That scene from Saving Private Ryan where the Jew says "I am Juden"

is so retarded. What is it supposed to show? The German soldiers are POWs, they do not care that he is "Juden", it is not like they are looking for a faggot ass fucking.

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Soldiers on the western front weren't German

Hollywood films always do shit like this.

Jews are petty back stabbing creatures.

Half of that movie was a kike revenge flick, it ruined it for me. German soldiers portrayed as cowards or vicious backstabbing psychos, I can't even.

And yes, soldiers staffing the Atlantic wall were pleb-tier troop that probably didn't care that much unlike the SS and other shock troops further inland. Many were practically waiting for an opportunity to surrender.


They were eastern Euros and wounded who were guarding the Atlantic wall

the average wehrmacht dude was only worried about not dying


it's a fucking movie dude.

The kike died anyway because the translator decided to be a pussy and panic while the jude was struggling with a knife wielding kraut

It's part and parcel of the whole holocaust Germans were all racist monsters propaganda that kicked into high gear the further we got from actual memories of WWII. You'll notice that media portrayals of Germans have gotten progressively worse over time as actual memories fade.

The Forgotten Soldier is a semi-autobiographical account of a German soldier on the Eastern front. It's a decent read, most of the hotheads got killed fast, those that survived long enough were pretty redpilled.

you used to have a Jordan proxy, what went wrong?

Found the jew.

>salty about a old movie


you know all the nazi shit in pol is satire,right?

you retard


Because every film that pretends to be historically accurate should actually be historically accurate

Very true. Go watch the Longest Day, The Battle of the Bulge, The Battle of Britain or even Kelly's Heroes. Neither of those movies portrayed Germans as animals or killing machines like recent movies did.

>"I am Juden"

The truth about immigration, by the numbers:


Cultural Marxist Jews Admit Organizing White Genocide

The plan to eliminate the white race:


Cultural Marxism in action… Political Correctness, the tip of the blade:


Cultural Marxism & Social Justice Explained:


Why are we in Decline - Cultural Marxism:


also see

The facts about slavery in North America:


Cultural Marxist Jews fund media propaganda against whites on an enormous scale:


Does this sound familiar at all? (starting at 6:52)


The Holocaust:




Hi (((You)))

the worst i´ve seen was fury
i know the movie sucks anyway, but holy shit the display of german soldiers in this one really got me angry

he dies at the end you dumb nigger

>pretends to be historically accurate
>whole movie sends a platoon to rescue 1 dude

sure bud

hahaha jewish parenthesis. I get it hahaha

That trend started with "U-571" and "Enemy at the Gates" where the German sniper was literally a child murderer. I can't think of any movies made before that being this heavy handed.

>hahaha jewish parenthesis. I get it hahaha
What do you get, Avrohom?

t. juden

>Mickey Mouse!
>Betty Boop! What a dish

not a jew but keep trying you'll get it eventually

>can't come up with anything good
>I know i'll type t.juden thus disregarding everything he says!

this is why no one takes this board seriously if you all speak in memes

neat, i love me a good book

thanks frog user

Almost every movie does this. Especially ones with Jew directors like Spielberg.

Would the cultural mainstream ever silence or suppress Steven Spielberg? Has the United States government given the immensely weathly Steven Spielberg millions of dollars to fund a media project that reflects his religious heritage, and his cultural beliefs? Does The Talmud speak of the superiority of the Jews and the inferiority of other cultures and beliefs? Does Steven Spielberg reflect this religious imperative? Is Steve Spielberg neurotic? Is this belief hidden and suppressed?

Is it considered "career suicide" to question Steven Spielberg if one is involved in the entertainment business? If one is not involved in the entertainment business is it considered a social suicide to question Steven Spielberg? If these things are so, what does that point to? Does this mean freedom of expression is actually curtailed in our culture by certain social pressures? Is calling someone a "fascist" in American culture today the counterpart to saying someone was a "communist" during the Joseph McCarthy era of the 1950s?

Dose our culture congratulate itself for taking interest in the lack of original ideas personified by the name of Steven Spielberg? Do his films take chances or take risks in order to amplify, change or challenge the cultural though process? Dose Steven Spielberg take risks, or does he simulate the idea of taking risks? What risk was involved in making Saving Private Ryan or Schindler’s List, or adopting a black child? Was there any risk at all? Would Steven Spielberg have adopted that same child in the deep South of the 1950s where there would have been risk of being called a "nigger lover"? Were the adoption of a black child and the subject matter of his movies actually business decisions for which he knew he would be congratulated?

When Steven Spielberg clutched his Academy Award for Schindler’s List, saying it’s for the "six million," was he speaking of a quantity of people killed, or the quantity of dollars poured into his bank account?

Really? I saw it the other way around. They capture a German soldier and they don't execute him because a pussy American soldier is too emotional. The German then does the right thing and goes back to fighting for his nation. Later he gets executed by the pussy American who shoots him while he's defenseless.

best part honestly

When (((war crimes))) are done by the good guys, they are always given some form of emotional justification while every Nazi is dehumanized by being a coward, a sadist or a mindless robot. There is no respect for the enemy in those recent war movies. It's subtle but it ruins movies for me when I notice it.

Hollywood is just one big Holocaust-worshipping circle jerk, with Spielberg as pivot man.

it's literally showing the jewish character in a bad light you autistic jerry, that he's petty enough that he wants to gloat to each individual prisoner that it's a jew who captured them when they're probably all conscripts who just dont want to get killed


and how the fuck did all these jewish service-men have pre-knowledge of nazi war-crimes against the jews years in advance of everybody else?

it's like nothing adds up right with kike narrative of ww2 or something, weird

I love that wehrmacht soldier