Le Pen

Let's meme her to the presidency

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You should meme yourself into sleeping. There's nothing in France. I'm an expert on Islamic terror, I searched in entire France for Muslims and haven't find a single one. You're wasting your time Sup Forums, Seriously get a rest

Not going to happen, but, like Geert, she is another step in the long walk to defeat the globalists
There has to be much more misery before the majority are forced to understand

>expert on Islamic terrorism

I bet you are shlomo.

>caring about france
>wanting a woman in power

Geert is another story: his party is small, not her's

The reality is we cannot meme her, France needs to. Maybe you belgians can help but us Americans mostly don't even speak French, much less know how to effectively influence them.


fuck off jew!

>ever getting uncucked

the cognitive dissonance is too strong here

why you care about muslim counties ?

Not how it works. If kek wants something, he does it. No use praying to him or using the word meme anymore. If kek wills it, it shall be done

she actually has a remotely popular party with a less extreme stance. its possible but her economic policies suck. But they're french snobs who think they're culturally superior to the world.... we'll see


Like I said, she's another step, but she won't win, the system makes that highly unlikely even if she gets the largest number of votes
But, like Geert, she is bringing forbidden knowledge to the plebs and, sooner or later, the dam will break.
I just think it will need more atrocities to red-pill the majority in Europe


>France is irrelevant
On the global stage of course it is but Marine winning means the end of the EU and the end of the EU means the end of a whole globalist, degenerate and anti-west gang.

I can't decide whether the end of the EU means globalists btfo or if it means the balkanization of Europe to, once again, be puppet states divided between the US and Russia.

Probably both. We're fucked either way. Thankyou, Israel.

Maybe so but you aren't going to channel the memetic energy of America with that being the only clause, sorry

Le pen last night:

Stop all immigration both legal and illegal

W e w

Just like you memed Gene Wilders?
Admit it, Trump won because he ran a successfull campaign and his opponent was hated by everyone, not because you spammed frog maymays.

Shekel-miner detected

There is absolutely no way we reform the EU. Corruption, cuck-thinking and globalism has planted its fangs to deep into it.

OTOH European nations facing a common threat and collectively getting their head out of their ass could be the foundation of a coalition to defend our interests, not the US interests, not the global elite ideals but our people interests.

But first EU delenda est

nigger. it was debunked so many times already.

Fuck off commie shill.
Fillon has already won in every possible time-line

exactly. Est-Europe states will be the ones to destroy the EU if Le Pen doesn't win this election




– A young Muslim is four times more likely to adhere to radical beliefs than a Christian.
– 33% of Muslim students consider it “acceptable” to “participate in violent actions for his ideas”. In other words, a third are sympathetic towards terrorism.
– 20% of Muslim students agreed with the statement that it was “acceptable to stand up for your religion with weapons”.
– 24% of those surveyed refused to fully condemn the Charlie Hebdo killings.
– 21% of those surveyed refused to fully condemn the Bataclan theater massacre during which 89 people were killed as part of the wider November 13 Paris attack that claimed 130 lives.

Left-wing newspaper Le Monde slammed the researchers for “opening Pandora’s box” by simply relating the facts of the study.

meme this

Fillon won't even pass the first round

You are right goyim, just post memes it is a valid way of campaigning.


European nations banding together to do anything is a bit of a pipe dream, I fear. I wouldn't trust Sweden to burn if I lit it on fire and there is no way in hell Finland would help us out if the Russians rolled in over the border.

So if we can't trust our neighbors, there is NO way we can even remotely trust, say, Greece to give a shit. The only country I'd give more than coin-toss odds at receiving some assistance from would be the UK but if the US says no, they'd watch us burn and laugh.

Which the US would at this rate. I think we have a century ahead of us with permanent stagnation due to tsunamigration of a permanent criminal underclass from the ME and what the burgers don't want, the Russians will eat up.

I campaigned for Brexit and posted memes
You can do both, but, as a German, the concept of campaigning against your Government is alien to you even when you're being run by a commie and next by a Jew who want you destroyed
Spend those shekels wisely

>the system makes that highly unlikely even if she gets the largest number of votes
This isn't the fucking Netherlands, Mahmoud, nor is it a parliamentary election
She wins by popular vote. And France has had near constant terrorist attacks and riots for around three months. Seems like I haven't gone a week without seeing one. She'll win.

