Regretting your vote?

Are you guys regretting voting for Trump yet?

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nope. poor fucks should die. it's a waste of money to continue to subsidize their existence.

She had a stroke and can't work or cook anymore.
Also, what about all the other cuts then?

Meals on wheels is for old disabled people you radioactive libidoless mutant freak God Truman should have dropped the third bomb

3% of Meals on Wheels funding comes from the feds, and their donations have skyrocketed since this happened. It's almost like people are charitable when not forced by the government to subsidize people.

Cuts elsewhere will have to force agencies to be a bit more selective with their priorities. I don't give a shit if the NIH or EPA has to stop their research into the psychological effects of hummus or the mating habits of pygmy beavers.

Fat cunt gonna die because she cant contribute to society, you think this isn't what i wanted?


please. give it a fucking rest.

I didn't vote for the moron, I thought it was hilarious when he won though.

He is just what us fat, lazy, dumb, hateful Americans deserve.

Clearly she's starving.


50% more donations and 500% in volunteers i belief.

Yes, 4D Underfuckingwater Chess again by the Trumpster

Oh no what is she going to do without that elementary school playground in the nation's wealthiest county?

As long as cucks like you stay triggered, nope, not at all.

BTW, doesn't your ass need to be raped this week Swedeanon? Get to it. Bend over and take it up the ass from a shitskin.

She can stand to lose 100+ lbs obviously anyway. Thanks for trying to lower the obesity rates based Trump.


Could burgers expain what this "meal on wheel" is?

Nope. Meals on wheels only took a 3% budget cut, and in less than a week, theit number of volunteers has I creased 5x and their donations have increased 50x

My grandmother uses this program.

Instead of being a normal human being and cooking her food, she uses this instead because she's lazy. I mean, sure, she's poor, but not that poor. And she doesn't even eat all the food that they give her. She just wastes it.

There also used to be a foodbank that came to town, and old people who had money used to go to it and take all the vegetables and fruits because "gibs me dat". Because of the people with money, all the food used to run out so some people who had to go home with no food.

It's basically a private organization that helps feed the poor/sick/elderly.
They only receive 3% of their funding from the federal government, but liberals think that tiny cut will mean the end of the entire organization.

Can you guys post sources for this?


No, why should I be?
>About 3% of the budget for Meals on Wheels' national office comes from government grants (84% comes from individual contributions and grants from corporations and foundations)

Additionally, that funding comes from the Community Development Block Grant, which is what Trump is cutting funding to. If the Block Grant wants to keep fully funding Meals on Wheels there's nothing stopping them, they'll just have to make cuts elsewhere.

This whole thing is a non-story drummed up by the left to paint him as a callous bastard. It's nothing.

The funding he cut wasn't specifically designed for meals on wheels, each state decided what they spend it on.


3 percents you leftist cocksucker. That is the maximum amount of that cut out of all of the Meals on wheels budget.
As a direct result of the announcement of the cut the amount of volunteers risen up 50x times, and the donations risen up by 500 percent.

Kill yourself.

I feel like this article paints a different story though
"About a third of Meals on Wheels funding comes from the Older Americans Act of 1965, under which it received more than half a billion dollars in 2014. Meals on Wheels also gets grant funding and accepts donations. But even without the cuts in the proposed budget, the program is already suffering from funding shortfalls, currently delivering 23 million fewer meals annually than it did in 2005.

"While we don’t know the exact impact yet, cuts of any kind to these highly successful and leveraged programs would be a devastating blow to our ability to provide much-needed care for millions of vulnerable seniors in America," Meals on Wheels America Chief Executive Officer Ellie Hollander said in a statement. That, in turn, she said, "saves billions of dollars in reduced health care expenses.”

Nope, but I'm also not tired of winning yet.


I made a trip to California and voted for trump, i convinced them i was an immigrant by speaking french only so they let me vote, but now I regret it

Post cock.

she looks like she doesn't need to eat for the next 8 years of trump presidency annyway

so keeping it the same would have resulted in the same whining of "please pay for our food"


Even if that were the case, and the numbers don't jive with what CNN reported (so who knows what's right), the cuts only target the Block Grants and not the program itself. It's a private program overwhelmingly supported by private donations.

The grandstanding from the Meals on Wheels CEO is nothing more than a "poor me" pitch for more donations, and it clearly worked.

Uhh my grandparents also used daily delivery for lunch. But even in this socialised shithole, that was done by the private sector and they had to pay for the meals..

In the new world where they're all dead, you might be the new poorest one.

Everyone I know is. No one seems to be talking about their undying love of Trump anymore.

Just quiet.

>old disabled people

Yeah, great contribution to society....


