem with minimal effort. Nobody's stopping you.

Why is the Russian prostitutes' quality decreasing in Bahrain? I heard its because of the Chinese competition, is that true?

Didn't know a vaginal massage was a valid massage, but duly noted.

Do I have a shitty flag collection, Sup Forums?

Even more if she does kegels

If you see """"russian"""" prostitute she's probably ukrainian
When client asks her "Where are you from" and she answers "Russia" most of men think ( wow cool russian girls are pretty)
Now give please money for female hormones


>That Unknown flag...



Mods fuck with us sometimes

I don't get why Nigeria is so rare. There 100m of them at least 1 of them must be on here.

How do you get an unkown flag?

When you post in the middle of the ocean? Or inside the ISS?

you get a lot when threads get moved from Sup Forums or Sup Forums for being pollitical

Ah, like all those chinks false advertising themselves as japs. How can I tell if she's a fake Russian?

Hormones are haram



>You can always convert to Islam and have a harem with minimal effort. Nobody's stopping you.

I actually might. I'm an arab myself but Catholic. Catholicism is too cucked nowadays. How do I go about getting a harem bro?

Legit question here. Are you Muslim?
So you can fuck prostitutes but not eat pork?

Harvest me polbros




Who gave you access to the one computer over there?


What's it like living in Somalia? I'm genuinely interested.

r8 n h8


Are you an actual nigger or are you a white man living there? Just wondering

>Hormones are haram
pls link on sura where "Hormones" mentioned as Haram
Fake russians are way darker

nutted when I found this beauty


Wanna swap places

I'm sure living there will make me more of a man

Or I'll get shot

Either way is good

Here you go.

Nice get, I am only collecting originals though.

Assuming you're American
>Come to Saudi Arabia (work visa)
>Convert to Islam
>Get paid $30,000 just for converting
>Tell your new local friends you want to "complete half your religion", do it separately
>Each one will offer to introduce a woman
>Grow harem exponentially by choosing women who work, remember: a man can simply take his wives' salaries
You're welcome

How do you get the EU flag?


>Unknown 2

Inside the European Parliament building.

Post from sattelite internet
Don't use provider


I've seen Nigeria on Sup Forums several times but oddly enough never on Sup Forums

Mother fuckers ITT got nothing on my rares.

I'm not, but most Muslims including Saudis have no problem fucking prostitutes, especially if they're infidel.


Flag of the Trucial states , previously known to the British as the 'Pirate Coast' but we now know this nation as the United Arab Emirates.


Its just eat timor dont freak out


So technically I could continue to be a NEET and play video games all day while having my "wives" work.

Sounds good but there is one small flaw in that argument. Do you know what the penalty for many wives are?

Many mother-in-laws

I am American kek, I was born here, my parents literally came her to escape Islam, but I want a fucking harem for fucks sake.

I might actually do this if I ever get really bored with life here. That sounds fucking awesome. How far will 30,000 get me? This sounds like a great idea and I'm autistic enough to do it maybe I'll see you some day.

>Tell your new local friends you want to "complete half your religion", do it separately

Elaborate on this a bit more

are you indian or other migrant worker


If you guys like rare flags you should download extra flags, it's more intense flag hunting. :^)



r8 my collection Sup Forums

I hope you appreciate these rares.

This was one of my rarer posts. Made during a trip to Cuba

>Not giving them their full names

You are killing me because I want them as OP's

Do you poo in the loo?

top tier nigger right here

You can rape my wife any day of the week

Thanks pirate bro

It is East Timor, but when I found it read "Unknown" instead of a proper name. I am sure that is is like the Andorra glitch so I renamed it "Unknown 2"

Give in my child.