Pro trump

>pro trump
> running against midget Hillary and Jon cucksoff
>supports the wall
>supports Muslim ban
> tech executive
Is he /ourguy/ for Georgia''s 6th district?

I'll give you a bump

What's up Georgianons?

Kennesaw reporting

Rare awoo

Here are the cuck tier opponents.

Have another, friendo

Probs gonna end up moving to kennesaw for my job, how is it?

Dunhoody/Sandy "Irish" Spring in the house. Sup my fellow southern. Also Fuck Deal.

Sure, bring him here, couldn't do worse than the shitshow going on right now

Breddy gud. I moved here for work too. I'm originally from north Georgia so it's definitely busier/city like compared to where I grew up.
Not far from Atlanta or anything else you'd ever need, so that's a plus.
Lots of darkies but hey, that's the south for you.

What's his name?

Bob Gray

Mountains? My life goal is to own a cabin up there

Seriously fuck deal, also, Milton/alpharetta reporting

My brother lives out in sandy springs.

How you anons enjoying this weather? 30 degrees a few days ago and now it's 80 out.

Is he gonna give us ballons if we elect him?

>Will they float?

Pretty sure he's gonna shit on Paul Ryan if he gets to congress, trump caucus when?

Going to be 56 on Thursday my DAY OFF REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Today is great, went to the pool.

Bumb for the burger

Yeah I was born in hiawassee and have been slowly getting closer to Atlanta ever since.
My life goal is to make it back one day. I definitely like it better up there.

Minimal blacks. It's great. Some schools are starting to get worse with them, I know Harrison was great when I went 10 years ago, but now it is know for Heroin.

Worst part about kennesaw is that it's pretty much a 30-45m drive to anywhere because of the distance to 75, but I suppose that's what you take for having a good area

I love hot weather so i cant wait for more of that shit.

Yeah all in all Kennesaw is a pretty good area.

What's up Ga bros? I'm graduating from UGA this semester and having to move to atl for a job really soon.
I'm looking around the sandy springs area as my job is norhwesternish atlanta.
Any advice would be awesome as I'm from rural georgia and never been around atlanta.

Whatever you do dont live in atlanta if you can avoid it. Regardless your commute is going to be shit since you have to go into atlanta. Dont live on the south side unless you like niggers. You just want your dick right outside of the Perimiter and close enough to fuck atlanta.

What's up buddy?

Depending on your budget you should be able to find a nice enough area in Sandy springs.
Again, lots of darkies, but apart from having to look at them you shouldn't be forced to interact with them too often.

Hah, that sounds like some good advice. I'm trying to get the smallest possible commute desu.

Okay, cool, I'll definitely keep looking there. Do you know if Sandy Springs gets fiber internet? I've heard some places in atlanta do but not sure where outside of one apartment complex I found that's like 1300+ a month.

I'm in smyrna, like the area for the most part. It's close to everything. Who knows how bad traffic will be with the braves stadium.

My rent is 990$/mo but the problem with paying enough to avoid niggers lands you with all the Indians. Cannot find an apartment that's majority white in smyrna.

Interesting. I'd like to live on smyrna because that's much closer to where I'll have to be every day. The problem is I told a buddy I'd live with him and we have to be on opposite sides of atlanta each day. So it's next to impossible to find a place.

Not much its hot as balls today, oh tucker reporting 10 mins from that picture:) .

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