Twitter User Who Caused Journalist’s Seizure Charged With Assault With A Deadly Weapon

>Shitposting is now considered assault with a deadly weapon.

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>The Maryland man was arrested by the FBI Friday for allegedly sending an animated image, also known as a GIF, to Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald in December which said, “you deserve a seizure.”

>Eichenwald’s wife subsequently tweeted that the GIF had indeed caused Eichenwald to have a seizure.


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Open this with responsibility lads

Assault w/deadly implies there was medical treatment required to sustain life.

Simple response: find the hospital records/EMT call that this """""seizure""""" generated to keep (((Eichenwald))) from dying.

Surely if this was real his wife, rather than respond to a literal twitter shitposter, would have called for medical assistance.

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Brings a whole new meaning to the term weaponised autism.

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The FBI agent in charge of the investigation did in fact speak w/ Kikenwald's neurologist to confirm the seizure. It's in the report Kurt posted on twatter.

smart money says the neurologist is a fellow kike

My neurologist is a non jew woman

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The FBI specifically excluded the claim that he went to the hospital from their court brief. Instead, his wife walked in, saw he was having a seizure, took a pic of Twitter before seeing to him, then relaxed him and called 9/11. They originally claimed they called 9/11 during/after the hospital visit.

If a flashing image kills you, you weren't meant for this world.

and called 9/11 to report le assault*

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Isn't Twitter partially responsible since it was their platform that was used?

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When a man throws away their masculinity like this, do they become transexuals by default?

Or rather than blame everyone else, you should stop surfing through the internet. It's like a fat diabetes fucker blaming KFC for his coronary attack.

Ban assault .gifs!

He literally cannot be convicted of this. He knows it, his lawyer knows it, everyone with even a casual understanding of law knows it. The Jew is just doing this to financially punish the guy.

He cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that looking at a .gif triggered the seizure(if one even occurred) or if it was triggered by some other factor. The criteria of evidence to support the charges is impossible to meet. If it doesn't get thrown out of court immediately a jury would be forced to find the defendant not guilty.

Literally a Jew using the court system to bully a goy for misbehaving.

This whole thing really shows how if anyone does anything to a jew its game over for them showing how they control us and the media.

We need more heros like this man to shut these fucks down in whatever way they can. Jews defeated by picture, oh no the holocaust!


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They talk to the doctor to establish that he has the condition and to hear the doctor's opinion, much like how a death certificate can have a letter from the dead person's doctor explaining their medical conditions and how they likely caused the death. if eyewitness testimony of a seizure isn't good enough (if you don't trust the patient) the doctor has no way of confirming a seizure without an EEG connected to him while he is seizing. i would imagine he could somewhat fake a seizure, at least at home to his wife, who can lie for him and can't be compelled to testify against her husband (by law)

crypto, evangelical, or immigrant minority that is subservient to the Jews, perhaps?

Yea so I'm guessing Ike's story changing several times has already been noticed by the FBI, but they are carrying through with this anyway because it is headline grabbing and sets an important precedent that the alt-right shitposting on twitter is more dangerous than a pedophile journalist with deep state connections thru his journalism career.

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Twelve Texans voting guilty? On this bs?

Not today, not ever.

I can understand the charges. Intent to cause harm can easily be established, but why the hate crime enhancement?

What are the chances they go after the hundred or so other anons who sent kikenwald flashing gifs after the story went viral?

I've been getting a lot of strange friend requests on facebook recently.

i think its about time kurt had The Big Seizure

Jury full of spics.

Joooos involved in any way?

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I predict there will be like 2-4 white people on a highly diverse "jury of his peers."

I hope not...


His account was @jew_goldstein and the guy he went after was jewish.

You geniuses realize a Texan grand jury indicted him, right?

We start killing judges and DAs.
I don't recognize this use of law.

They found Jew Goldstein

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God damn that's hilarious. What stupid shit did he do to reveal his info to the cops?

> A Times Editors' Note published this week explains that Eichenwald gave a $2,000 check to former child-porn performer Justin Berry, the primary subject of the big story. That's one bad. Reporters aren't supposed to give money to sources. But Eichenwald also didn't tell his editors about the transaction. That's two bads.

