Why is she getting her own office in the west wing of the white house? isn't this nepotism?

why is she getting her own office in the west wing of the white house? isn't this nepotism?

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What would the Republican reaction be if Hillary pulled this? Remember, she's not taking a salary and won't be a government employee, thus no disclosure rules she can keep all her financial transactions private.


2) I don't give a shit. I don't care what rules that nobody even cares about get broken. The Left must be crushed. We can worry about which side of the plate the fucking salad fork goes on later.

>Oy Vey!!! Thats right user goyim!!! Make her release her taxes!!! "Release your taxes".... what a kike thing to say.... just throw us in the ovens already!!!

Trump is a mess and his kids are retards.

Nope she is being groomed to be a very powerful woman who might also control the White House one day.

Get fucked up the ass you liberal kike. I welcome it with open arms, it makes my heart warm and I see a bright future for the US. Go fucking bang pots and pans and protest student fees in Montreal you fucking kike scum

yes, apparently she's getting a security clearance too. If the shoe was on the other foot, Trumpanzees would be chimping out really hard right now. She'd better at least get sworn in.

Sounds pretty crafty. I like it. It's not like she NEEDS to be paid, really.

Another victory for Trump.

>who might also control the White House one day.
Please no. She's Leftist "Progressive" garbage.

Because she's hot you nigger

That's a good slave. Don't think, get angry and believe everything we tell you.

is bernie "heres how bernie can still win..." sanders actually jewish

Thank none other than Hillary Clinton

>A D.C. circuit court decision allowed Clinton to work on health care in her husband’s administration. Now experts say that the same decision may apply to Trump’s son-in-law.


Ivanka is literally married to a kike. All her children are shlomo's





Why isn't Barron getting a job from the White House REEEEEEEEEE

nepotism is bad unless you are jewish, and she is jewish so it's okay.

I thought Judaism was maternal.

He should be Secretary of Naps

He's running Trump Tower and doing teleconferences with world leaders.


That would be cool if Trump was establishing a monarchy and he was setting up Ivanka to be the next Empress of America

No it isn't. It's giving her an office in the White House. The office isn't inherently better than other offices for being in the White House, so it doesn't provide her any specific advantage.
Learn the fucking definition of nepotism.

who cares? what matters is how did she even end up marrying a jew? she even converted lmao

No, Donald Trump is just the boot loader for the first woman president.

>who might also control the White House one day.
May Hitlery live long enough to see that day. Madam President Trump!

Pretty impressive lack of self awareness. I can't say I'm surprised, it's what I've come to expect from the left.

she is considered to be the temporary 1st lady (tour guide) while the wonderful mother of young Barron is staying in NYC so his schooling isnt interrupted mid semester

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>it's okay if your whole family lives in the white house even if your children are niggers in their teens
>it's not okay if said family works from the white house
Doesn't make sense to me. Americans are silly.

just to follow this shit up, Michael Obama didnt do any of the shit the other 1st trannies did, obama actually closed down the tours.

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Ivanka is Israel First

Who is this semen demon?

I'm glad somebody around here has some fucking common sense.

We don't elect first ladies either.
And yet Hillary shared in every decision bill made outside of Fucking interns.
FDR'S old bag was practically running the show at the end of his presidency.

Because the real commander in chief is Kushner and Ivanka is the actual first lady. His family is his braintrust and he rarely makes an important decision without their input. Not that I would know this for a fact, but it sounds good.

Why were those nog kids of Obumma allowed to sleep inside the white house? Isn't that nepotism?


Trump is probably just keeping someone more presentable as first lady. You never know when tolerant left comes screaming about his wife's past during tour.

Her function is to perform the domestic duties usually attributed to the first lady.
It's basically being a soothing presence, lubricating the President's day-to-day social and diplomatic interactions. She also helps him release some stress.

How exactly does one get dick while living at the white house as a married woman? The secret service always pussy blocking you. when you’re trying to run game on some foreign prime ministers son the news media catches you smiling at him and immediately blows shit out if proportion speculating that you are somehow breaking international law with your awkward flirting, so you have to testify before congress that you didn’t give away any top secret documents to him and are made to admit live on C-SPAN that you’ve never even kissed a man. Then you get blue pussy from some hot conservative guy winking at you and flashing his dick and making sexy faces and blow job motions to you while you were going through some airport or public event, and when you passed by and shook his hand he leans in whispering he is going to beat his meat thinking about you tonight and how much she wants to eat your pussy, just to fuck with you. Then you try to look up some porn when you get home just to relieve the tension but you just know the CIA is monitoring and 3 other govornment agencies are watching you stick fingers up your vagina.

She's not even hot.

> talks about nepotism
> supports Hillary

Choose one.

Remember when Valerie Jarret ran the white house for 8 years and then moved into Obama's house?

>converting so judaism or islam
What a cuck, I thought she was empowered and independent woman who needs no man for keeping her last name.

>he is grooming her
o-oh okey then

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Not very far from Trump then.

He's in charge of cyber security.

>calls user gay
>posts shirtless man
I hope this is some kind of attempt at irony.

Holy shit Sup Forums BTFO

In other news, Chelsea Clinton is being groomed by the Dems to run for US Congress in NY's 17th district.

I don't get it either. She's not a government employee why is she getting clearance to classified information?


>Trump dictatorship
>Trump dynasty
Trump is building a wall to keep burgers in.

Yes, he is grooming her. The word has multiple definitions dependent on context.
I did kek though.

