Who are the Aman Brothers

Who are the Aman Brothers
Why did Dems pay them millions for IT?
Why did Debbie WS recommend them for high level clearance?
Is our government bought and paid for?
Have we been sold to the highest bidder?
Not a shill, risk, trump, CIA, FBI, pizza, Russian, blacked, white, hate, religious thread

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the aman bros called their company New Dawn (2001) - but it didn't start in 2001
Jordan Maxwell on New Dawn symbolism (long)

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Heard about this a while ago. They're under investigation yet still on Debbie's payroll. One of them is apparently a "good friend" of Debbie. Last theory I heard was this is some kind of Hamas Honeypot.

Watch George Webb's Youtube videos

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when you misread it as Breaking Dawn and think of Twilight

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Why is there no news coverage?

How are they being investigated ? Didn't they all go back to Pakistan?


Idk it seems like it's been taken care of. No new info. If they were behind warning of the raid in Yemen they're probably in Guantanamo or something. It's been a couple weeks since I looked into this.

It also could be the Intel found in Yemen lead to their discovery and Deb and the other politicians using these guys are involved intentionally. It would explain the relative media blackout on this.