What's it like living here?


Like Britain but there they rape more grown women rather than children.

It's nice.

Good salary, comfy life, no chance to ever rise above, sit, be quiet and don't do anything to threaten what you have.

>Merkel here

Better than the states. My only complaint is not enough variety of foods like the states

Turkey is great you should go there.

very nice here.

It's like free beer everyday literally, when you're german. If not you going to need alot of cash

>Good salary

By what standarts?
Many achmed's working here in swizerland because low salary in islamic republic of germanistan.

Good money. Beautiful wife. House and garden.

Still making the foreigners pay for the beer?

That trick was old when Schopenhauer described it.

Only went to the south/west part and it was pretty good. Just don't expect too much from the food.

I'm italian, and i don't think there is a better country to live than germany.


Everything is nice, no need to worry.

Austria: Ignore Memerland, Austria has the better lifestyle. Only good food in the German speaking world, lovely girls, decent wine, excellent railways, beautiful and the best skiing you'll ever do. Avoid the East, stick to Vorarlberg.

Switzerland: Lots of concrete and Africans. They five different languages badly. Terrible, terrible drivers. If you like graffiti and Albanians it's a fine place. Countryside is alright but not a patch on Austria as there's no one around, the villages are deserted and the whole place is a cultural void.

Germany: Decent outside of the large cities. I unironically preferred the North and East, the south was just wannabe Austria and the cities are hellish. Think giant versions of the worst parts of London, over and over again.

Lived in all three, plus Liechtenstein which has the lifestyle that people think Switzerland has.

Much better than britain of course

it's bearable, even ok when you ignore the high taxes.

but we'll probably get this election a coalition between our socialist/social democrats and green party. That'll be a fucking disaster

I liek poop :DD

its pretty good if you ignore politics.

fuck this shit its GAME TIME
>go to Snapchat Y .me
>leak ex gf
>post results

You are part of the problem. Return to Italy at once.

The natives all have autism, but they let you rape their women inshallah, so it's not so bad.

>Wannabe austrie

>they let you rape their women

We learned it from watching YOU :^)

What is wrong with italians?

God awful. Everyone speaks the two worst languages in the world, german and arabic

>What's it like living here?
Better than Sup Forums wants you to believe but worse than in the 1990s.

>cucked vs uncucked Germany

I don't think bavarians like you mixing up your shitty former DDR bullshit commies with glorious bavaria.

is lubeck comfy and uncucked?

No because I'm a nigga that lives here and trolls white people daily.

>says the fucking dane

You can send some good Pilsner up to us here in the eternal Vodkabelt.


It's disgusting

Well if that happens not even Sweden can cope with the cuckery you will be under.
Pls we need AfD not Die grüne or SPD or someshit pls :D

Come here and tour the breweries of your favorite brands.

Its really fun.

Bavaria is pretty shit, everyone knows that Saxony and Thuringia are the most based states of Germany.

Why the hell are you merging glorious Bayern with commie scum that doesn't know how to wörk?

Sup Forums thinks just because an area is "white" its nice. Besides cultural nostalgia Honecker land is a shithole

>zikaposting under a swedish flag

Has science gone too far?

Only if you are literal communist.

it's quite hot this time of year

I should actually, I have relatives living in Germany (Half-German) so i visit Germany often.
I usually buy full allowed load of beer when iam down as the prices are so cheap for beer.
In Sweden we pay way too much for alchohol due to muh alchohol tax everyone is alchoholic shit.

You are just salty because you know its true, enjoy your fucking cancer you call Oktoberfest and the piss you call beer. Come back when you have embraced Pilsner as being the only beer and you have stopped voting for Seehofer.

Berlin is shit in a can of glass, Baviera used to be really good for living, Cologne was semi OK but too many Thai and Kebab shit when I went there, Dresden is kind of OK for Eastern Europe I guess, but far more cucked than legit Eastern European countries.

