Be a rural and suburban retard

>Be a rural and suburban retard
>Companies won't install cables in my neighborhood for ??? reasons
>only internet available is shitty DSL that maxes out at 10 Mbps if I am lucky
>cost $43 a month the first year, now costs $78 a month after the "promotions dropped", won't budge on price even after threatening to cancel because they know they are the only company in the area
>Friend a few miles away gets 50 Mbps cable internet for $50 a month.

Cable and internet companies were a mistake. I am not in the middle of nowhere, major shopping is like 10 minutes away and the city is 15-20 minutes away. My house was built in 2011 and is surrounded by houses built in the 90s-early 2000s, it isn't a brand new development.

Does the rest of the world really have much better internet access? They even put data caps on plans unless you pay extra every month. Fuck them, greedy shitbags.

>10 mbps

I get 6 for $35 a month. It's enough to stream and enough to outpost you any day of the week. Best part is that I don't live near any niggers.

Stay mad.

>my rural community just got access to 1gbps

Thats a reasonable price for what you're getting. They want to charge me nearly $100 a month for this bullshit.

I mean it isn't 56k, but I can barely do work from home, my charting program gets bogged the fuck down if even one device is using the internet. Streaming likes to shit out half the time. Its worth $35, not $78.

most other nations have faster internet because they're smaller than us.
the US is a huge nation spanning from Atlantic to Pacific. Of course we'd have issues with high-speed internet.

Same shit in here man, I live in a rural area and I can either choice 3mbps for 50 bucks a month, or 20mbs but limited to 50GB data a mont, for 60 dollos.

Meanwhile, 7 miles away from me they've got access to 100mbps, 5ms in videogames for only 30 bucks!! What in the fuck.

>judging the whole US by your shitty connection
I get more than 110 Mbps down, do you use wired Internet?

No, I will say this. Leafs have really, really shit internet.

Whats the problem? If you aren't like 80 miles away from civilization, just dig some fucking cables. The people will buy it and love it.

Thinking I am going to have to get a petition going in my neighborhood to convice suddenshit to service us.

25 BAM (12€) for a 6MBps down in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It's over a fucking landline.

No shit other people have better internet, there is 100Mbps internet available a few minutes away.

It is DSL because theres no cables here. They won't install them here.

And this is why I support net neutrality and completely reject free market concerns for the internet.

At least you aren't rural enough to deal with satellite internet. Almost a hundred a month for a glorified 3g connection capped at 15GB a month that dies in light rain or cloudy weather and quadruple digit ping.

Fuck you, if litterally enslaving the CEO of comcast and shoving a pineapple up his ass can at least get me unlimited downloads and uploads at at least the speed sufficient for 1080p streaming and at low latency for less than 50 bucks a month then to hell with the NAP.

6MB is pretty good. I Don't even get up to 1MB.

Get 350 Mbps and I live in the suburbs. ~$60 a month.

100 up and download for 20euros here

100 Mbps - 9.99 Jewros
300 Mbps - 13.90 Jewros
1 Gbps - 19.90 Jewros

No data caps , no hassle , i guess one of the better thing about my country

You got fucked either way no matter which candidate you picked though.

Net Neutrality actually had a lot of proper points, And as much as people scream "the free market will fix this!" it wont at this current moment. The majority of the U.S internet and communications infrastructure are currently handled between 2-3 different companies that basically divide it equally. They pretty much run a modern day monopoly and someone needs to call them out of there shit for this.

That being said, I voted the lesser of two evils. Trump killed the TPP not even a few days after his inauguration and as much as Mccain wants to complain about "Market control in Asia." That shit was pretty much designed to crucify any concept of individuals rights within the wired world.

I'm in farmland middle of nowhere PA and have 20mbps for about $40 a month.

I used to live in a New Zealand city and got fucking sub-1mbps for $60 NZD, which is about the same price in USD. If I wanted to watch a YouTube video I would need to open it and leave the tab open for at least 10 minutes to load while doing something else

Do you guys finally have unlimited data cap ?
Felt really cucked when I was living in Canada

100 Mb ~$10

Try some australian Internet and then see if you still want to bitch and moan about your own.

Jesus christ, thats awesome.100Mbps offered by ONE company will cost over $100 here. Even more if you rent their modem. Our ISPs are the true jews

I have heard it sucks there. Why is that? Because its so isolated from everyone else?

