Why aren't you dating an indian girl Sup Forums?

Why aren't you dating an indian girl Sup Forums?
they're usually conservative

I don't feel like paying her dad in bags of rice every time I want to fuck her

Might as well date a nigger.

>Oh, user, I really have to go...
>P-Please user, can I... Can I shit in your mouth

tfw you will never have a qt indian gf to vent yesterdays curry down your throat.

Because I'd not only have to teach the woman how to poo in loo but also make doubly sure kids know how to poo in loo

>60% white country says what

Because indians are ulgy as all fuck.

and brazilians aren't?

Nice feet btw

I'm not successful enough to marry into an Indian family wealthy enough that it would be worth taking the hit to my "White privilege", and if I were that successful I'd be better off marrying into a wealthy WASP family anyway.

Sorry Poos, Indian women are for Indian men, and vice versa.

I thought you people had some respect...not wonder your people were seen as subhuman.

poo in the loo

bet her foot sweat tastes spicy

Because I have indoor plumbing

Because I'm not Indian

I am. Its pretty great altho navigating around her parents can be a chore. She was all about no sex before marriage too before I came along lmao. Gonna marry her one day tho. Get yourself a uppercaste north indian one for optimal offspring they can basically pass for meds. Mine was confused for a local while on holiday in spain.



Shut up, Mary Poppins. Go clean the creampie that Mohammed left on you wife/daughter/mother.

Good luck if your last name isn't Patel.

>american women

They smell weird. And, black haired and dark eyed Spanish girls are way, way cuter man.

I have never seen an attractive poo outside of Bollywood movies and they stink.



They're the color of shit, they smell like shit, and they're the most arrogant miserable people to be around.

Body hair and facial probably. Also I want at least olive/caramel kids. She doesn't have to be perfectly white but I wont do it if the kids are not going to be most of the way there.

Express yourself clearly, Bloke.

They don't date outside of their race and their father arranges their marriage.


Maybe over there in bongland, but the majority of them here are liberal leaning with a few being centrist at best.

Unfortunately, Indian women age poorly. By the time they're 35 they look 55.

This hasn't been my experience. Indian women often detest Indian men.

Northern Castilianas are quite lovely. My brother married one and she's an amazing cook and she's a good mother to their 3 kids.

They also have beer bellies.

I'm not Hindu.

Their sweat reeks pretty badly its worse than other races.


I just noticed that - is it genetic or something?

It's not just the curry either.

Because her fucking parents found out and banned me from their shop and from ever seeing her again. They were even considering sending her to India to marry some fucking ugly pajeet manlet. Idiots. I could've given them a grandchild to be proud of. They could've sent him/her back to India and become royalty, but noooo. Stupid pajeets. She was cute too.

Underrated fpbp

>when your country turns women into cucks

any Indian woman that would reproduce with a white is by definition trash

it's the racemixing paradox

I think it's their diet and lack of exercise.

>Because her fucking parents found out and banned me from their shop

Sorry to hear.

they wouldn't date a lard ass skinhead like you, anyway


cause they have poop-colored skin and smell like stinky curry

Because I want to find a white girl so that I can breed the shitskin genes out of my family tree

But what if she rejects me?

Indian women smell and look disgusting.

They also have raccoon mask eyes and nod their head sideways.

Can't date a girl with sideburns and a unibrow

I actually did date a Paki girl once. I high school kek. Different experience to say the least

Press F for respect

Because the caste system is alive and well.

I'm still banned and her parents won't even look at me anymore. Haven't seen her since. I bet they done her in desu.

Remember if you are a white male, your attraction to an Indian or Pakistani girl could get her killed or at least her life ruined.

For some reason I attract LOTS of Indian girls on campus - no idea why.

They seem to have an unfortunate genetic flaw in that most fall into one of two categories: very cute and good looking or butt ugly - very little middle ground with them. I've banged a few but never got into any kind of relationship. Holding out for a white or Latina but they overwhelmingly go for super chad whites, brown spics, or nogs.

Come on man, you live in the UK, you KNOW Indians don't breed out and particularly not their daughters. You also KNOW the kind of shit you'll get off their family. Come on man, don't play dumb, you know Indians have that 'their women' attitude even if they're not as overt about it as the Pakistanis.

>japanese women

They're not *that* bad. But they ain't white, that's for sure.

I have literally never seen an Indian, much less an Indian girl.

because she'll probably be beneath me by looks,economically and socially

>you called me a poo in the what user? :(

the amount of biology arrogance in this post is amazing! How you pull it off!?

I wanna shit post like you!

You should send them flowers and remind them that they are racist cucks.

Most overrated woman that's ever existed


she looks like a 6 out 10 white chick


Sage racemixing threads

Milana Vayntrub is AMAZING!

Burn the coal, pay the toll.

because i would inevitably call her a poo in loo or curry nigger and she would find out

like they'd date you anyway
sour grapes much

Nah, I just accept that Indians like to keep it Indian.

In response though, no pajeet will ever date a female family member of mine. Ever.

>60% country telling a 100% country

Imagine dipping your dick into her spicy curryhole

Because I don't want my kids to poo in the street.

How much money would I have to send to her family every month to make this happen?
I'm going to buy a house in the next few months.

Asked an indian girl for her phone number once, told me she only dates other indians

>dat feeling when they consider me a degenerate race mixer

Fuck off you dirty paki. Get the hell out of my country.