As soon as aliens make an appearance ethnic nationalism, racism will disappear over night

As soon as aliens make an appearance ethnic nationalism, racism will disappear over night.

No sane human being is going to give a fuck about racial differences in humans when there's other species in the galaxy threatening human survival.

Prove me wrong.

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I would probably shoot a couple of blacks and spics the first few weeks, while we scramble to figure out what's going on.

you mean robots

>implying we wouldn't use niggers as cannon fodder and bullet sponges

>mfw it's the Engineers coming back to scold us because we haven't yet exterminated the negro "locals"
>mfw we had one job

Assuming we eventually win, we will go back to killing one another for the alien tech

Still gonna use pajet as cannon fodder tho.


checked and keked

>As soon as an outside enemy makes an appearance people will identify with their group over night.

that's basically ethnic nationalism bro

>alien appears in front of a white man and a muslim man
>it shows no ability to speak or understand english

What, in all sincerity, are the odds both men will try to inform the alien of our mathematics, our knowledge of the stars, where we stand, and agree fully on what to say? Unless you argue the odds are 100% guaranteed, you need to rethink your statement in the OP.

You're right. It will evolve into Citizens and scum that will not serve their land.

Startship Troopers is a poor example to use in your trolling attempt. Deadbeats are scum in this universe.

As soon as the first nigger robs, rapes, and kills an alien they will fuck it up for the rest of us. Then ubernationalism takes over. You know its going to happen.

this movie was good and fun, follows the book in some aspects and some quotes, but it really saddens me that they didn't do the electronic armor suit and the MI drops right

the suits were like huge fucking giant metal gorillas, they jumped like fleas dropping atomic bombs everywhere and they were shot out of huge canons in bullet like capsules, much like the Samurai Pizza Cats were deployed

>first post vanned post

This is some dank Alberto Barbosa, amigo

>humans are smart and value their survival.

No on both counts, demonstrably.

I agree with you, but liberal dumbshits have convinced a lot of people that Intelligence somehow confers compassion for all species, despite the fact that we kill chickens by the billions and they're no threat to us at all.

>Racism will disappear over night

Kek, no it won't.

Muslims will preach that the aliens need to be exterminated because Allah does not mention them. Majority of muslims are brown people, so by default their race will hate the aliens.

White folks will see the intellectual benefits to meeting with aliens.

Asians will want to dissect it to see if they can cheaply make them reproduce and eat them.

Mexicans will want to sell them drugs.

Indians will want to poo with them.

Slavs will want to blow them up, serbians particularly because they will blame their problems on the aliens for not interfering with war so they'll shoot them down.

>Jews will offer the aliens loans with ambiguous one-sided terms, then propagandize alien offspring.

You forgot one.

Why are they militantly posturing with ties on? Don't they know that a tie is the worst thing you could wear in a fight?


If aliens ever discover we exist, they'll quietly send an R-bomb at us. What would you do if you had a gun and found an armed robber in your house? Talk to him about the finer points of gun ownership?

Most of the soldiers in the front lines will be whites. Every other shitskin especially jews will be bitching about racism and alien "rights."

Leftists need to be purged first before the world unites.

Dankest of them all!

>tfw he was right

nice stupid fucking analogy

closer to finding an ant farm in the back of your closet, really

I said that all along. It would also instafuck every religion.

The problem with today's art is that it lacks imagination. When I think great art I think Rembrandt, Van Goth or DaVinci. Even I would consider Picasso to an extent. We should allow exploration of the film medium to allow greater depth instead of retreading literature and reboots of past works. I would say that the root cause in today's art community is Ice Cream Eyes.

You realize that's a conspirancy theory, right?
Fake ayylien invasion = NWO confirmed

Dude the Muslims will try to convert the aliens to Islam and conquer us

Apart from Europeans still waged war on each other when the abos were discovered

This. Uniting as humans against a non-human threat is in concept only different from uniting as whites against a non-white threat in terms of the scale.

Always kill the traitor first user. It would just hasten the need to solve the race problem.

The fuck you talking about, racism Wil increase and it will be against the ayys, and the poor African nations who will most likely side with them for the technology

Ants can't kill you if you leave them alone. Relativistic weapons aren't that hard to develop. If they leave us alone, what's to stop us from wiping out their species? Not like we're not good at it, any species on the top of their planet's foodchain would be.