Living in commieblocks at least has this advantage that every company has wires running through and installation takes like half an hour. There is such intense competition that I'm getting unlimited data at 16 Mbps for $20 per month.

>TFW i get 200 mbps DL and 100 UL for 500 rubles a month, meaning ~8 bucks. Cant fap much though, fuckers in goverment think they can block whatever website they want :/

Lol fag, my download speed is 450kb a second and we pay for 2

Lack of investment, one government scrapping the previous ones plans, half upgrading infrastructure. Mostly just politicians and businessman doing their thing.

Where I live they have had the infrastructure installed for years and just do not have it activated for whatever reason. I'm stuck with mobile hotspot shit with throttling after 16GB.

>unlimited data at 16 Mbps for $20 per month.
That's horribly overpriced.
Xfinity, 150mbps download, 15mbps upload, unlimited data, free hotspot. Around 40 bucks.
I have zero problems with internet, no idea what OPs article is talking about.

Spectrum is also a piece of shit ISP. They promise speeds of 50MB but I'm lucky to get 20 in the same room as the router. And it always slows down to 10MB just when Tucker's coming on. They don't have an internet only plan and the cheapest bundle is $140 a month. The worst thing is the non tech savvy folks around here don't realize how hard they're getting gypped.

Well USA is kinda fucker when it comes to internet , its basically government granted monopoly with gentlemen agreement not to compete . Our national telecom got privatized back in the day but they had to compete because there were shit ton of small company's breaking in to the market . Also big telecom wanted to get in to IP TV business so they had to upscale fiber

Why doesn't someone take the market here and create a cheap and reliable high-speed fiber network?

Comcast and Centurycuck have a monopoly here in utah. Any competitor would BTFO them instantly.

because it takes a fuckton of money to pay off the govt to get the right to do so

or something along those lines

>land of the free

lel, you could get better speed and pricing in the suburbs of Novosibirsk than what americlaps.
I mean romania has better internet than most americans.
Clearly there is some shady monopoly going on in the US.

I get 200 mbps at peak speed.

You probably aren't a rural or suburban retard? I have never seen prices like that.

> Not living in New Zealand
> Not having 1000kbps
Kill me

I pay US$300 per month for 50GB of unreliable data. Plz stop complaining you over fed sperg.

I think when you install cables no other companies can use them. I could be wrong though, I have no idea how the monopolies work here.

Are there wild guinea pigs where you live?

>be me
>living in outskirts of city
>getting 150mbps
>paying 20€ per month for first 2 years
>then 25€

Are there united states where you live?

oil money tho, otherwise i feel sad for u

>Does the rest of the world really have much better internet access?

Let me put it this way:

My 4G is faster and cheaper than your land line, and it has no data cap or throttling.

I get 0.38mbps here. Wish I had your problems

Sweeeet. I bet all your porn loads and streams fast as shit.

Don't you get 4g where you live?

Assuming the current monopolies aren't dumb they will drop their prices to next to nothing in any area a competitor enters.
And therefore bankrupting the newcomer after which they can raise their prices again.

>rest of the world

>the world is only europe north america and japan

Fuck off

Except this has been proven wrong.

It's like this in 1/3 of the nation.

Fuck off

Finally someone knows my pain

We've already had someone from Papua New Guinea reply.

For 89 dollars we can get 1000/1000 Mbit.

antartica too, doesn´t mean that they have faster interne than americans

Fuck you i got 2mb/s and this is SHIIIIIT

>tfw you're happy and thanking God getting anything over 282Kbps.


worst feel

i would be happy to have that

Phone internet @ 1635 o' cock

Unless there's some other option I don't know about this is as good as it gets here. Which ain't shit because I can barely do any streaming, mainly just youtube and nothing else. Latency is fucking stupid because satellite. It was .30 a few days ago.

Internet included in rent 0 € / month
fuck capitalism

Ha ha cucks...

I get 211 megabits download from Comcast with Triple play package.

through vpn

Oh I voted Trump too, don't get me wrong. He isn't perfect and arguably compromised even if not personally corrupted (I did not, do not, and will never trust Pence, I think he is sabotaging Trump behind the scenes, the leave of Flynn was a severe red flag and Spicers upside down flag was no accident, Trump will be impeached due to his "mingled" assets with a dash of Muh Russians [but only first stage accusation, never 2/3rds conviction])

But Hillary Clinton?

