This is the """"Dutch""""" baseball team for the World Baseball Classic

>This is the """"Dutch""""" baseball team for the World Baseball Classic

Baseball isn't even a black sport, it's pretty mixed. Why is theirs so black?


Idk why they don't just have their own team

A lot of them are from Curacao.

This beat me to it.

Dutch baseball team is mostly made up of players from their Caribbean colonies (Aruba, Netherlands Antilles, Suriname). They don't actually really play baseball in Europe. The Italian team and Israel team are similar in that they're just American players with Italian or Jewish ancestry rather than native players.

Because only black people care about baseball in Europe


Garbage slide thread

Oh I actually didn't know this. I was wondering why the Netherlands team was so blacked. They actually did pretty well for a team from a country that isn't known for its baseball.

We still fucking lost tho, that stupid 11th inning rule

Yeah that shit was pretty gay, rip to you guys. Can't believe you dragged Puerto Rico into extras, they are one of the strongest teams in the tourney

We could've won if we didn't slack off on the bases in the first inning

Nobody gives a single shit about that boring game here.

Real Dutch only care about speed skating and field hockey.

what the fuck is a baseball lol

Does anybody even care about sticktennis?

Look at this sport that we love! OMG Dutch team is full of niggers! XDDDD DODD

Nobody here gives a single fuck about baseball not even when they won the world cup

When are the Indians and the pakis going to discover baseball, which is basically just better cricket

Yeah, it's also why it is called the ''Kingdom of the Netherlands National Baseball Team'', as it is the Netherlands + the Netherlands Antilles, while in other sports, the Antilles have National teams of their own. It's just how baseball is a bit different in national teams in that regard. Baseball is especially popular in Curacao.

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you're not american

They won the world cup?

Yep in 2011
Thx for proving my point

When I go back to Amsterdam and look at the baseball they play it makes me wonder how a whole country could be bad at a sport

Because black people don't really make good starting pitchers all the time. If you watched the tournament you'd see all the pitchers that toss long innings were the white Hollanders

How about that 7'1 pitcher, talked baseball player to play in America

USA vs Japan WHEN?


>the whole country

Pick one burger. Amsterdam is anything but Dutch. Germans should have bombed it

Why not ice hockey?

You're just mad /our/ niggers beat your ass a few years ago.

They don't need to bomb it cuz there so close

>Real Dutch only care about speed skating and field hockey

Lying is a sin user.

Anomaly... blacks tend to throw faster, but throw fewer strikes, they make really good relief pitchers and closers, but it's rare you'll see a nig come in and pitch a full game.
Stroman and Archer are like the only 2 decent black starters on the American team.
Being 7'1" gives one a huge advantage, because you want to be throwing "downhill" and they keep lowering the mound every couple years to make the sport more interesting, see what I mean?

And if the catcher hadn't blocked the plate on Schoop. Schoop should've slid headfirst or gone right through the catcher's ankle, but its a preseason friendly essentially, and he'd have been seen as the bad guy if he'd gone in more aggressively. If he slides headfirst tothe side of the plate he scores EASILY.

I understand what your saying, but the Dutch team isn't a very pitcher centric team, they have hitters, and a lot of em. They seem to give up runs, but score 5 more than the other team. In not really sure what happened with Japan shut out though

>cus it's so close
Was that the joke?
Cus if it is then it's really awful.
Our niggers won in a sport that you care about and we don't. Get over it

>A sport


>Why not ice hockey?

Don't know.

But we've started win at short track too.
So maybe in the future.

not really. they play football there. the islands are off the coast of Venezuela, which is another baseball country.

They lost for one, and two I am Dutch

Because the Netherlands still has colonies.

>this damage control
When will Sup Forums acknowledge that Netherlands is not even white?!

The Dutch team isn't very good, I'll just say it...I didn't expect them to get past the group stage at all, and pulling Puerto Rico to extras is more of a display of their spirit to me than their strength. Their team really leaves a lot to be desired, but Schoop will become a mild superstar within the next 4 years IMHO. Best 2nd baseman in the league right now.

Oké prima.
Ze winnen niet altijd, neemt niet weg dat ze wel een keer hebben gewonnen. Dat is meer dan ons nationaal voetbal team kam zeggen en toch krijgt honkbal amper aandacht. Dus wat is je punt?

Who are those people again? Feels like a ghost from a distant past.

Yeah, its kind of hard to win championships with just superstar infielders

Why are Europeans playing this shitty game?

Agreed, and Gregorius is only a superstar because he plays for the Yankees, he is a VERY mediocre player I think.
I almost hope Japan beats us because I almost think they stand a better chance against Puerto Rico.

My point is that the mainland (from what I personally seen) has so.e interest in baseball, they just don't know how to teach it. I understand that baseball isn't the most popular sport, but the people who are interested in it don't know what to do most of the time

Has the US ever one a WBC title?

Because more attention is spent on other sports. Which brings me back to my point nobody here gives a fuck. Surely winning the world cup would have changed something, but it didn't. No support, barely coverages, it's just nothing. Even darts gets more coverage then this.

Does darts really get more coverage?
That's hilarious

No, surprisingly not.
Japan has won twice and DR has won once.

In about 3.5 hours

Yep. Though it's getting a bit better since fox sports is here.

We actually haven't come in so much as third place.

we have a baseball team?
wew lad

That's what I thought, the US team never sends any of its ultra super stars, the Mike Trouts and Bryce Harpers

The more important question is why does the Netherlands even have a baseball team?

In the states we have coverage if Poker so I guess that makes sense

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The funny part is that baseball in Dutch is 'honkbal'

Why does Israel have one? Its just for the WBC the Dutch have players but most are playing in the US or Japan

Whitebois can't compete in real sports, that's why they stick to playing cs:go and league of legends like the limp-wristed, low-test cuckolds they are.

Niet te hard zeggen user.
Het is een gevoelige snaar voor de burgers

we have a baseball team full of niggers who won something?


thanks for the informative post, user

Hey, we speak Dutch here you know.

Ik jou van honkbal

Echt waar? Zeg eens wat dan.
Amish is trouwens Duits mocht je denken dat het Nederlands is

Is there a German team?

It's not a real sport unless Germans are good at it.

They dont, i don't know of any good German klagers either

>the Dutch have players playing in the US
Literally who?


Schoop and Gregorius are both Dutch

>that picture
right in teh feels

Nobody plays baseball outside of america


Most Hispanic countries