Éire/pol/ - R.I.P. Chuckle Brothers edition

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>Martin McGuinness dies

>A retrospect of McGuinness

>Brexit a "major" opportunity for Irish education

>(((Irish))) muslims protest Hijab workplace ban

>Ghost estates dissapearing

>Large increase in race "hate crimes"

>Kenny "puts ego ahead of party"

>Eternal anglo shoots Irishman

>Sure he's only a pedosexual, leave him off!

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You know the drill

>Eternal anglo shoots Irishman
>Darren O'Flaherty

Okay Paddy...

>there's no Irish criminals in Spain

Firs Rocerkfeller, now a beer...

Once they leave here they are traitors and I consider them yours.

>all Irish aren't criminals anyway

It said living under false identity. Don't blame us for your trash.

Only if you take Liverpool.

>there's no Irish people in Liverpool


Muslim Sisters of Éire
>tfw islam not part of our history or culture fuck off
>muslims uses irish language to try sound legitimate

>frog spreading pro anglo propaganda
I..I thought we were friends rene?!

Tfw schizo brother is having a rant about ((them))

>lol gards beside them xd

>they would outlaw the language in favour of arabic given half the chance
They have to go back

fuck off micks

Ireland is rightful Iberian clay.

fuck this shit its GAME TIME
>go to Snapchat Y .me
>leak girl at school
>post results


fuck this shit its GAME TIME
>go to Snapchat Y .me
>leak celeb
>post results

What kind of a fucking flag is that?

fuck off salafi slime

Irish-American fenian appreciation.

Great to see it.

its papua new guinea id love if it was a real person that wants to talk about ireland though but its fake account posting porn flagg it

Truly beautiful song.


Sums up my how I feel today.
Still think McGuinness and adams were and are British agents.

Either way Irish politics is going to get more and more boring without the classics hanging around.


(Provisional) Sinn Fein are going to degenerate further now that their old guard is dying off.
The Workers Party mark 2

funny they want to close down all the post offices too i think there trying to get rid of country people
i read on the independent that theyll make farm sizes bigger and more people will be pushed into towns and the idiot at the end of the article said it benefit the country

Culchie uprising when?

>It's for your own good go-guys!

Is that fellow who died today worth feeling sorry for? Genuine question
t. Resident Ameri fag

Hey guys, user here.

I recently got my Irish citizenship via Nashun, is there anything I need to do to contribute to our struggle?

I've never been home, but I live between Cuckanda and Londonstan

Book suggestions would be appreciated.

Also is Gaelic worth learning? Or should I finish French first then go back for it?

not feeling sorry for, just he was a big part of politics here for years so a big change to see him gone wether you like him or not.


That rustles the fuck out of me

What does this feel look like if I might ask?

Any language is worth learning but french is more practical for you in canada and elsewhere so learn that first. as for helping just take part in these threads.

Terrorist dead, good riddance. IRA are no better than ISIS. Sickening!


Horrendous bait

Well let's be honest they were more effective and less retarded. no matter what you think of the RA you know they are much better than the goatfuckers.

he turned to violence when the British were deploying the army in the north and many criticise him for it but many including myself see it as a necessary evil. As the British began to be fairer to nationalists he turned to politics and put down his gun. He was from my hometown so many seen him as a hero not only for fighting off the british but for helping bringing about peace.

The flag came down and only flies on designated days, there is more money going towards Gaelic sports, language and culture we are winning the culture war up there

I am glad this man can go to his grave knowing he made a good impact on his community

Are the Catholic Irish from Belfast as racist as my grandfather said?

Apparently my Great grandfather cut off my grandfather and his brother for moving to Syrup land.

As a national overseas can I vote?
I voted in Brexit using my London address.

I'm situated on the West coast so french actually does fuck all for me here. I use Cantonese more than English.

Is Gaelic widespread on the mainland or is it like french on the west coast where 1 in 10 actually speak it.

Sounds like a Practical fellow, God rest him
Surely it's more entertaining than annoying?

>lives on the west coast
>learning French
You should learn how t speak the language of your chink debtors

get out nigbers

>Surely it's more entertaining than annoying?
No its scary and it goes on until 4:am

And i suppose the high and mighty RUC shooting dead unarmed priests and children are any better

>I use Cantonese more than English.
>I use Cantonese more than English

Glad to see reading comprehension is being taught in Murica''

I'm learning French so I can travel western Europe easier., so I can go to Calais and show all the stupid Canadians who don't believe it.

The fuck is this? Cucks want to ban the Angelus. Why are they so desperate to destroy Irish culture?


They want us to become the 51st state of America

Told everyone for years: Ireland is on course to be Sweden 2.0.

In all fairness to the RUC they were stylish motherfuckers and fair play to them for hijacking the brits army to help them continue to be pricks on a daily basis. They were complete cunts no doubt, but they were really fucking good at being cunts.