The election was a blood transfusion from either a homosexual with unconfirmed testing or a bag of 100 percent garunteed AIDS.

Everybody says american internet is fastest though...

I think this is fake news

>finland publishing his IP on Sup Forums lel

come at me bro

$49.99/mo. South of Phoenix, AZ.

How much is your rent/how big is your apartment/where do you live

>all these faggots crying about 10Mb connections
I get 350Kb on a good day, and I am throttled to basically nothing every night from 6pm-4am. It gets the job done.
You need to get over yourselves.

Select areas of America have the fastest internet.

The median speeds however are like a third of what fucking Latvia gets.

What provider?

>The median speed

Is that the median over population? Or median over landmass?

370 €/month, student housing, Tampere

which ISP?

>tfw I have 5 mpbs and consider it to be pretty good
I can't imagine what's it's like to have a internet speed over 5 mpbs.

least you're not in canada. we pretty much pay the most worldwide for internet, as well as cellphone service. not to mention 2-3 companies own 90+ percent of the market/infrastructure.

In the cities it's not so bad. I pay 101 a month for 120mbps down/15 up/unlimited bw

phone, i pay 110 for 6gb lte+ plus all the toher useless shit no one ever needs/uses

So if that company wasn't in business you would have no internet.

Honestly I have never had issues with internet. There have always been at least 3 different cable companies in my area, and the prices and speeds have been pretty good. And for the most part I have lived in small towns.

Chances are that your local government has banned most cable providers or made it hard to lay down new cables. That is usually the problem with cable companies in the US.

>my asshole is now gaped enough that I can barely notice the assfucking

Your service was inexcusable over a decade ago. That internet isn't even worth money.

Per household with an internet connection, excluding households with no internet.

Stay mad

Cox, business plan, pay 1 year at a time, $600 a year. I supposedly get 300mbit down/ 120mbit up but rarely see that except in the middle of the night, also I get higher speeds on my PC but I'm phoneposting right now.

Major cities in the US still have shitty internet. The East Coast megalopolis has marginally better internet than flyover country.

ahh, good old full blown capitalism.

20 eur and 1gbps up down here

just move.

>Government forces private company to install fibre across a certain percentage of households by certain date or get fined
>Private company deploys fibre to >90% households
>Has to let other companies use their infrastructure for competition.

Socialism works if you take the best bits and implement it alongside capitalism.

Sorry americucks

90 za 100/50 preko elte u bl

Huntsville AL?

I do alright, I guess

it´s sad that you all don´t have proper communities

because that way your whole community could go on threatening and for all it matters it could offer to pay for the cables

i know it´s not optimal but if you live with a monopoly you don´t have many choices

>Chances are that your local government has banned most cable providers or made it hard to lay down new cables
I have heard this before but why? What is the fucking point?

>he fell for the Net Neutrality meme

it doesn't even address the biggest issue which is cable infrastructure and the monopoly that the corporations have over them.

Meanwhile I'm here like...

It costs money to lay cables. The first company to lay cables, can always charge next to nothing to bankrupt a competitor entering a local market. The only companies that can afford to compete are the large telcos like Verizon, Comcast, TWC, etc. Even Google gave up on laying fiber as they realize that it's just too expensive to fight the local governments who are getting paid off by their monopolist. That's why they switched to the wireless internet market.

>I pay $80/mo for this
>there's even a data cap
fuck comcast

>live in rural town of 3,000 people
>30-40,000 in the whole county
>pay $75 dollars a month for 8mbps internet
>suddenly one provider in the area stepped it's shit up
>$30 for a 60mbps connection

life is good

I pay $60/mom for Max download speed of 28MB. Im supposed to get Max of 300mb.

"just move" isn't an answer. This is said in every one of these fucking threads. You people act like it is just some easy not a big deal thing to pack up and find a new place to live. There is no good reason why there is good internet in one rural area and shit internet in another.

Had access to Fios in the D.C Area. 130/130 for $50. Charleston is comcast, not quite as comfy but still 50/25 or something for $50. They are rolling out 1Gbps here though.

suk 2 be u

>Jewgle Fiber
suk 2 be datamine
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