Model believes European Women are "more Traditional"

What did she mean by this

what kind of name is "Bo" for a woman?

>caring what some pea-brained model says or thinks

not a very traditional one

What planet is she on?

She looks like an Israeli

>white women


>gets naked for a living
>wants traditional true love
Shes worthless

Why does she look like a gypsy when I google her?

east, south europeans always assume the "european" tag

Women here smoke, drink, swear, study hard and are busy having a career

Sup Forums says our women are "better" all the time, I can't imagine how bad the rest of the world is

I don't ask models for opinions, faggot, but would like to gangrape and enslave that specimen if in the company of real men.

Because she probably is.

Compared to American turbocunts, they probably are.

Women don't love, they use and take. This bitch just wants to appear affectionate so some weak willed rich cuck will give her his resources. They are chameleons and will adapt themselves to any situation to get what they want.

T. Nigger

>would like to gang rape

bosnian girls > serbian girls


Fuck that was a solid cringe

LMAO Yeah ok m80

Muzzzo girls are filth and everyone knows it

Romanian women>>>Bosnian women>Serbian women