Spicy Spicer just confirmed Trumps plans to fund multiple missions for NASA. We going to Mars, we launching satellites, we claiming land on other planets SOON.


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If it wasn't for niggers, America would have colonized mars 20 years ago.

The nigger tax is real kids!

Impeachment before this happen

He's not getting impeached fuckwad. The establishment is BTFO, they are in digging in their claws but are about to drop. It will be glorious.

>believing anything spicey says

Oh no, he'll learn the earth isn't round.

if it wasnt for kikes we would have all been on mars 100 years ago


Great more money for the cgi team

Where's my space elevator???

Live on Fox now so may have to wait a bit for an article to pop up.

This is a waste we should be using this money for migration, also what about Israel? It is antisemetic that Israel doesn't have a space program


Remember guys, space is racist now, colonizing Mars is racist, the space program was created by literal nazis, trump is hitler




Cruzmissle for life

take the stairs, you lazy coon.

Touché. But kikes didn't make us bring niggers here

just like if US debt was not gigantic enough
a trip to Mars costs 1 billion

How happy is do you think NASA is to not be dealing with climate change and Muslim shit anymore

Fuck yes.
>Colonize Mars
>Capital: Kekstantinople
>Only allow in shitposters
>Mars starts a revolution and becomes independant
>The Great Planet wars start
>Mars wins.
>Repopulates earth with shitposters with the blood of Kek running through their veigns

Apollo program costed ~$17 billion in modern inflation.

Notice how the mainstream media treats Spice with barely concealed contempt, but remember that they used to be ready willing and able to suck the metaphorical cocks of Obama and all of his ratty minions?

Mainstream media - no one trusts you.

*mainstream media treats Spicer with barely concealed contempt

1 billion? A trip to the moon costed 15 billion, mars would be far higher.

Worth it when we found America 2.0 on Mars.



orbital ring & space elevator when?

Debt already dropped by 100B$ under the GOD EMPEROR. We can afford space conquest.

The fuck is Ramspeccing?

None. I've watched it since it started and OP is full of shit. His lie is bad and he should feel bad.

Please take me into space I don't even need a suit

slave trade was run by spanish jews, so yes, they actually did.

>will the president disavow wiretapped?

Based cruz does it again

> in 6 games


I hate trump, but this I like. Could turn my opinion desu

1 billion is fucking peanuts even for a country like Greece. If every American donated 3 dollars (aka one hamburger), they would reach that amount of money.

>cut welfare
>promote space exploration
>all white space settlement
>shitskins turn Earth into idiocracy
>White Martian paradise

Can't wait.

Can you at least post a source?



Anything he can do to distract from the Russian connect. The FBI is gonna be fully in his anus by the end of this year. He could have gone down as the greatest if he had not been doing business with Putin. Now the Marxist have their eternal victory. He is worse than Hitler because he is doing the same thing as Hitler, mobilizing the monster that will overtake all of God's creation. He is the Antichrist that will user in a thousand years of SJW peace. Mandatory black dick for the white women , and mandatory gay coupling for the white males. I wish I could kill him the fucker.

orbital ring? as per iain m banks?

i've often wondered if they could work.
the main problem, besides structural, would be retaining the atmosphere. How would it work. The gravity wouldn't be sufficient to keep it all, and the rotational effects might well exacerbate that loss through centrifugal forces.

A magnetic field could be generated by running a coil around the circumference of the ring, giving a uniform north-south field across the width from side to side, which is quite elegant. East and west would then be opposite directions around the ring, and there would be a great north wall and south wall.

The structural stuff is a nightmare though, i suspect keeping the thing functional and habitable would all prove minor challenges by comparison.


intergalactic memes

Would Trump push for pulling out of the 1967 Outer Space Treaty?

ChiComs wants to build reefs in the SCS? Fine, we lock them out of the Moon and Mars.

Seriously, we need Mars to be exclusively under the domain of the West. Carve off some pieces for the russkies maybe but fuck islam, chyna, et al.

The kikes brought them themselves.

Slow down there Tirone, we just want to go to space and farm Mars potatoes. Is that too much to ask?

> leave native planet for other nations
This is a space level cuckoldry.

Did you read the thread?

Let's just go stick a US flag in it and tell everybody else to fuck off pending reconsideration.

No he's probably going to get impeached.

