This Cop handled things like The Old Days

This Cop handled things like The Old Days ...


I don't see a problem
Some smack talking nigger got some beats
Maybe he won't talk so much shit anymore

1v1 me faggot

>cop needlessly escalating

hopefully they fire this faggot

thats was unprofessional.

This is how niggers HAVE to be treated, fucking idiot
They need to be taught their place

Is it better to just wait for them to commit a murder then put them in prison for life?

Also he's obviously pulling his punches because he knows the kid

>Nigger telling the cop to go back to mexico

>i'm not a fucking nigger, you watch your fucking mouth.

>Police Brutality
and i thought the meme was dead

>cop makes a bad situation worse by being an idiot


He's probably a fucking Sup Forumsack thinking he's shitopsting.

Stop being a fucking faggot
this is literally how niggers should be handled
american police is based

wtf was that
he didnt even shoot him

I'm a repo man in Springfield IL. All these niggers act the same.

Teaching a punk a little respect

Stuff like this is why crime used to be lower in the past

>Cop: He a scared ass bitch

The cop was trying to egg on the nigger, he was looking for a fist fight, wtf.

The cop was talking like some ghetto nigger as well, wtf. No professionalism. Just go in there, do your job, if they resist use whatever legally allowed to get your job done. Don't get baited into some fist fight, shoot the fucker if he starts throwing punches.

What a piece of shit cop.
>argues back and forth with teenager
>ends up hitting the kid
>"hurr durr talk shit get hit"
Pathetic. Then he assaults the kid. Everyone who unironically defends the cop is a dumb piece of shit. Shitty police officer / 10

This is how they should be handled AFTER they decide to throw punches,

The cop's job is to de-escalate the situation, find a solution and then leave. Doing shit like this doesn't help anybody.

>reddit spacing
why are all you nu-Sup Forumsacks always so big with calling niggers for what they are but when it comes to real action everyone is crying

Why did he stop?
Little nigger deserved to die.
Someone should go firebomb their house.

Fuck that kid.
He needed to be shot worthless little faggot.

Hey leaf, guess what, the rookie cop did escalate things, the moment the black punk started cussing him like that he could have slapped the fucking cuffs on him for multiple reasons.
>Disrupting an investigation.
The mom is the one who called, not him.
>Civil disobedience.
>Creating a scene.
>Threatening a police officer.
and one that I dont know off hand about vulgar language in a public place or used towards a public figure. Which is essentially like going to the DMV and saying "fuck you niggas"

Cop is a rookie, he will get fired, he should have kept his mouth shut and warned the kid he is fixing to be arrested for one of the above mentioned, which would result in a fine he cant pay, which would result in jail time.

More shocking, is his partner who was on camera, didn't step in and do the very thing I mentioned, and shutting the cop up.

So the cop will now face reprimand, and nothing was learned cause the black kid will walk away goin "HAAA I WON! I CAN TREAT PEOPLE LIKE SHIT NOW!"

> Doing shit like this doesn't help anybody.
Says your professional opinion as a cop with experience around niggers or dealing with these fatherless negro households?

leaf you did good today


>DA Pohlease

>This mother fucker is defending a nigger

So I take it this is a beat cop?

LARPING that end of watch scene

They're both in the wrong. The nigger is more in the wrong for being a nigger, but the cop is stupid for arguing with an animal. You don't see me starting arguments with dogs and rabbits.

>some random black "youth" telling a cop what he should do or else he's "taking dey badges"
haha yea fuck being respectful to the officer trying to help you with your sister or girlfriend or whoever the fuck it was who ruined some shitty fucking table, glad he got fucked up, dumb fuck

>black people hate police
>we need to stop them hating police
>i know lets pick fights with them and be completely unprofessional

Are you fucking retarded?

How can anyone thing that what the cop did was the right thing to do?

What if that kid had a gun or some shit, how was picking a fight with him instead of de-escalating the situation a better/ wise thing to do?

"reddit spacing" is a divide and conquer shill tactic

There is no such thing as reddit spacing

People have been doing


Since Sup Forums existed, you goddamn fucking newfag.


totally unprofessional

you can't lose your temper like a child over every stupid thing niggers do

>reddit spacing

You're new here aren't you?

you're the reason everything today is so fucking pussified. you have to let men be men, you raging fucking cunts.

I don't like niggers but this was unprofessional behavior. Cops should only beat up child rapists and swallow their pride in all other situations.

The cop is wrong on this case, but this was funny.

>Fuck you!
>Fuck you!
>No, fuck you!

Blacks are not whites, the way you deal with whites is not how they have to deal with blacks.

hi redit

How about you address the points I made faggot.

>Go back to Mexico


It's all the nigger understands.

It got trendy to say this in double Sup Forums. Newfags pretending to be oldfags.

Niggers *clap* will *clap* always *clap* hate the *clap* police *clap* no matter *clap* what *clap* they *clap* do

spacing every sentence is reddit, funny how its mostly done on this board

You've obviously never dealt with Chicago niggers.

>Source: I was born in Chicago

A little ass whopping never hurt anyone

This sort of aggressive policing towards blacks is absolutely essential

Thanks for posting this OP, made my day

Latinos will be on our side in the race war tbqh. Was a bit unorthodox but way better than just shooting the kid.

he says posting in his tighty whities from mummys basement

>Kid got taught a lesson which didn't ruin his life (felony assault)
>Taxpayers don't have to pay for his room and board in jail
>Cop got to beat down a nigger

Idk...that kid got dealt with without going to jail. I think that's a win for everyone.