Overall go to Baviera, it is the best place to go even if the rest of Germany literally lives off of you.

The life is good, but it's not that important, the life is getting SHITTIER at extreme rates


Don't think so. Have you ever been in cities like Chemnitz Nordhausen and Sangerhausen. Have never seen a nigger there.

Says the Italian not living in his own country

fuck this shit its GAME TIME
>go to Snapchat Y .me
>leak celeb
>post results

Ma'am, your vagina has no power here.

We have ID's on Sup Forums
How do you manage to mix up people?

I have met enough saxons to know the people are literal cancer.
They all want the ddr and communism back.

> shitty internet
> shitty mobile infrastructure
> shitty diary products
> shitty meat
> shitty food in general
> extremely irritating and frustrating to live in

+ good salaries
+ cars?

>I have met enough saxons to know the people are literal cancer.

Please don't call them "people", it only encourages them.

Whatever, go back to living in your forest and eating dogs you piece of degenerate trash.

>*breath refugees in*

Your agony is gorgeous.

Lots of german comments. None about switzerland and austria. What about them?

German people are pure cancer

Quick Guide

West Germany: Stay out of the fucking cities
East Germany: Stay out of the small towns

>shitty food
>shitty meat

I come from Saxony and we do have a problem with the antifa and general left leaning. Especially in cities like Leipzig and Dresden. But generally I would say Saxony is good in terms of being uncucked. A lot of people argue that it was better back then because unemployment rates were lower and everyone was guaranteed a future. A lot of people lost their livelyhood after the wall fell due to an entire new state system being introduced. This is why people tend to want back the oldern times. They don't say whats here now is bad just that some things were better back then.

>young people antifa
>old people interested in politics
>old people also neglected after wall fell

The bavarian lands are marked as based, bavarian cities rotten. the map is accurate.

yeah we beated you in the warrings

what he said

>tfw east germany is so shitty that not even refugees from africa want to stay here

feels bad man


it's okay

>Only boasts about exports and economics

Truly the sign of a defeated people banned from being patriotic.

You are a german who is now apparently living in sweden
Do you honestly believe what you know about being uncucked carries any value on Sup Forums

Also former DDRfags have got so much money from actual germany after the wall fell we might as well consider you guys as part of greece you lazy fucks.


Triggered, britcuck? :^)

>old people also neglected after wall fell

exactly, they're now like hobos. That's why nostalgia runs high with them
same in Russia

Ich gehe nach München im Herbst.
Was müsste ich weiß?

Now fix this :^)

Oh man the memes are real.
Anyone else achieving anything and brits absolutely lose their shit.

Oktoberfest? Buy me a round? :^)

No. No we're not. :D

If you didn't migrate to west germany you didn't get any money. Also I fucking hate it here. I am moving as soon as I get the chance.

Oh yes, you are

>typical anglos

Immigrants make Germany a world power. The best and brightest (and yes sadly the shittest) people come here

Nein. Ich gehe für Uni

>If you didn't migrate to west germany you didn't get any money
We put so much money into shit for you guys.
The west and especially bavaria carried the former ddr.
And you took it to build bridges that went nowhere.

400,000 have already either been deported or left.


Achieving having your women raped by sandniggers so often they don't even report it in the news anymore.

Great accomplishment

We've sunk billions into that shithole that is East Germany with nothing to show for it. We have failed to integrate 16 million miserable subhuman East Germans.

Reunification is our 9/11.

But do they want their Trabis back?

At least it is an outrage here.
Your black on white rape statistics are accepted as a reality of living in america.

Get Churchill'd


If only you fat fucks hat some sort of 2nd amendment you could use to keep them safe, eh? :^)

Noice :^)

loving this post

You should probably get round to sorting this out too :)

Ok, fuck this let's call it a draw. You get to enjoy your right wing polices and your (((Hefeweizen))) and I get to live in my concrete appartment that is falling apart while my car is being stolen by polish retards. Happy?

You know what else got churchill'd? :^)