Really ignites the noodle

Really ignites the noodle...

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I posted this like yesterday and no one cared. Now there are two threads on it. Wtf guys now you care?

Rush Limbaugh has been saying this for decades.

really activated my almonds

>/r/The_Donald thinks this is about them


>this whole thread

Same is true for most media. It's why conservatives started taking over after talk radio was deregulated.


ell oh ell

those faggots need to be put down

they have outlived their usefulness

But then they'll come hereeeee

I don't follow plebbit drama, but what the fuck happened to the donald? Liberal mod squad take over? This is just sad.

more like alt right mod squad

>The absolute state of Plebbit

Why are they always shit no matter what topic they talk about?

They are redditors, their nature prevails no matter how Sup Forums they think they are.

Hey I browse r/facepalm as well! :^)

>Really ignites the noodle...

Internet and social media are breaking the propaganda monopoly of (((ownership))) of media and communications infrastructure.
The phenomenon identified as meme magic.

Kind of related:

T_d is notorious for deleting posts and banning uses that run counter to their narrative. That they celebrated this post even though it's directly contrary to their sub was a cause for mirth amongst other reddit fags

Conservatism is actual thought while Liberalism is a feverish denial of truth.

Thus, all unregulated spaces will take on a Conservative tone and Liberal spaces have to practice relentless censorship to keep them Liberal.

No fuck off then they'll come here acting all smug. They never lurk more! WHY DO THE NEWFAGS NEVER LURK MORE ANYMORE!!!

It's true.

But I think it's less to do with the quality of the ideas and more to do with the fact that Right Wing views are concentrated heavily in areas by necessity and thus dominate through sheer numbers.

Also they have experience arguing because they are frequently challenged, unlike the left, whose views are accepted as "common knowledge".


The colonies must remember to bend the knee to the motherland.

This goes for faggot chan too.