Let's have another Sup Forumsitical literature thread

Let's have another Sup Forumsitical literature thread.

I want to get into reading more as I honestly think tv and media is beginning to rot my brain.

So far I've read 1984, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and I'm about to read the wealth of nations.

Anyways contribute as I dump my photos.

Looking for any recomendations on business, nature of man, or generally books focused on empowering ones interaction with other people.

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Oh first quints


Any recommendations on economic literature?

I'm abput to be in my 2pm class so I'll be dark for an hour.

Start reading Sup Forums

I think the one i posted here has some.


Redwall series.
>kids series not but not really
>Christian undertones
>food porn
>characters drink and often get drunk
>violent as fuck at some points
And Jaques took the rights to his gave, so Hollywood can never ruin it


No Hayek?

I think i want to read the art of war but I'm not motivated

Rich Dad Poor Dad is absolute shit

Read The Millionaire Next Door or Your Money Or Your Life

What's your genuine opinion on Mein Kampf?

I'm not aware of him
Thanks I'll take that heavily into suggestion.

This is my last photo


Check him out on youtube

If you're talking about libertarianism you should know about him

Haven't read it

Alright I'll be back in an hour. Keep this alive

I know, was just asking for fun.


Wasn't there a cartoon about it in the mid 2000s?

Storm of Steel is fucking genius, Ernst J√ľnger was pretty based before he turned left

F.A. Hayek is a pretty big name in libertarian thought. Up there with Friedman.

Based, much appreciated.

Should I wait to learn and read it in German or is the English (or God forbid, Spanish) translation good enough?

>Meine Deutsch is keine gut


Read it in english first and if you really like it read it in german again

Is the King Jame's Bible a meme or is it the superior english translation?

And if someone knows What is the best Spanish translation of the bible

Thanks, I will read it after I finish with Heinz Knoke's diary (Is a Spanish translation that is not falling apart thanks to soma tape that looks older than me, but the smell is just amazing)

Read this along with Maistre

are you ready for this red pill annon?

For a basic understanding of political philosophy read in this order:
> Republic by Plato
> Politics by Aristotle
> The Prince by Machiavelli
> Leviathan by Hobbs
> 2nd Treatise on Government by Locke
> Communist Manifesto by Marx

KJV is the real deal, other versions are just PC gay translations



I need to know the deal about the Communist Manifiesto

I have heard some people saying that it is garbage and that it only serves as a "know thy enemy" while others say that it does make some very valid points against capitalism

For those who have read it, Which group is correct?


I've got Phyllis Schlafly's Who Killed the American Family? and (((Daniel Horowitz)))'s Stolen Sovereignty. If anyone is interested, tell me and I'll upload them.

It seems stupid to us reactionaries, but it has had such a large influence upon the world that it is a must read, especially considering it is only 30 pages or so.

I'd say both points are valid. The critique is good but the solution is horseshit.

Both, Marx accurately points a lot of flaws with marriage (the fact that people are motivated by their economic interests which makes them selfish in a relationship) and the fact people are tribalistic in nature (he called for the return to the primitive state). His critiques are accurate but he provided no real solutions

This is the official Sup Forums reading list

Now THIS is shitposting

I loved these books when I was a kid!

>MAGA Mindset
lol wut

I'm about a third of the way for my legionnaires and it's insanity. What in the mega is less insane?

Pic makes my blood boil desu

If you read Wealth of Nations, you should also read The Theory of Moral Sentiments. Then research "das Adam Smith Problem" and decide if it's true or not.

now that's cucked


8khan polbook collection

>including Zarathustra in with all that tripe
That's offensive desu

Thx m8

Read this not mein kamph

Memes aside, all of them are good

Why is White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell never on these (((lists)))?

The Commander is not that well known

Here if you have time to watch

No problems, bud!


This book is fantastic. I don't know of any other work that sums up the all most important topics in one single book like this does.

If you have one normie willing to read only one single book about our beliefs, I'd recommend him this one.

The other day I found myself in that situation with one dood, but he doesn't know english, and when I tried to find one book like this one, that sums it all up, in spanish, I found that such a book doesn't exist in the language.

How's that book?

I haven't read it, you tell me

Damn, looks pretty good


Alright back from class. Any reccomendations that's more focused on masculinity or maybe being succesful in business?