Muh globalists

>muh globalists

What's wrong with globalism Sup Forums

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If you dont know yet. GET THE FUCK OUT.



there's nothing wrong with living like and indian and chinese

the world community must do a better job to ensure EVERY human has a good life

since there are so many asians and indians, we will have to reduce the consumption of every person. You can not argue against this.

also if you can't compete with janela who makes $7 a day then quite frankly you deserve nothing. sorry

So why do you oppose the UN when they fight for international human rights/set limits for corporations

Why all Krauts = Terrible?

The UN is a world government created by the Rockefeller family and run by Bilderberg associates.

Is Trump run by the reptilian NWO too?

I don't think so Jew.

>Pic is you.

How do you know though- also is Russia part of the luminarti too or is it just Jews

a one world government is inevitable for the prosperity and survival of the human race

However, we are currently not ready for it. Enacting a one world government situation before the Elite problem has been taken care of is just handing over complete control of the planet to a cult of sociopaths

Globalism isn't bad. The globalism that kikes try to push is fucked up.

The parallels in rhetoric among proponents of globalism and communism are uncanny.

In the future, gigantic crystals will govern the lands

>gib sovereignty

Globalism is just another autistic form of Communism.

Russia is not part of the one world government plan because Putin calls out America on all the crazy shit they do.

Nothing, I guess. As long as you're okay with competing for slave wages with China and Mexico. And giving up your guns. And spreading diseases and pests to parts of the world with no natural immunity/natural predators.

Was globalism in starcraft broodwar the good kind?

Would you enslave the sector for the UED if given the chance?

Your guns and computers and phones are made in China and Mexico though- are you willing to pay $2000 for a new phone

if phones were made in america the companies would have to accept a smaller profit margin, see picture

the real winner of globalism is the elite and big corporations

To be fair, I mostly oppose it because the ideals being sported by current Globalists aren't the ones I agree with, I am not like those retards who claim to be all for "ethnocentrism" then cream their pants at the thought of Germany conquering the world.

Communism advogates for a global revolution, aka revolutionary globalism, faggot

the universe is going to cave in your fucking skull for your otherworldly smug arrogance

yes, it does
and the globalism resembles communist ideology
that's not only because communism was globalist. Globalism is socialist in theory.

Seizure of individual freedoms through the democratic process in favor of a new class of bankers and pseudo capitalists who demand and buy state protection.
Furthermore, it seeks to destroy the meaning of justice and weaken the morals in order to people ask help of the state to solve their problems.
It's shit.


>hey guys, i mean, the capitalists jumped ship long ago and have been investing into third world backwaters for years to increase their profit margins
>what? western workers could do the same work or better but the issue is that capitalists don't want to lower profits?
>what do you mean relocating the mean of production to western countries would have a nullifying effect on the comparative advantages between countries? you can't honestly mean that the benefits of workers in pittsburgh producing goods could ever be equal to that of the benefits of it being sent from china
>the jobs it produces? psh, who needs good jobs when you have cheap products? why would you want to breathe life into a home economy when you can invest in other countries? it's not as if an economy has to produce anything

Service based economies are nothing but a fantasy.

Do you have any proof of this secret elite society

It isn't inevitable nor desirable. Europe was fine before EU.

WW2? Cold War?

So tell me what freedoms dont you have? What did the evil alien reptilian globalist overlords took from you?

Proof? are you blind? nigga just look around, who do you think that is promoting radicalism and instability in the middle east?
and immigrants? they are literally cheap labor, they don't want the natives to reproduce because muh profit, they want hordes of savages that are not going to complain about receveing shit jobs poorly paid
ever heard the term robber baron?

I didn't speak about secret societies. If you don't know that corporations finance the democratic process to promote their own interests, it isn't worth spending more time discussing with you.
Of course that as corporations grows, they can control larger chunks of the world and then you get to secret societies.

Guns, more taxation, inflation. You just asked the most easy question out there.

>what is EU

You mean lobbyists? We agree that is bad- how is that the entire fault of globalization