Do Americans really eat this?

Do Americans really eat this?

Wtf is that?

Cabbage stew? Looks nutritious.

Better than eating muslim dick. Oh i already know what replies ill get.

What is it??? Looks gross af

Looks fucking sick

Is that some kind of vegan gumbo?

What is that? Is it supposed to be boiled cabbage?
I like boiled cabbage but I've never seen it look like that.

You're a fucking idiot, you britbongs have the most disgusting food in the world.

It looks like cancer



Nah, this is what we eat.

I eat this

looks like the stuff that guy in the webm has on his legs
you know the one

Looks nice

That's what boiled cabbage is supposed to look like. It looks good. Is that corned beef in that pot?

Get the fuck out of the UK you fucking Paki.

If i knew what this was I might argue. But that looks like when I dont chew my food good enough.

looks like black bean soup to me

looks Irish desu

what's this?
is this even food?

I've never seen that shit


This originated in medieval England, bong.