He's right, yknow

He's right, yknow.

I too would enjoy the Taco economy going to shit

Hey if he wants to destroy one of Mexico's only profitable sectors then by all means.

Do you really think I'd give a shit if they take away the frat boy's favorite Spring break location and also hurt their own tourist economy in the same move?

What is it with white supremacist wanting to cripple the Mexican economy? What the fuck is Tim's problem?


really makes you think huh

Dude. Saying certain phrases should lead to arrest, can't you not see that people are suffering from your words?

I see the light now my fellow comrade.

We must return the world to our superior brown kings who built the space pyramids and had superpowers an shiet.

Whites in FEMA camps naow!!!

They should arrest their own who try to cross over to here if they want to be taken seriously.

>Saying things I dont like
>O-officer a-arrest these e-evil people


>mfw that's actually how it works in Eurabia

Can some someone post the pic where Tim (((Wise))) and three other jews talk about exterminating the white race?

I wish America would ban White hating Jews
Wise you colossal faggot

And take away one of their largest and steadiest sources of income? Doubt it, even they know they're cucked on American money.

I also think this notion that white Mexicans don't exist is pretty retarded.

He lives in Australia

>no whites under 30
>literally takes billions a year out of the Mexican economy
>destroys thousands of businesses
>collapses the economy of coastal Mexico and several boarder towns
>hundreds of thousands of Mexican jobs lost in the first year, more spiraling out from the economic shock waves
>schools short of funding
>public infrastructure unable to be maintained
>vast resort areas full of dilapidated buildings
>children starving
>crime skyrocketing
>hundreds of thousands more now crossing the boarder illegally
What a racist asshole to wish this fate upon them.

Maybe instead he should just wish for college age people to be more polite.

Went to cancun for several springbreaks. The reason that place doesnt suck is because we spend money there.

If they want to ban one of their most profitable seasons, go ahead. It's degenerate anyway.

Sage all spam.

>jew proposes re-education camps

Being anti-white should be an offense worthy of deportation and the revocation of citizenship and a permanent ban from US soil.

Yeah, like BeanerVille is gonna cut their own throat and destroy the only viable source of income they have with Spring Break tourism.

>A bunch of white people leave their country to go to the country a bunch of people are leaving to go to the white people's country to tell the people fleeing their country to stay in their country while being in their country
White people have more stacked against them than any other race. Every example of "nigger rage" on this board is an isolated incident. Here we see a herd of white people that all look the same, and are wasting their time getting drunk in public and inciting violence. Lock them up.

Man, concidering WE memed this. I think it is out duty to meme the fratboys into somehing else.


Get the rural economy of the USA going.
Trade the beer bongs for some shrooms or peyote.

Fuck it. Get them to go on "adventure holidays" fighting ISIS.

>Man, considering WE got cucked by the Russians, we need to justify it by pretending we didn't.

>I want to ruin Mexico's economy
why would he want this? Is this a pro-Trump thing?

The corollary to that is the us should round up, arrest deport those who enter their country and commit crimes...... Hmm who could that be?

're a faggot
But they are clearly using their WhitePrivledgeâ„¢ Card

I say that all of mexico should be locked up for refusing to believe that white privilege is real! Facist Scum.

Trump doesn't want to ruin mexico economy. He just wants fair trade deals.

>TFW he is Trump policies, and he doesn't realize it

I'd like to see mass arrests of Mexican criminals here too.

Oh wait.

I say let them see how long cancun turns into a literal shithole now that the drunk americucks aren't spending their hard earned shekels in mexico

>hard earned

Your right it's all gubmint gib me dats giving to (((college))) student that will later go on to be degenerate worthless leeches to our society.

In that case yah let mexico arrest them all get raped by mexican drug cartels I think both countries would be better off.


Oh, so travel bans are cool now, Tim?

more like students who come from families that will give then money to travel with chad westmoreland to cancun so he can feel validated and continue to ask about that conenction mr.westmoreland has at jp morgan for that summer internship

>these kids funnel millions of dollars into the economy of this country
>"they support border control so arrest them"

great fucking plan
why not convince vegas to make gambling illegal too

>Haha, we did it, Ivan! We made them secure their border! They are like rat in cage now!
>Victory vodka!

You sound like a liberal faggot. Also, more niggers are going to the spring break places where they get unlimited white pussy.

> getting this triggered by normies trolling you irl.

I actually think Tim Wise should be memed to the top of the left's hierarchy. He says such a bunch of stupid shit it would only be helpful.

>fuck white people hurr durr

I love it.

Perfect. They can arrest the "Build the Wall" spring breakers. In exchange, we will arrest the "Make America Mexico Again" entirety of southern California.

I never did see this racist shitbag kike's post-election twitter meltdown. Anyone make a collage?

You sure?

This is a man who literally spends all day virtue signaling for a living. Imagine being in this state of mind.

i can't. I simply cannot. The way some people spend their existence baffles me. I feel better about smoking pot and playing video games, at least I'm not fucking bothering the world doing it

This is a symptom of thinking politics is solely concerned with people's fee-fees.

>Don't imprison or deport actual illegal alien criminals for breaking the law and subverting national soverignty
>Do imprison teenage partiers for hurting feelings