"Meals on Wheels" in the federal budget is not related to the "Meals on Wheels" program. It's a term used for covert US government operation to cuck Sweden. Trump wanted to end it. But the powers that be really want Sweden cucked.

No regrets for voting Trump here.

If he starts building the wall I'll vote for him a second time.

>saves billions of dollars in reduced health care expenses.


The elderly are a huge drain on health care.
The sooner they die the cheaper it is.

What if it's a fence?
Like the one Obama build?

I do not to regrets

Time to move to pastures-new shill

Obama didn't build a fence, that was bush, and it was one of the primary reasons we elected him. That was back when Hilary Clinton was as anti immigrant as Trump before she flip flopped.

But of course, most people who hate Trump are literally consumed by confirmation bias and news media hysteria about him being a Russian gestapo double agent

Bush build a small piece.
Obama made it may times longer.

Oh, and Obama deported way more Mexicans too.

Niggers hate Mexicans.

Even if Obama extended the wall, which he didn't, it would be made null and void by the fact he tried to pass an amnesty bill and actively encouraged illegal immigration, causing record high spikes in such cases.

He's arguably one of the most counter productive presidents, but most people give him a pass because he's black and he "acts cool" despite committing acts of war and backtracking on almost every talking point he had before getting elected, like:

Diminishing national debt
You can keep your healthcare provider
We are pulling out of the Middle East (literally fought 3 proxy wars in Egypt, Libya, and Syria)



>Like the one Obama build?

Fence, wall, disjointed border, whatever you feel like calling it, the point stands

No, Trump explicitly promised a WALL.

If he doesn't take down the existing fence and replace it with a wall he's a lying scumbag.

my buddy would do shit like that too

he made decent money, but hed use food banks n shit because he was cheap

>The Awan Brothers: 3 Awan brothers are named by Webb : Imran, Jamal and Abid. (A 4th brother and wife of one of the Awan's are also believed to be involved).
>Originally installed in congressional positions by Greg Meeks who is widely regarded as the most corrupt member of congress.
>Debbie Wasserman Schultz was an integral player in the DNC Hacks and also introduced the Awan brothers to Congress. Is there a connection? Maybe, maybe not. It is not that far fetched, this has happened before, see the Silverman group. Silverman associated with the CPUSA and knew Jarrett’s father, Dr. James Bowman and through three degrees of separation used by the NSA is directly connected to Valerie Jerrett.
>Captain Joseph R. John (Navy-Ret.) has stated that he believes the Muslim Brotherhood “fifth column” has “infiltrated U.S. Government,” and if he is correct, the Awan brothers could very well be a part of this infiltration
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It's something the US government funds 3% of. The rest is funded by corporations. This is another case of much ado about nothing, democrat faggotry.

People are charitable for about two weeks after an "incident" like this occurs. The American attention span is not remarkably long. IIRC Haiti received so much help that they had extreme difficulty sorting everything for the first few weeks, leaving things out to rot or soak, get rained on and stolen, and then after that the "charitable people" mysteriously disappeared. Did more harm than good, I imagine.
Americans donate out of guilt or pity most of the time.

she ate like shit and never was a decent enough people to get people to love her through hard times

Agreed. Their generation depleted all the resources and left us nothing.

Fuck the elders.

niggers are garbage

Obese people should be killed, so I have no problem with it.

She had a stroke because she is a fatasses who smokes two packs a day and whose diet consists of velveta artificial cheese and mountain dew. She is subhuman and should be burned to generate power.


Ok bashir

Meals on wheels is a private charity. Donating to charities is not a fundamental function of government.

All that proves is that people don't actually give a shit about Meals for Wheels, thus all this outrage is phony virtue signalling and Meals for Wheels is not worthy of operation according to the people.

But that's not the case. We already see 84% of its budget is private donation. By every measure Americans are among the most charitable people on the planet. If our charities can't operate with that then that's the fault of the charity, not the people.

>hi fellow Ylumpf voters
>does anyone else regret voting for Plumpf :V
>I just wanted a klansman in the White House, but now Grumpf is cutting my benefits :O
>I can't believe we let this guy get the nuclear codes
get some new material F A M

also, sage. This is a shill thread

To be honest poor whites are disgusting and should be replaced by any one who is willing to actually work.

WTF?! I hate Trump now! someone get this poor a burger , stat!

>Two Deaths per Year to Islamic Jihadists
>after 9/11

>The cut was only 3% of the MoW budget
>MoW isn't going anywhere
>it probably got that money back through donations by now
>That Trump voter still gets their meals
>Sweden is the rape capital of the world

wow it's like nothing changed except the US gets to save some money