>reading comprehension
Lol what that? We're only taught what actually matters in real life here in America, like pic related

>learning French to go to Europe
Good on you

Do you know who specifically is behind this? I'd bet good money it's a Jew or an atheist, you should find out who it is and shill the fuck out of it, this is disgusting



Wow. Irish Republicunts surely are the dumbest cunts ever. Fight one ethnic group for freedom, only to throw it all away. Dumb cunt is burning in hell now anyway.

Howth NEVER forgets. I will gut every one of you traitorous niggers.




Did anyone see the aul fella from the North on RTÉ say "Glad to see the end of him" about McGuinness today?
You'd swear he thought he was on Sup Forums or something.

>what did he mean by this?


Rip rascals.

You alright there lad?

It's very clear that the Irish media have been co-opted.

Ireland is under attack. The campaigning for abortion repeal, talking about removing the Angelus. Trying to destroy the national religion.

This is why you're (((their))) guard dog.

All your "free thinkers" are literally outsiders.

Jordan Peterson
Stephan molymeme
Tommy robins

You've guys have the water sales man and Joe "100million people smoke pot" Rogan

Oh and space fat guy with the deep voice.

Speaking of language, watch this and explain yourselves:


>my free thinkers
Your right in the sense that all of my "philosophy" comes from abroad, mostly from Pearse/Collins and GK Chesterton
I'm not a big fan of all the homofags you just mentioned
>(((their))) guard dog
The Jewish century is real, fuckin end me mate
>Irish media Co opted
I would assume as such seeing that your a western nation.
How many Jews are in powerful positions in Ireland? I heard you guys only had a couple hundred kikes

I hereby declare this a nordie thread in requiem.

Yeah. Sorry m8. I posted it over on Sup Forums to wind up the unemployed lefty queers over there so just copy pasta'd it over here to encapsulate my feelings on McGuinness too.

*ignore the flag in the occupied six counties* McGuinness is certainly guilty but unlike countries who fought against the brits further afield Ireland was on the brit's doorstep and the British weren't fighting any major wars to distract them like ww1 in 1916. The IRA stood no chance against the budget of the Biritsh army and it's a fucking shame.

Get me these fuckers adresses
No problem

He's salty that big dog mcguinness stopped the bloodshed and turned to politics instead of violence to try to get a united ireland

McGuiness lived a hard life on the run in order to secure a better life for northern catholics than he had. Pay some respect.

He's a traitorous piece of shit, mate. He could've been a legend, instead he was just an anti-imperialist, Marxist goon. A loser.


It's my lunch break and I went with the most obvious shill'd list.

The Jewry will come to an end. United nations on the cusp of ethnic and religious revelations leading to nationalism, The end to the pedantic cycle of Abrahamic religions, leaving either Christendom will prevail or we'll all be in the dust.

The Jews jewed themselves by trying to control the internet thought box, 1984 style.

Took them too long to enforce their thought policing, if they had jumped the gun in '08 and killed Sup Forums then and there we would've been done and Shilladay would've won.

>In an unrelated note, where should I visit in the motherland? Family raised around Belfast during the troubles .

He may be this he may be that he has earned his spot in history. The buck stops with us now.

You wouldn't be disturbing the peace would you now lads?


Still can't get over the fact 60% of Africans are unemployed here, lads.


Really? are you even surprised?

Yes u big bollox. Wot of it.


Where'd you see this lad?

The number is probably not that surprising, but I suppose I am even more surprised that nobody is even talking about it. Nobody in Ireland cares beyond us autists here.

Paisley was a shit stirrer and a Coward. The best recruiting tool the IRA ever had.

>unrelated note
I'm an American, never visited, but I've always wanted to see the west of Ireland, seems beautiful from the scenery to what Pearse writes of it
Can't get over the fact that you got jewed into letting wog parasites into your country? I know the feel bro

Right, you are both getting lifted!

Well yeah he didn't do much wrong, just a cringeworthy old autist who was deebly goncerned about the Ra, not someone to be afraid of.


>Employment rates in 2015 were similar but slightly higher for Irish nationals (63%) than non-Irish nationals (60%). However, employment rates varied across national groups and the employment rate was very low for African nationals (around 40%).

I think Ceann was missing yesterday because he had a chat with pic related

Gotta get those shekels somehow, while I am here VOTE SINN FEIN GO-GUYS

I'm Irish, I feel like I owe it to myself to go now that I'm a citizen.

piss off.

I'm sure it's us racist Irish not giving them our jobs and out wives

Ceann has been compromised, it's a British agent posting from his ip.
There's only one thing the Anglo hates more in this world than the Irish...
I'm calling in the Iron Gopnik boys

I love big black cock.