It's our survival or their survival. There is no alternative. Do you shoot the robber or do you let him shoot you?

Euro infighting was the most strong when the ethnics were far away.

designer babies are probably going to be commonplace within the next 20 years, i don't see how people are still concerned with racial issues when soon its going to be the super humans vs the unenhanced

Aliens don't give technology. Arrival was globalist propaganda at worst, and a half-decent episode of star trek at best.

during any emergency or other disaster - niggers nig their niggest possible, so no it would be even more "tense"

>Sheeit, you meen them aliens out there want to kill us?
>more cracker lies, gibs for muh ten babies

>them ebil nazi whites, have you heard of the six billion, oh vey, help us ayylmaos

>Implying we pose any threat
If they're capable of reaching us, they've mastered a lot more than we have and we're boned.

>shitskin especially jews

Askhenazis and many sephradi have pale skin

Keep in mind, imbecile that jew is not a race

Kys, idiot

It'll be a great opportunity though.
Would be very useful.

>It would also instafuck every religion
*tips fedora*

>aliens show up
>Immediately Jews try their best to align with them

"Oy vey, we aren't the same species as these animals"

The moment aliens show up there will be chaos all over the world, probably multiple wars and infighting.

The niggers will die.

PS: You are also retarded if you think north Korea will give a fuck about aliens, he will probably throw nukes at the US and blame the aliens. In a perfect world, in the situation you speak of, there would be several Earth leaders each representing a race or continent. Asia, Europe, America, Africa, all with a respective leader in order to engage with the ayy lmaos.

In 200 years from now when we are done with the kikes and the shit skins we will start galactic war with the reptoids and ayylmaos for galactic white supremacy.

>As soon as aliens make an appearance ethnic nationalism, racism will disappear over night.
Truth. White people will finally realize that we can no longer afford to fool around. Niggers and leafs will be exterminated with an unbelievable efficiency, humanity will unite under one banner and take on the Alien menace.

We may stop hating each other but we will become MORE racist.

Biological differences will highlight each race's strengths and weaknesses and the likelihood of each race falling into specific categories will increase. These categories will determine what roles people take.

>nationalism, racism will disappear over night
The strong will group together, niggers and other third worlders will stay out.

>muslims hear their is life outside of earth
>the radical and semi radical become even more radicalized, because they can't cope with this fact
>islamic terror organization feel like they lose power since nobody is paying attention to them anymore
>bombings will increase until the civilized world notices again that those guys are still around

t. Domingo Connoisseur

Only if the aliens didn't understand human tribalism. If they took the time to research us, they would come to Earth and make peace with one powerful group (say whites, just for example) and oppress the rest. Then their chosen group would do a lot of the fighting for them.

Is the Muslim man also white?

surprisingly likely

Were genetically programmed for competition this is why you should never eliminate the out group. Unless the out group is kebab then eliminate them.

Wrong. We already know everything necessary to make an R-Bomb. Anti-matter engines are extremely difficult, but possible to make. They have the ISP needed to reach significant fractions of the speed of light. An object striking the earth weighing about the same as the space shuttle going 30% C will utterly ruin the planet and kill off almost everything.

Give us another century or two without niggers and we'll be a threat to everything in the galaxy, given enough time. Relativistic weapons take a long time to reach their target, but they cannot be stopped or even detected before it's too late.

None of this requires magic FTL. We've known how to do this since the 1920's.

>humans make peace with muslims
>give them technology
>muslims use technology to kill humans

You think aliens are stupid? They'd never give their tech to another species, what a foolish risk that would be.

>Niggers and leafs will be exterminated with an unbelievable efficiency
>not using them as cannon fodder

What if we can fuck the aliens?

I reckon the aliens would have to be hostile and threaten our existence before we all truly unite. Only the Jew will try to bargain with them.

>Whitey approaches aliens as the superior earth life form
>Aliens eliminate threat

>They have the ISP needed
Thrust, not ISP, my bad.

>*muslims hear there is life

No they wouldn't. Armed robbery in the individual sense much different than other ways. Such as country or continent even. You're a bit more lenient when there's an army, for fear of losing too many people.

The same would happen with Aliens. Who's to say they'd be hostile?

