If you had only three questions to ask a femanon, which would they be?

Keep in mind, Sup Forums, im trying to bang this cunt.

A-asking for a friend.

Shameless self-bump


Why is female stool so huge because they only defacate 3 days at a time?

user, I want to give her the D. That's a turnoff.

What are you doing for dinner?

Where is my beer?

What are you gonna cook tomorrow?

Whats jayden up to these days? Is she retired? I have been into amateur porn for a couple years now. Jayden was one of my favorites back in 2010 or so.

Your thread is shit, but if you answer my question about her, I might answer your thread.

Please stop wasting digits, leaf. Thanks!

No u

Canada v Germany confirmed for next war.

1. Do you want to have kids
2. What are your interests
3. Are you religious

1 has to be yes or your relationship will go nowhere like most relationships do

2 looks for red flags like the "traveling" meme or a general lack of interests, which would indicate she wastes most of her time on social media

3 I didn't really need but might as well know where she stands. Most girls are pretty loose with it or vaguely Christian so it shouldn't be a problem, but again, looking for red flags

My god. Please make it happen, kek. Its our only chance to simultaneously rid the world of Merkel and Trudeau.

Thanks burger. You sound like you know your shit.

>which would they be?
Do you like black dick?
How much do you like black dick?
Will you suck black dick with me?

Kek wills it, knock it off, leafs.

May kek start it ASAP. I'd join the army just to rake leafs.

>checks flag
Projecting much, faggot?

I was expecting a leaf.

Does size matter?
how many guys have you fucked?
Would you drink a litre of nigger cum for 5k $?

you damn hypocrite

Is it a pain in the ass dealing with bras?
Do you actually care about "Womens issues" in politics or do you see them as bait?
Are candles a turn on? This has to be a myth

Then again I'm trying to get married, you're trying to get laid. You're better off asking some dumb floozy shit like "what's your perfect date?" Or "If you could travel anywhere where would it be?"

I've played the question game more than a few times and that's what they always ask me, and remember, girls say what they want to hear. They aren't thinking about you, they think about themselves.

What, why and furthermore why.
Wurstneger, bitte.

>They aren't thinking about you, they think about themselves.
This is so true, user. Females are fucking egoistic creatures that we are forced to mate with. It is so hard for me though, because my ego is bigger than 3 solar masses.

Please stop this fucking forced meme.

give me one reason why i would even talk to a femanon