Grand juries have lots of things go to trial that have no merit whatsoever.
All it means is that based on preliminary facts a small group of people decided the case should go to trial.

He intentionally gave someone a seizure knowing it could be fatal. He's completely fucking screwed either way.

I hope Eichenwald dies desu. Scumbag.


>memes are a deadly weapon

at least they understand now

>be american
>get arrested for posting a gif on twitter

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everyone can be found without a problem, the tough part is either paying enough or rattling enough sabers to get those who have the information to give it to you

if you think you're safe online EVER, you are going to be in for a nasty shock at some point in life

His iCloud account was tied to the phone he used to validate his twitter account. Or at least that's what law enforcement claimed.


Finally, all of those shitposts about

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Can be reported to the old bill.


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burden of proof is on the prosecution...good luck LOL

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What I read is they don't actually have proof that he had a seizure, just that he's epileptic and got sent a .gif

Wow, what a fucking moron. Honestly, who ties anything online to their personal phone... and then trolls with the same account? Dude deserves what he's getting.

Has anyone actually seen a police report other than the shit posted by the known liar ?

>trusting the fbi which is controlled by jews

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Bullshit. Let's see some proof that he went to the hospital, otherwise this is whatcha doin rabbi tier

>A Times Editors' Note published this week explains that Eichenwald gave a $2,000 check to former child-porn performer Justin Berry
>to former child-porn performer Justin Berry
>former child-porn performer

Is that what we're calling them now? This society is fucking dead.

all of the tricks.

That's pretty strange considering that his wife would have called 911.

Eichenwald had the option of not looking at the picture.
I think that's the kicker here.
There's criminal intent on the user's part, but there's no way a gif can be considered a deadly weapon when it's avoidable by choice of the person with the existing condition.
I don't remember specific television shows being sued for gross negligence when causing siezures nationwide.

The viewer has an option not to view it.


Welp, it's Us vs Judges on high horses


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Spamming his twitter with this

The judge who allows this insane case to go forward must to be a racist nepotist.

This is too funny, most of you idiots are already on a list, no matter how protected you feel.

The worst of you, are being tracked.


>an animated image, also known as a GIF

He should get off with a slap on the wrist. This violates the first amendment.

>implying jews have power across countries
nigger, Polish law system, and almost certainly entirety of its judges will soon to be replaced with guys shlomo never bribed
Truly this will be the country of Law and Justice :^)

It's really too bad Kikenbald didn't die from his fake seizure. None of this would have happened if he didn't feel compelled to make a complete fool of himself on Tucker's show.

The kike lied to the FBI and said that the gif played automatically upon being viewed. He freely admitted that he has deactivated autoplay from his twitter options. He must have clicked the gif in order to view it, but lied to the FBI about it. It's written in plain sight on the publicly available documents.

Why hasn't he had a seizure from all the hundreds if not thousands of gif's sent to him before & since the event?

Obviously a gif didn't cause his seizure and it can't be proved in court.


Any law fag here?
How long will user go to prison for this in the american "justice" system.

>God damn that's hilarious. What stupid shit did he do to reveal his info to the cops?
The guy apologized to the Jew and then donated to some epilepsy charity.
That's how Eichenwald found out his identity.

Never trust a Jew.
Never apologize to a Jew.

>This violates the first amendment.

There's no way legislation designed to protect freedom of expression is going to be extended to cover an image file specifically targeted at making a computer screen flash in a way that can BSOD an epileptic.

>Obviously a gif didn't cause his seizure and it can't be proved in court.
it all boils down to whether judge is corrupted or not

This is typical of what leftists do with the courts. In their eyes, their charges = guilty convictions.

Unless there's a video of ecchiwald having the seizure immediately after viewing the gif file, or a couple of unbiased witnesses saw this happen, and he has a diagnosis of that kind of epilepsy (his word is not enough, he'll need to publicly release his PMI) - the jury must acquit.

My wife has a few different kinds of seizures with her epilepsy. We take all kinds of precautions. This Kurt guy didn't? That's not how you manage epilepsy! I'm highly doubtful he has the condition; him claiming epilepsy sounds like SJW's claiming their PTSD or whatever is "triggered".

This is a waste of our tax dollars and courts, just so Kurt can feel like a big boy.

Reminder he sued his stepmom for money and is a pedophile.