Those probably snap right off

Yeah, no it wont. Even if everyone on earth was the same shade of brown their would still be ethnic nationalism and people dividing themselves into different groups and fighting each other.

If you dont know that you dont know shit about the human experience.

If aliens attacked I can assure you their will be groups who support them.

They don't even have to give us any tech war tech. Just give elite members of the chosen group some political representation and economic benefits in their new Earth kingdom.

Aliens don't have to come here to discover we're a threat. We have industrial civilization. We put short-lived chemicals into our atmosphere constantly. Spectroscopy can see that from across the universe, given time.

They'll send a big engine going as fast as their tech will allow at us. It will be going so fast and will be so small and dim that we've zero chance of ever seeing it coming. One could be on its way tomorrow. No way of knowing.

>As soon as space sebs make an appearance ethnic nationalism, racism will disappear over night.

I would just shoot them like any other serb

As soon as any invader arrived, he would easily divide and conquer the land and capture it all with the natives' own hand.

Even the Spanish conquistadors who were shit diplomats and were quite bloodthirsty Shattered Mesoamerican world.

>Aliens bring Muslims back to homeworld
>Gets raped by Muslims
>Brings more Muslims back to homeworld

>The same would happen with Aliens. Who's to say they'd be hostile?

Who's to say the robber is hostile? Maybe the gun is just meant for intimidation?

It doesn't matter if they are friendly. They possess the means to exterminate your species. Do you allow that to exist? Do you realize the consequences of mercy in this situation?

The distances between stars are too great. Nobody is ever going to ship people between them for any reason.

are you complaining about the book? it was full of imagination


Doesn't necessarily prove you wrong, but.... relevant

“"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government."
- Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberger meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992.

Lol, fpbp

>not helping the aliens just to fuck up shitskins and niggers
who cares if you get killed in the process

Non-whites aren't even smart enough to fight them. Arabs and Africans make for terrible fighters.

Maybe but aliens are never "appearing". That's just silly science fiction. We're going to have to just deal with each other forever. Divisions, either ethnically or religious or whatever else are always going to be with us.

> The distances between stars are too great.
> Implying that airplanes is also impossible
> Implying that men will never land on moon

We do this shit since 100 years. Give us another 100 and we fly your Ma to the fucking end of the universe.

Nationalism, racism, etc might disappear overnight, but that doesn't mean we'd be a unified species. Far from it. Our divides would simply be redrawn, not around race and nation, but by how we react to the aliens (fight them, worship them, ally with them, etc).

Tribalism is a defining human characteristic, uniting us, or dividing us, based on what is "most important" to that group.

>As soon as aliens make an appearance

Too bad that will probably never happen and the most interesting alien life we even have a chance of encountering are fucking germs living on some moon.

>Prove me wrong.

History of colonialism.

The only real thing that brings people together is a common enemy, so i dont doubt it, but its not gunna be a switch overnight

I get it, it'd be a transitional period for you, completely understandable

False, different ethnic groups will try to gain favor with them. (((They))) will use and say every trick in the book to have the aliens side with them over people that they feel are inferior. Only a fool would believe in any type of utopia.

Yeah you are probably right humans naturally form tribes, until there is something beyond humanity we won't be able to do an us(humans) vs them(non humans) to satisfy our basic instincts

Literally this is what plenty of science function is about, hell its what fucking watchmen is about.

Holy shit, are you superman? You lept a twenty-story building of logic there. How does anecdote equal evidence exactly?

Are you implying that the limits we've discovered using the scientific method are false, and that the scientific method does not work?

You can't type that on a computer, you fuck. It depends on the same principles you're saying don't exist, jeeze.

Well, the book at least. Movie was shit.

>aliens invade earth
>all the people in the world united together and use ultra secret Russian American nuclear weapons
>ayys BTFO
>everyone goes back to their country and life goes on

Theres already an alien species trying to wipe us out though.

Because?? Catholicism has nothing against aliens.

non whites would fucking rape you faggot.

Not only that but the aliens would use ethnic strife against the global powers. "Hey black people if you side with us with help you eradicate whites from the face of the planet."

What if they believe that jesus told them they were god's first creation?

That's such a waste of effort. One good R-bomb and the earth's surface is glass.

They will be genetic purists.