White People thread

White People thread

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Feels good to not be white scum

Feels even better not to be a nigger.

This is now a Mummy Blacked thread

Yakub should have gassed them all when he had the chance.

>things white people do
>enjoy food, their pets, education, friends

What do brown people do?

>steal, rape, kill, be poor but act rich, buy cars 5x beyond their budget, have 5 kids with 4 women

t. Abdul Abdala

Slavs aren't white, gypo

>complicate starbucks orders
NO FUCK YOU, some of those drinks are fucking retarded. Don't name your shit venti, grande, etc instead of large, small etc if you don't want to make things complicated. Don't work in a designer coffee joint if you don't want orders to be complicated.

>call other guys boss or chief
Better than My nig, nigger, nigga, brotha, etc.

>the rest
why is this a problem?
>study abroad
why is this a problem? is this list positives or negatives?


I only do one of those jefe

>lol white people are stuupid

Name one good shitskin composer...i'll wait while listening to stravinsky, btw I really love the shitty repetitive polka music that you beaners play over and over and over, so great ....


rip hot air bro

Don't respond to these anti white shill threads. There are plenty of good threads available Sup Forums approved.

Yeah but like negroids and beaners are not even human. They think they are people, but everyone knows that they ain't people. They are like a somewhat smart monkey.

Fuck off with that shit. MAKE WHITES MAD AGAIN!


These are the threads we get now that Sup Forums is popular with normies?

at least the baby will grow seeing his father horsing around.



You forgot
> invent human civilization

lool fuck white ppl

>*adjusts socks*
>*turns down Muddy Waters*
>"Sir, excuse me"
>*orders decaf breve*
>"Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering"
>*enjoys coffee*
>"I couldn't help overhearing"
>*closes video chat with family*
>"I got the distinct impression that you said"
>*enrolls in foreign education*
>"It just sounded as though"
>*gently sways to music*
>"Boss, am I correct that you are implying"
>*mourns loss of uncle in tragic hot air balloon accident*
>"Chief, are you really saying"
>*fixes shorts*
>"We were, at one time, a bloodline of emperors?"
>"Gee, that ain't half bad!"

can horses actually impregnate women?

asking for my friend

fuckng bastard


>Even the horse sticks around longer than a nigger


Im gonna punch the next poo i see. Desecrating that beauty. You deserve a curbstomp.


You need to Poo in the Loo, fuckface.

>mourns loss of uncle in tragic hot air balloon accident

over rated post.

White people are the worst with the way they invent rocketry and democracy



We should hang him.


white people is so interesting

Very good post.

everyday problems


topkek lmfao

>mfw white man dominates a sport thats 99.9% comprised of niggers


white "people"





>niggers kill and rape people
>sandniggers blow people up
>gooks and chinks have no soul and torture and kill animals
>indians shit in the streets and spread TB everywhere
>whites engage in moderately amusing quirks that don't harm anyone
Really makes you think

fucking cultureless white people baka lol

Ever had white people cooking? Cooked chicken with mild season. LMAO lil nugga u gotta smear that shit with every sauce and seasoning in the cupboard until you can't taste the chicken.

Its beautifull




yeah white people only built civilization and conquered the entire world lol


but the majority of girls i see in beastialty are south american

No, they didn't.

fuck white people
and fuck drumpf

fuck drumpf and fuck white people



>No, they didn't.

found the nigger


Hearty keks were had. Top post.

So what kind of technology did niggers create?

why is this bad?

lel what a salty nigger


black culture

Added to the collection

Wow, where is that? That is cool.

Are you a child-like retard? Individuals of different species, separated by millions and millions of years of evolution can not produce viable offspring with each other.


>People think whites do funny things
>I better show them how great white people are
Fuck if you want to counter we wuz kingz bullshit with this sure, but there is nothing wrong with poking jokes at each other.
>Blacks eat watermelon
>Whites only buy groceries from whole foods

>Blacks keep their pants around their ankles
>Whites where long socks with shorts

>Blacks are all gang members
>Whites are too preppy about their generic state university


So obviously this is a troll thread, but it's important to accept that we have a lot of people who don't behave in an aesthetic manner in the white community. We need to be better. Whites could do with a little more narcissism. Image matters.


When I was in college it was mostly black people who did this, because it's shit they make athletes do, during sports season




White people are inferior.

Italians are not white
Jews are not white
Niggers(moors) brought Europe out of the dark ages.
PoC invented civilization and white people.




you wish


Fuck off you retard

I think it's a cathedral in Milan.


this slope has to be way steeper
no way they are falling like this

lol destiny in the cena shirt

mah white culture

I see this all the fucking time, especially with the athletic types. It's really nothing special

Behold the cuisine of the master race, rotten fish.

Loving salty niggers and spics making unfunny memes because they were colonized for centuries
So alright white people don't speak like monkeys or fuck anything that moves but at least we are not the pathetic niggers that got enslaved over and over by different races throughout history and never fought back.

Gallon jugs usually have milk in them
This triggers the nigger

Feels good senpai.

kek white people are awesome