Is there a more non-country than Pooland?

Is there a more non-country than Pooland?

>no actual territory of their own, it's almost all rightful German clay
>wasn't even an independent country until like 1989
>no unique culture or language of their own, all of their culture is actually just a retarded mutant offshoot of Russian culture
>Polish people are just Russian-German halfbreeds
>Danzig is rightful German clay
>has been Europe's bitch since 1772
>did I mention Russia is their rightful overlord?

Poles btfo

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Polish hate thread

Hans/Ivan, stop using proxies you fuck






B-but muh Rzeczpospolita Obojga Narodów

Yet Poland is more of a country than just about every other cucked European country. What does that say about Europe.




wew, you nips have really low standards when it comes to women

> doing this second time that day


could the bait be anymore obvious?



U come to Poland to clean toilet Nikola?

Lol, Russia is a half asian version of Poland. I'd rather be half German.

By the way did you ask Ahmed permission to fuck your wife today, cuck? I don't know where you're from but every country is more cucked than Poland.


>no unique culture or language of their own, all of their culture is actually just a retarded mutant offshoot of Russian culture

Now this is one thing you cannot say about us, because we have more culture than all of you vodkaniggers could ever hope to have.

>Polish people are just Russian-German halfbreeds
Not true, pic rel

>Danzig is rightful German clay
You could say that about Toruń, Frombork, but not Gdańsk, which has always been it's own thing really. It might as well be Dutch. These days it's 100% Polish, after Germans destroyed it, they lost any rights to those lands whatsoever.

Hanseatic culture was always different from other German cultures, but German nontheless
(Pic semirelated; Lübeck)

nice copypast

Piss off, Hohol.

You know that we will eventually close our borders, Ivan?

Poles are not human. Poland was created when Russians decided to rape some German villagers. Poles were born as rapebabbies and therefore less intelligent than their "parents" (Russia and Germany)

Poland had to ally with superior Lithuania to survive when Germans and Russians wanted to attack. Mighty Sweden totally destroyed this pathetic kingdom that relied on horse armies (countless incidents of bestiality confirm Polish connection with The Horse.

After that Powerful Prussia, Victorious Russia and Extraordinary Austria get rid of this cancer on the European continent

However by American good hearted people and other Good Samaritians (not to confuse with Sarmatians) Gave Poles another chance

And guess what happened. Adolf Hitler ate Poland for breakfest and digested properly his meal. Russia ate the remainings because they kind of like it. When Russia defeated Germany, They decided to make Poland their bitch and when Russia collapsed, Poland became Amerian bitch

So basically Polish history is being a bitch. Cocksucking sperm slurping slut


i co

Why you do dis with proxy?

Poland a nice.
The amount of shit they had to endure in the past 3 centuries is astonishing.
I may laugh at their political system during the commonwealth era and frown about all the shit we Slavs seem to have in common, but i genuinely have respect for them.

>present day Lithuania? Hell. We even go to Poland on weekends just to buy some cheaper sausage

How much Prussian are Poles genetically?

I mean real, Baltic Prussian, not "German".

What about Kashubians? Is there anything distinct about them aside from their language?

I pray every day for russian invasion, I would join occupational goverment in a heartbeat
fuck this shit country and its subhuman inhabitants
t. jew

Is there a more based country than Poland?
Massive Catholic presence, most JP2 was one of the greatest men of all time
Strong national identity, pride
Tiny fraction of nonwhites
Not afraid to stand up to EU, formed strong eastern voting bloc
Traditional family values, women act like women and men, men. Emphasis on nuclear family and community
Phenomenal food and drink

As for history, you may want to look into the Polish Ottoman war, where they saved Europe from the shitskins
The fact that they still stand after getting fucked in WW2 is a testament to the peoples.

Give it 10 years, then you will see how good things are.

I've noticed this a lot. I mean, Poles pretending they are not Polish and that Poland sucks.

Why do Poles like LARPing so much?

We are not LARPing, this country is a big pile of shit

>JP2 was one of the greatest men of all time
that's why in his home town they called him "Beast of Wadowice"
some of the boys and girls he molested are still alive

yeah, whatever makes you sleep at night, seba

>Cocksucking sperm slurping slut
y-you're turning me on, user

Some are not

Fucking self hating cuck kys

> poland could be BTFO'd any day by germany

and germany has a fucking joke of military
get fkd

Op has 2% chance of being polish

Fuck shitland and fuck polish animals, you deserve to fucking die

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Wendish Empire when?

Poland is cute! CUTE!


Ahmed wtf are you doing in Polan?!

Poland is miles better than Germany.

Why isn't there a pol/pol/?