I'm just gonna leave this here

I'm just gonna leave this here

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ok thanks good thing i cant read german.

Who is this guy? What's his importance?

He was a holocaust victim.


Did he ride the holocoaster? Or was he one of the foot pump victims? Or perhaps the Dead Man Bicycle? Oh! Oh! Or how about the ones marched into the seas? Or is he Grandpa Ikea Lamp?


why should i care?jews hate white people. fuck them.

You should care because
[spoiler] This was a christian [/spoiler]

(lol wrong place wrong time)

Dunno. It's basically a form stating who he was, where he lived, when he was born, etc. Oh, and that the reason he was in Auschwitz was that he was a jew. But you could've figured that out from his name. I mean, really, who else would've named their kid "Abram Israel".

Looks like he lived in Belchatow, Poland, well at least before he lived (and probably died) in Auschwitz.

Jews weren't liked that much back then in that part of the world for some strange reason.

still don't really care. im sure they had a reason to put him in there, just like the jews.

>Rasse: j├╝disch
>Rel.: mos. (Moslem?)

Don't see anything about Christian on there.



Old word for the Jewish religion, deriving from the name Moses.

Ah, thanks. That makes a lot more sense.

>criminal record
>supposedly none

He got MILKED to death, insensitive goy.

I think the point of this post is that the Jew had a very aryan phenotype, according to the description.
Nose: Straight
Teeth: good, took care
Special marks:none


>[spoiler] This was a christian [/spoiler]

Why should it be a Christian?
He has a relatively evident jewish name.
Spigelman might not be exclusively jewish, but close to.

Jehovah's witness.

Really doubt that.
Apparently, he was born in Hamburg.
The second name "Israel" was most likely not part of his name since birth.


I'm just shitposting because he looked Aryan.

Convertite is a possible explanation for said.
Jews also started mixing with the locals a few generations back.

So? Bunch of Catholics and Christians were imprisoned for anti-German activity/supporting partisans. Pic related, spot the John Paul II family easter egg.


Close, 2 above is his first cousin