She's simply having the powers of first lady delegated to herself. This has happened with first daughters before in the past. Libs are trying to make a big deal out of nothing again.

We've gone well past the rule of law under the Trump mafia crime family.

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I remember my friends mom in middle school was a 10/10 milf. Her used panties smelt like heaven

In house dick sucker. Donald trained her from a young age and he will be damned if that jew son in law is going to reap the rewards.

If she's incompetent it's nepotism. If she does her job well and is qualified then it's totally fine.

she is using the first ladys office since ivanka doesnt want it.

is having a first lady nepotism in the first place? whats the difference between a wife getting a free job and a daughter, canadian?

Imagine the number of doujins if she runs for President

Yeah, dems lost the presidency, house, and senate, so they're desperately trying to claw their way back into the government.
I have no doubt she'll get in because she's related to Hillary and because liberals are stupid enough to think that makes her a good person.

Difference is huge he needs as many people he can trust close to him. Maybe in the future things will change as it is now our guy need as many real allies possible.

bretty good point user


WHLeakerFag here,

It's because she's been threatened by the Russian government. Trump will cooperate with the FBI so long as his family is safe. (oddly enough he only asked for her to be under close surveillance, it's unclear if she was threatened specifically or if his entire family was threatened, but he feels her life is in danger)

Trump is thinking about coming clean, he is struggling with tarnishing his image over the kompromat (Prostitutes pissing on him in Obama's bed among other things)

He recently was quoted as saying, "He'd give it all back, he'd give the presidency back" This is not anything he wanted to get involved in but after the Russians heavily invested in him bailed him out of bankruptcy multiple times he has left himself at their mercy.

Yeah unlike you the bright future of America

remember when people this butthurt and incoherent used to be mocked on Sup Forums

Why is your post a contextless writing prompt? Is it because you're a paid shill?

Oh look another shill tard with the mental capacity of a 4 year old nig nog.

say it with me....

Madam president.

Cant wait till 2020 Hillary C. vs Trump I.
>slogan " I vanna trump you"
>liberals must chose hot ass vs saggy demonzerg.
> rampant suicides everywhere.
> mexicans climbing the 30 ft wall just to try and tap dat ass.
> make mexico pay for it after all.

She's hot so I don't mind


Because she will be the first female + Jewish president, lad, which means Jared Kushner will be defacto president, which means his lifelong friend Netanyahu will be God Emperor.

Bannon needs to plot against Ivanka, have her dispatched, or we lose America. Trump's Achilles heel is Ivanka. Noticed how she has really "come into her own" since December, she even looks "different" somehow---because her rabbis have convinced her this is her destiny. Greater Israel beckons. Jared nods on his cell phone, his bet paying off.

>trying to say the "every president has done it" argument is invalid
Well then where were you during those presidencies? Why weren't you rioting in the streets when Obama appointed a bunch of bankers and donors? It's clear that you don't actually care about these issues, but pretend you do for the sake of shitting on Trump. I have some legitimate issues with Trump, but I never even have the opportunity to vocalize them because I'm busy defending him in conversation against bullshit claims.

>Being so caught up in your politics that you don't even believe facts

Same reason Valerie Jarrett did.

Was it nepotism when Michelle Obama did it?
Was it when Hillary, barb Bush, or nancy Regan did it?
Is she getting a salary?
If his wife had no interest in performing the social position of the first lady, what is the issue with someone else doing it? Admitted, it's different, but someone needs to unfuck what Michael Obama did.

But Hillary have done it. She had an office at the white house as well when Bill was pres.

Dear god...

The First Lady usually gets an office to dick around in. It doesn't mean anything. It's like a nursery, place to dump her so she don't get in the way.

>Nope she is being groomed to be a very powerful woman who might also control the White House one day.

I'm surprised more people don't realize this. Ivanka is his prodigy. It's very, very obvious that's he's grooming her like an apprentice to be an insanely powerful president.

Everyone forgets that Trump is obsessed with ambition. He doesn't just want to be president, he doesn't just want two turns, he wants be playing this fucking game as long as he can. You watch, after she wins he is going to be by her side every fucking day while she runs this country.

Clinton's daughter has a sub 90 IQ so it's not the same

I'll take a different crew of corrupt people to displace the established crew of corrupt people so they can fight amongst themselves and expose each other.

Think about it: you got two bad dudes. Let them fight each other and both lose. Then we win. Trump exposes Clinton/ Obama corruption. Clinton/ Obama exposes Trump corruption. They all take each other out. Corruption is defeated. You let the Clinton/ Obama mobsters retain power for 16 straight years, all kinds of corruption will be allowed to proceed unfettered.

No. Because it never happened. Sup Forums is right wing and right wing opinions aren't always queationed. It's a problem we need to fix.
Insulting people (especially liberals) is another thing that's always been a part of Sup Forums and I think that should never go away.

I'm not a fan of plastic surgery but considering her upbringing and being a rich american this is for the most part pretty modest


Great argument you have there.

"I want all the social status of being the First Lady without actually having to do any of the work that comes with such status."
>Michelle logic

and also celebrated

just like now
so fuck off Ahmed

Ivanka 2024

Well Barack Gave hundreds of Jews upwards of half a trillion dollars to play with and dared call it a stimulus package, so what was that, "I scratch your back, you give me a shekel?"

>Maybe in the future things will change
spoiler alert he dies in prison

>mfw first female president is Republican

>mfw Ivanka will be first female president
imagine the feminists

Feminists already despise her for not being a pink-haired land whale.

Incest. I am pretty sure he is on her.