WHAT MAKE YOU ANGRY Sup Forums ?!?!?!?!?!?



One time my pencil started rolling off my desk, and that really got my pants in a tizzy since I didn't want it to do that.


kikes and niggers



Alex jones

Long rundowns


Government corruption and CIA shitposters who are too stupid to lurk for 3 months before posting.

Kikes like you who fill Sup Forums with shitty slide threads.

Lack of happenings.

Fucking lazy ISIS cunts, REEEEEEEEEEEE!

Oh look, a shill datamining thread. Here's how it works
>shill posts what makes you angry Sup Forums
>plebbit tier posters respond with what makes them mad
>another 500 threads pop up with all the things that posters have responded with

fucking retards

ISIS truly are fucking awful at committing attacks abroad. Even the Paris one lacked decent organization, the success of that was based purely off luck and the inexperience of French police.

Oh wow ... Sorry for giving a fuck senpai .. go back to watching alex jones stream

Living in this fucked up society.


When my shitposting doesn't get a (You).

Racism and bigotry

This country is done. Trudeau and Wynne destroyed the economy, Trudeau wants to eradicate Canadian nationalism in favour of a post national state, and he wants to flood our country with MILLIONS (yes, millions) of immigrants.

Just fuck my shit up senpai. I hate being so depressed and broken.

Hay guys! While you're here, post pics of your eyes! Show us your guns! Where do you work? How much do you make? Are you in a relationship? What web browser do you use? Do you do drugs? What's your race? Where do you live? Do you smoke? Post your dank OC memes! Who would you say is "in charge" here, fellow anonymous brothers?