Why? She's gonna win by a landslide.

I sincerely hope you're right

you're abusing kek, he is a god of chaos. You are trying to intoduce a system and order to memes. the memes must flow naturally


Dont speek la Frog. How meme?

La liberté a un coût. Le sang des allogènes mohametans doit abreuver nos sillons. Emmanuel Macron AKA "Dhimminuel Makroud" n'est pas mon président, c'est un boboiste hors sol anti nation et probablement un homosexuel de surcroit. Louis et Napoleon ok pas Mohamed et Rachid. Vive la France






i just saw her on the news they said shes popular among young voters in france and then they showed some far right group called G.I in Lille who were supporting her
If muslims keep chimping out she might win!

>Thinking that the real meme magic in the Dutch elections was directed at
>Gene Wilders

I think this thread needs some more Macron hate

>Becoming the second largest party in NL is losing

Ok, Mr. Trudeau, back to Canada with you

Agree, they had 2 terrorist attacks in 2 days this past week. If she's not elected the french the French people are really stupid.


>I have no culture
>let's just say there is no culture
>problem solved

Genius, would be a great president

It's true, pic related

There's also now this

And before you say

they got their info from here, which I can't read

Not sure if fake news

femme fatale

Our girls.

Fillon is the best hope we have...

Is my frogspeak wrong?

Good luck France, Europe and the World! Marine Le Pen is the woman us men want.




No no you're right I think, it says "There is no french culture"


We gotta save the frogs

Figaro is MSM (cuckservatives main newspaper) and Ivan Rioufol likes to act tough but would eat the shit out of Sarkozy's ass if he had the chance.

The secret polls putting Marine way higher is a thing that I've heard from time to time, don't know if it's a meme or not though.

So close, thanks anyway Britbro. Can't wait to join you guys in the uncuck crowd.

send us your aid, O Holy Kek!

>same south african fag as usual

Underrated post.

Marine winning would be a decisive blow to the (((globalist))) agenda in Europe.

You Frenchies better not fuck this up please, Le Pen must succeed in order to break the bonds of the EU, we together can lead the Western European stand against leftism. Bonne Chance mes amis.

>Gene Wilders

hahahahaha fucking kek

When's the elections again?

>Gene Wilders


More chaos pls

22nd of April 1st turn
6th of May 2nd turn
3rd of June 1st turn
17th of June 2nd turn

Macron is a cuck.

> really hope she becomes president eventually.

>mfw I remember \pol\ is filled with aspies

Wait, people thought the Pepe shit to be real?

Am I the only one who would make love to Marine Le Pen?

Uh. Yes...?

She can't win dude. No one in Europe on our side can. The best we can hope for is that the civil race wars kick off under Trump so that the great American ZOG force doesn't side with the sand niggers in purging the Europeans. I don't know if I trust Russia to not kill them all either.

>no path to victory

>Makes five children
>We are the future of Europe?

I don't get this, can some one help me think?

I don't speak french ples fix

"Have five kids, we are the future of europe" is the intended message


Erdogan told Turks living in Europe to outbreed natives because we're cis-white nazi shitlords

Anyone French people who are not insane Liberals should be fighting with everything they have to help gain victory for Marine Le Pen, France, Europe and Western Civilisation. Don't come here and act like a cuck and say she can't win. If she loses, it's because of losers who can't believe.

The problem is not with the translation, the problem is that normies don't have the slightest idea Erdogan ever said that

top bantz mate. Are you posting from france, the US or the motherland?

>telling roaches to breed

Suddenly Danebros are sweating bullets.

>avoir cinq enfants?

I met a Turk once. He drove a fiat.
I don't like Turks.

Uh yeah, that shows she's losing massively. Of course she is. You people are consciously begging for death to atone for guilt.

>Trusting the UK

Mate, I have nothing against the brits, but their leadership has a history of being absolute traitors and bastards. Trusting them should never, ever be done.

any moar of this?
I'm creating a le pen fap folder

The translation is right (I was the one that gave it to you yesterday night), see those links in French for instance:

Well said Britbro, well said.

This is actually quite impressive. The text especially, unfortunately the target audience for such quality bantz is pretty small in France I fear.

Have you been living under a rock for the whole last year?

Except that nobody was memeing him.
Gosh, you krauts really prove on a daily basis how cucky you are.