All rural and suburban retards will be dead or bankrupt by 2050

But city people have high IQs and higher salaries which means they can pay for their own care

Who will pay for yours?

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pretty retarded. the data wasn't additive. A FUCKING

>not made by Trump, made by Paul Ryan
>Ryan hates Trump
>Trump had nothing to do with it
>Trump said he disliked it

Liberals are worse than 2009 Conservatives.

If Candians didn't have the best femboys id point out your flag.

>14 million uninsured
so it's better than Obamacare?
about 20 million people right now either pay the penalty because they can't afford the premiums, or obtained exemptions.

>by 2100 no one insured.

Wrong Blumpfkin. By 2100 there will be 3x more people uninsured than people in the whole country.

It's been in effect for, what, less then a month?

Jesus christ, liberals sure do bitch a lot,don't they?

>CBO projections


Opposite, premiums are dirt cheap outside the city. I can afford to pay for mine on only 20 U.S.C. an hour.
City people though, lol cucks every single one.
Paying three times for a product just because "muh city".

Jokes on them. I'm already bankrupt.

Trump has been shilling for it though. it seems he want's something in place, before repeal but idk if he can get it fixed to where he wants it.

>implying all city people are smarter than rural people.

Well, I don't know what cities you've been to in the USA, but the IQ levels there are worse than most of the rural areas. On top of that, there's a much higher crime rate, the cost of living is through the roof (in major cities at least), and healthcare costs MORE.

I really have no idea why Trump is sticking his neck out for healthcare. It's a lose/lose situation. Fuck everyone. Let Obamacare crash and burn.
Or, would that only lead to fill government socialized medicine when the needed bail out eventually occurs.

Why is every single thing about this country so fucked up beyond repair?

And I care why?

retarded leaf doesnt understand that our insurance is trash....thanks obama, fukin niggr

>city folk are so cool haha


As an actuary, I can tell you this is wrong. Rates vary wildly by carrier and region. It's usually the case that rural customers pay more because carriers have fewer providers to negotiate rates with. I'm not saying it isn't the case that it's cheaper for you with your carrier in your market, but to say rural people pay less in general is simply false.

Reminder that the free market worked better than government subsidies

Go serve just one tour in the military for free VA care for life. Lazy faggots

I think the big thing behind the cost is coverage.
Usually, in the cities you don't necessarily have to get *more* things covered, just *different* things covered. A lot of the reason that some rural folk (mainly farmers) have to pay more for insurance is they have a lot to insure (i.e livestock, crops, equipment, buildings, etc.). If you're in the rural area and don't have a lot of land, and you're not a farmer, generally, your premiums are less.

Its not in effect. In fact they're not even done writing it.

in other words, Obama is forcing 14 million people who don't want to, to buy health insurance (I was one of those 14 million btw, while living in the US).

>50 million uninsured subhumans/fodder
How is this a bad thing?

>not made by Trump, made by Paul Ryan
Excuses excuses. Trump is not showing power by whining about Paul Ryan trying to sabotage him. He's not showing leadership and strength. He's showing that his next 4 years will be a bunch of internal disputes and sabotages, with the American people suffering for it. That's not re-election material.

>Why is every single thing about this country so fucked up beyond repair?
Multiculturalism. Too much division, too many groups looking out for their own interest. Strong oppositions to socialist programs- even though some of them are successful and may be necessary for the future. Lots of corruption and class warfare. America as a society doesn't even value health all that much, so many of us are fat, on drugs, stressed out, and sick.

Who will pay for yours?

I'm on Medi-care. I am worried that this program will disappear and I won't have my supply of Prozac.

A lot of people without insurance try to play "self-doctor" with herbal medicines and folk remedies. I think this will just become more popular as health insurance becomes a bigger and bigger mess.

I can smell your sweat stained fedora from here, take a zicam fucktard

I honestly don't really wanna live past 40, maybe 50 anyways.

That's an interesting theory, but that's a whole different kind of insurance offered by property insurance companies, not health. They two aren't priced together.

Liberals paid the Muslim brotherhood, Aman Brothers, millions to hack our government

Then why hasn't trump done anything about it? Here is the perfect moment for trump to follow through with his campaign promise by renouncing AHCA and he's done nothing but praise it or stay silent.

Can we really trust trump do do the right thing?
This song comes to mind

It's being described as "Dead on Arrival".

Mostly, liberals are paranoid about it passing at all.

You've never heard about the CBO before this, have you?

Aman Brothers sounds like a middle eastern yogurt bar.

Watch this.

You've actually been brainwashed.

You've all been brainwashed. And you've never given the issue more than an iota of thought in your entire lives, yet you'll throw your uninformed opinions out like they're divine law anyways.

Why should anyone with health coverage care what other people have?

Not an argument

This. I didn't vote for Trump because I wanted an expert on everything I wanted someone to just follow through with what they pushed. I'm sure Rand Paul will fix a lot of Ryan's stupidity over the next year when it gets negotiated.

Scanning for argument....
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Because Trump is aware that his power is very limited and fighting everybody would be a disaster.

He is basically a man surrounded by people who want to either:

A. see him fail and claim power in the next election
B. get him to start something and remove him for Pence

I dont want (((insurance)))

I think there is a chance that Trump is letting this go for now so that everyone bitches about it. Eventually he will be forced to take government out of health care to make both dems and reps "happy".

Preach why insurance is - empirically - a scam to others as well.
The insurance culture needs to die. It's the source of a whole lot of problems.

Wasn't an arguement, it was a statement, because you fucking reek

Why can't he just go back to the pre obongo care plan?