What did she mean by this?

What did she mean by this?

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don't even know who that is

That she loves BBC but on the down low wants her daughter to look like her

shes saving the white race while pol does nothing

That explains why her pussy looks so beat up and loose

why isn't the girl black? i thought sperm stays inside women and changes their offspring?

She's not even white.

wait..is that her?


>making a baby with a degenerate whore


disgusting fucking coal burner kill yourselves

he's a porn star as well so it evens out

It's obviously another symbol of white racism. Stop triggering me pol!

Damn, that kid was fucked before it even got it's first breath.

holy fuck...

but he looks degenerate too, so it checks out.
poor kid tho

that (((nose)))

Why didn't she make preggos porn? :/

he's also a pornstar

i wonder what the daughter will be.

sexually abused by jewish porn producers her entire life.

Imagine being that kid and coming out of the womb. Imagine all the dried up nigger cum that kid had to touch while being pushed out of her pussy.

probably really smart but unable to go anywhere in life because she wasn't taught proper values

she never did any scenes with niggers

so she went

asian > white > black

is is natural progression?




There is no hope for you.

They cum in her face and tits user

Will be abused by her parents and molested by their friends, when she'll hit 15 nigger friends of her mom will come and touch her while her mom will get fucked on couch in the next toom, at the age of 17 she'll get fuck by nigger 10 years older then her and at the age of 18 she'll do her 1st porn scene.

>his tattoos
>fucking degenerate scum

that is one high res dong

>having white children
How do we defeat this racism Sup Forums??

thats considered white in murica, the land of the racemixers

>says the country that's about to elect a living, breathing a. wyatt mann caricature


What was her name again?

>having pics like this saved on your computer

She looks ok.

>Hanz posting scat porn
Big surprise.

I thought she killed her kid through negligence or was that some other porn whore?

I've got an interracial/kekold folder desu

not making it better

>I've got an interracial/kekold folder desu


I think it was one called peri piper or something.

That's considered white in your country too, don't delude yourself alpinised subhuman.


Elsa "reparations now, reparations forever" Jean

you would, Germany

you would

She's also a Trump supporter and got into a shit flinging contest with SJWs on Twitter during the inaug. after she posted this.

white percentage
suck somali dick better sweden

She's from Ohio. I wonder if Lily Rayder is a Sturmtrumppen too
Not even a porncuck

wo hastn die zahl her lol 91%

You know things are fucked up when i was a kid i told my dad i wanted to be a pornstar. Thank kikebergs for creating porn. Even Prostitutes are better then pornstars.

sind aber ehrlich gesagt etwas veraltet, aber das wissen affenficker ja nicht

Why do pornstars have kids? It's the worst job a parent could have.

You are retarted. I would love to get pregnant like a woman and then be entitled to take care of the child for years to come.

Women are fucking morons for not realizing what they had was fucking awesome.

That's Perry pipper the bitch who went partying right after her kids funeral

What great fucking role models for parents that kid has. Imagine in a few years that kid will wake up one night from a bad dream and walk in on mommy and daddy having a cuckold session. Give that kid to nuns at least.


jetzt schon

Alpha fuxs beta bux?

So shes just like all the other tradcon women who love BBC than. Figures...

Honestly feel bad for the kid. Life is gonna be hell for him growing up if he goes to public school.