That cop is completely unprofessional. He talks and handles himself like a highschooler. He picked a fight with a teenager for fuck sakes. "You scared, you aint gonna do shit! I'm right here!". Burgers, even your damn cops act like thugs. You guys are fucked.

>What if the kid had a gun.
He would be dead.

You want inner city blacks like this to respect cops? Get rid of all the shit promoting hate against the police, I know so many motherfuckers who hate cops for no other reason then "the media done told me to, dont trust white people."

In this case he literally dindu nuffin.
He could have handled the situation better but he was a kiddo and the cop is supposed to be a cop and acted like a total punk.
Other cop should have stopped him.

>sinking to nigger levels

That cop should have acted professionally and de-escalated the situation because that is his job.

BLM and the left will latch onto this like flies to shit.

>What if that kid had a gun or some shit

Holy fuck UK, you're cucked beyond compare. Didn't take long after your guns being taken away for you to become such a fucking faggot.

>Let's let niggers nig cause they might have a gun

God fucking dammit I hate this mentality. It's so weak and wrong.

The only people who talk about reddit on Sup Forums are reddit users who got their ass handed to them by some 12 year old left wing atheist, and came here to escape mean reddit users.

>be bong
>as big a pussy as his police are

Why would they be on your side and why would you want them on your side ? They're replacing you

I like this cop

Is the police officer autistic or something? Why is he engaging with this bullshit? He could have just literally walked away. He got triggered hard when the nigger said the words "rookie"

Also kudos for the
>go back to Mexico
From the nigger. I like that mexiniggers are getting bullied in America.

Cop did literally nothing wrong. Nigger had a big mouth and was obviously being violent too.

Or how about he teaches the darky a lesson so that the darky doesn't need to spend the rest of his life in prison

What does "Professionally" mean? Do only what liberals/cry baby pussies want?

>This is how niggers HAVE to be treated, fucking idiot

No. The only idiot here is yourself. The cop should have told the moron to shut the fuck up or he's going to arrest him.

>They need to be taught their place
I'm sure once the kid wins his lawsuit against the city and reads about the cop going to jail he will have been taught.

>Is it better to just wait for them to commit a murder then put them in prison for life?

Like the retarded kid didn't do anything worthy of being arrested.

>Also he's obviously pulling his punches because he knows the kid
This doesn't change a damn thing.

We don't talk shit to cops, leaf.

We all know that if you are talking that kind of shit to the cops, you deserve what's coming.

>Cuz you're scared of your gestapo police

Cause we're on their side you fucking pussy.

>The only people who talk about reddit on Sup Forums are reddit users who got their ass handed to them by some 12 year old left wing atheist, and came here to escape mean reddit users.
Think you forgot some spaces buddy
t. nigger

Its crazy I grew here

I know right? Basically two ghetto niggers, except one of them had a badge.

>Being this weak

>black guy starts a fight over nothing = thug
>white guy starts a fight over nothing = 'real man'

And this is why no one takes Sup Forums seriously. All the people defending this cop are every bit as hypocritical and intellectually dishonest as SJWs

Except that crime was much, much higher forty years ago.

>cops should be able to arrest people for being rude to them.
Land of the free my arse.

if Sup Forums were a cop, this would go down on the first day f,am

>go back to mexico

fucking kek. Ruined opportunity, should have replied with

>bitch you go back to africa

>what does 'professionally' mean

Obviously it doesn't mean sinking to the kids levels and picking a fight with him. I actually can't believe I have to explain this to you.

>thats what you is

why is the cop talking like that

Hang the nig, deport the spic.

Nigger acted like a nigger
Spicop acted like a nigger

kind of a win/win lose/lose situation if you ask me

Because they are but mere babbies and have managed to scrape some pol memes into their dialog.

>criminals hate police
>we need to stop criminals from hating police

Why didn't they kill one another?

>cry baby pussies
well, you talk like a 13 year old trying to pick a fight in the playground. I suppose it's hardly a surprise that you'd defend a cop acting like a 13 year old getting into a fight in the playground.

Niggers have corrupted everyone in America to behave like their culture.

>White guy

Holy shit this is one of the most beautiful things I've seen in awhile.

That's some justice. Cop kept his word, too. "Don't arrest him, don't arrest him...we're good".

Fuckin' a.

oooh dat white gestapo boi got BTFO!!

Era of the white privilege is over!

Why is the cop talking like a hood nigger?

>"Do something! Do something you pussy!"
>"You scared, you scared!
>"You're a little bitch dude, Shut the fuck up bitch!"

If that is what you call professional policing then your country is doomed. Yes, that kid was running his mouth and being disrespectful but that doesn't make it right to assault him.

win/win would've been bullet for the niggernigger and the chair for the spicnigger.

Total hero

Cop should have shot him desu... Also, you're a huge fucking faggot.

>you have to let men be men
Black dude was smart. He was playing defensive even during the fight. You just don't touch a cop while he's a cop. Cop was baiting because he knew if he got in trouble his mate would tase the guy and arrest him.
Look at what happens in the video. When the cop uses that poor judo trick on the black dude the other guy stays right behind.
That's not men being men. That's some high level faggottry. The cop wouldn't get arrested for beating him but he would.

That cop got punished for it according the info in the youtube video. That's kids father should've been the one teaching a lesson, not the cop. Oh, well at least it entertained me.

Thats a very modern mindset which comes from the feminist viewpoint of violence being inherently wrong.

What is up with burgers trying to win arguments against cops? Is this some retarded "defending freedoms" thing?

You're weak. Your entire being is weak. You will be dominated by the strong. Your entire country will be forgotten, and it starts with your lay down / roll over weak beta dog mentality.

>white guy

He's latino