Staying on earth to get your wife blacked and your rights eroded away would be even worse

Fuck off Mexico

Good now we can nuke the feminists and muzzies from orbit

The ruski is right you know

if digits, we will go to the Centauri system in 15 years

Sorry, most Dems + the two man GOP cuck squad isn't enough for an impeachment

Obviously no, didn't read that

lol what is that picture, did someone submit that for an art class or something rofl

The frog is right you know

that's because oil was discovered on mars.

orbital ring at LEO, not GEO

>lasts 20 years before some bleeding heart cunt takes a position of power and insists mars takes earth 'refugees'

That's one spicy meme

They're currently preparing (unilateral) amendments to the OST. Mostly about property rights in space. It's a start.

Though any signatory state could leave with a one year notice in advance.

He's going to get impeached but then find a new planet and become Supreme Leader of Trumptonia.

> to get your wife blacked
Sorry, but we don't have a black minority, so, I guess, my wife will never be blacked.
> your rights eroded away
Are you seriously think ((they))) will not control Martian colonies and also will forget to to send their agents into? Enjoy your multicultural """paradize''' while we will colonise a deserted areas where your states were.
I can't wait the time when I will be able to become a modern cowboy in the New Wild West.

Maybe the added funding is to launch the illegals into space. Maximum Deportation

Video of the signing.

if it wasn't for WHITES we would still be on mars

>The Awan Brothers: 3 Awan brothers are named by Webb : Imran, Jamal and Abid. (A 4th brother and wife of one of the Awan's are also believed to be involved).
>Originally installed in congressional positions by Greg Meeks who is widely regarded as the most corrupt member of congress.
>Debbie Wasserman Schultz was an integral player in the DNC Hacks and also introduced the Awan brothers to Congress. Is there a connection? Maybe, maybe not. It is not that far fetched, this has happened before, see the Silverman group. Silverman associated with the CPUSA and knew Jarrett’s father, Dr. James Bowman and through three degrees of separation used by the NSA is directly connected to Valerie Jerrett.
>Captain Joseph R. John (Navy-Ret.) has stated that he believes the Muslim Brotherhood “fifth column” has “infiltrated U.S. Government,” and if he is correct, the Awan brothers could very well be a part of this infiltration
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I need to ditch this old bag I'm dating and go find me an early 20's broad to marry.

>America would have colonized mars 20 years ago.

whats the point when we can't even look at the bottom of the ocean

>Impeachment before this happen

it does nothing, why bother

more big government spending

not sure I like

Why not mass produce housing here?
de regualte building
eliminate building codes
ban unions
end pub school
end fed
end subsidies

>Space the final solution
Lets hope we can escape this planet and leave the lefties and darkies to rape each other to death. Then when they're all dead we can return, and rebuild the planet, as only we know how.

If I were him I'd take the impeachment and become Lord Emperor of Mars.

Eat shit - space exploration is humanity's ultimate purpose. And if you want short term gains, lots of jobs, scientific discoveries and technology is developed in the process. There's always some regressive retard screaming about how humanity bettering itself is ebil.

Go find those 42 kidnapped, and presumably dead students, and don't worry about what we do, in this highly advanced country.


Oy vey! Give me shekels to launch (((satellites)) goyim!

fuck you
government should not be stealing using taxation
to fund a bunch of unhirable science students who cant produce houses or useful machines on earth
your a dumb commy
end welfare
end public school
end tax money to university
ban unions
end regualtions

>check /r/space to see how they reply to it
>they're constantly bitching about things not being good enough for NASA
>"oh this sounds good, what can we find wrong about it to bitch about, though?"
I fucking hate Reddit

You can work on multiple problems at the same time, fuckstick. We don't have to choose between banning da welfare and exploring the starts to leave subhumans like you behind to nig around in the irradiated dirt.

Can't wait for the article "Space exploration is pretty racist, and here's why"

They will crumble and fall into anarchy, and die off within 40 years. They have proved this IRL. This cannot be disputed. You will have negro continent, starving, wars, no running water, no ability to rebuild infrastructure. They will have to deal with their own problems then. Liberals will all be killed off and enslaved by predator races. muzzies will die off, by raping 6 year old girls, and female child bearing pop will decline. jews won't have anyone to jew, and kill themselves from depression. They will all get what they deserve. We, on the other hand, will be exploring the endless reaches of the universe, with many happenings.


I used to be a trump fan, but not anymore...
i fucking hate drumpf so much.


>liberals wanted Obama to increase NASA spending
>Obama cuts it
>Trump increases it

What mental gymnastics are they doing now?

but seriously guys we cant let him get his hands on the nuclear codes

>racist cosmonauts
Yeah, they will try and whine their way onto out space ships. We can put them into liberal/black space pods, attached to /our/ space craft, though, and then jettison them into space, as soon as we pass the Van Halen belt.

too late, brother.

wtf i'm not going to give up my burger fuck you

On the briefing?
Which minute?