Why have cities turned into Cancer?

Why have cities turned into Cancer?

cities have always been a cancer. Ancient Rome was big shit hole

You can't even own a gun in the city, dude. Why in the fuck would any sane person want to live in the city?

Sure, it may be fun to go to the city for a while, but the country is where it's at. Cheaper land, less cops around, you can essentially do whatever you want when you're outside the city.

Not sure about Europe but in the States we have HUD and Section 8 housing, a federal program wherein the taxpayer is robbed so that unemployed niggers can live in free luxury condos in the exact middle of every single city.

Cities are inherently filled with high-income earners, who in turn are more highly educated than the general population. This is why there is much more progressive and intelligent thinking in large cities, with cutting edge tech jobs and centers of higher education, than there is on Billy Joe Bob's pig farm in rural Louisiana. It's not a meme to say that educated people, AKA city dwellers, are smarter and more accepting of different viewpoints. It literally is educated city dwellers versus backwoods rural idiot plumbers and farmers.

Because niggers

Was this by any chance next to the Canadian embassy and national gallery

So I gather only rural and suburban retards voted for Trump then ?

cities come with anonymity, which promotes sexual deviance because no shame if no one knows you.

how much food you grow in your city? they can live without you, you can't live without them.

The people there also have more to gain through government services than rural/suburban people, but you're probably too autistic to consider how a person's experience with government (or lack of it) might play a factor in their views.

jews is the answer friend!

live in a box
work in a box
wonder why people in cities are soulless

It's obviously in Australia

Is that the icon of slaanesh?

>muh food meme
I'd love to see the day Randy on his corn farm refuses to sell to city people. You are weapons-grade stupid if you think your MUH CASH CROPS meme will ever come true.

Get out of highschool next time you try to post, retard. Hiding your posts from here on out because I dont talk to sub-90 iq people.

The fuck does that even mean? Rural folks need the government much more than city people, via subsidies, grants and block spending. My fees and taxes that go to the government are used to run city services that rural people pay for just the same. The only difference is my condo downtown is more expensive than your shitty house out in the sticks, which I have no problem with because again, I am more educated and more successful than you.

Hate all you want but it's not our fault you are a lower class of people.

How are you this stupid? Honestly asking.

i'm trying to find a rebuttal in here, but so far it's just shit-tier leaf faggotry.

The leaf as literally surpassed the aussies











Holy fuck leafs are retarded. Farmers have land property and grow their own food. City shills have none of the above. How exactly do farmers need city cucks more than the other way around?

A bunch of ego-centrist degenerates congregate and fellate themselves over their own self importance without ever realizing what it means to truly live. They go to bed, wake up, go to work, and come home after a long day at the office and think that's all there is to life. Meanwhile, the "Low IQ suburban rednecks" are chilling with their friends, family, talking with the neighbors, exchanging views and ideals - growing, learning... Understanding one another. But the city rat that pushes by hundreds of faceless nobodies each day never ventures so far as to share a civil "hello", unless it's to ask a favor from a servant(bank teller, cashier, waitress etc).

Liberalism has always been a cancer and the evidence is in history. Guilty of killing massive amounts of people in the name of the "greater good" - and ends that justify a means that they themselves do not fully comprehend; nor do they care to.

>not our fault you are a lower class of people.
This. Fuck the poor

>taking the chance to subvert this by covering up the trans-kin symbol with a black sticker to make it a binary pride statement.

Fucked up there faggot.

so are we all just going to ignore the crazy string of israeli shitposts?

i'm fine with that, just wnat to confirm.