Commies gtfo

commies gtfo

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i don't get your picture

.3in=less than 1cm

mark --> marks --> marx


yes, and?

poe's law hit me hard just now. Do you rly not get it?

yes- just tell me I'm having a long as day

Is it because she doesn't understand it also has metric units?

But what does that have to do with communism?

No one gets your joke Geralt, might as well explain it fully

well originally, i thought the joke was he measured his dick and it was only .3 inches
now i'm thinking it's "only communists use the metric system, real americans use inches"

you were right 1st time


>(ID: lS1Sh8x3)

get out dumb CIA nigger

That's probably because you're a communist.

wow, nice "joke" dumbass

if it needs to be explained it isnt a joke

yes! what the fuck does it mean!?

Jesus christ guys, Communist Manifesto is 0.3 inches thick
Neck yourselves

I've been thinking of making custom novelty rulers for measuring your dick in front of a girl:

1) a ruler with no numbers on it, just the words "BIG" and "small on opposite ends.
2) A ruler which skips a number or two
3) A ruler where the distance between the numbers is shorter than it should be.

This sad attempt at humor.

Poles really are only good as British toilet cleaners.

He will not be forgotten!

so why the communist flag?

terrible, terrible joke Michal.

Its pretty clear

>polish intelectuals

Every US ruler has inches and centimeters

.3 isnt even a plausible dick size and having a small dick isnt normally connected to communism

No, I don't get it either. Is it communist related? Did he put the ruler in his ass or something? Did he measure his dick with it?

Whew, for a second I thought I was the retarded one here. Your joke fucking sucks you stupid faggot OP.

Im disgusted

i'm sure that'll sell great at Jeff Foxworthy's flannel themed amusement park

Are you german

Jesus fucking christ

0.3 * 2.54 cm = 7.62 mm