Absolutely MASSIVE DDOS attack going on world wide

There's an absolutely MASSIVE DDOS attack going on world wide right now, it's absolutely historic. I've never seen an attack of this magnitude before

What's really strange is that the sources are unkown, aliens?

My internet is completely nuked, packet losses all the time and it fucked up my night cuz I was uploading digital goods. I can't even upload to soundcloud or send a image to a friend.

Anyone know what's going on?

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Time for you to buy a new modem or router.

Yet you can still shit post, huh?

These are good sources.


>I've never seen an attack of this magnitude before
im sure you spend alot of time monitoring DDOS attacks every time you lose in MW2 or what the fuck ever you are doing over there on the other side of oresund

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Why do you think I created a 11Kb file for retard. I would illustrate with a image if I could.

50Mb down/0.02Mb up
Test yourself speedtest.net/sv/

Must be the le russians XDDDDDDDDDDD

I do it sometimes when I have downtime from work.

Sigh, this is real you fucking faggots.

I've been having sporadic internet connectivity but I just thought it was due to local network congestion at the exchange.

You may be right though because it has been happening at low usage times, overnight, etc...

Have you tried going outside and taking a break from shitposting? Or would you be beheaded by migrants?

My internet has been incredibly spotty the past few days too

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Some are from russia(2-3%) but more seem to come from china(5%). But the sources are 99% unknown for some reason.

I'm perplexed and I have no explanation to this, hope someone can fill me in.

Check these sites if you don't believe me faggots.

So are your mother's BLACKED vids. Trust us

My speedtest results are normal. What should I be looking for?

Could have a point OP. My internet is sluggish down to less than 1mbps from high 150s. Various Microsoft services including xbox live have been experiencing problems the last few hours too. Dont know if any of that is related tbf.

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It's fucking nothing.

my internet is faster than ever. lol fuck you cuck :D

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Hotmail / Outlook / Skype was down for a couple of hours today. Why is Microsoft being attacked?


Oh I haven't been here in ages. Thought someone here would know what's going on. I guess the haqueers of Sup Forums are just a myth then.

Download speed is good so most internet user won't notice the attack, but upload is completely FUBAR. I haven't seen a DDoS attack work this way before.

Googles cloud services were nuked yesterday so sites using this have been spotty.

>the sources are 99% unknown for some reason
How do you know this?



I've had Nepal for months

skype down, all jabber server down

add me on telegram if you were in G.A.T.E program or diagnosed with adhd

Weird, the Down's Detector is going off at your ip address...unless...

Microsoft shows up as attacker on norse map, could someone have made a botnet with microsoft devices?

is that why i can post With no captcha?

I had my ISP down for 12 hours yesterday

Then Google, and twitter went down around 3 am PST.

Everything appears normal today.


yo admins hash the images and ban them before they update or watever you need to do this fuckers are shit posting much harder than the shills

I personally don't care all that much because they flat-out take the US internet out when they DDOS us. This shit is just some script kiddies testing out some old webcams.

They use google cloud service which been nuked frequently lately.

Why would someone DDoS Nepal? :facepalm:

One of the more unsual attacks are on Peru. I'll see if something goes on there.

But it is, I would't post if it wasn't.

tomorrow is 322

Overwatch is being updated, that's all

posting rare ddos bots


>what is Windows
Microsoft already have a worldwide botnet. The problem is if someone else can use that botnet against them.

Yeah, google was actually running slow for me yesterday. Anyone else feel that?

We keep telling you it's your mother's BLACKED videos but you won't listen!

I'm streaming it now with no problems and wow she takes those black anacondas like a champ!

For half an hour my internet was slow as well
what's going on halp

My internet's fine, Sven

Why is upload faster than your download? Is it because you're in the mountains and up is actually down?




Swedes sliding threads again

idk but I heard its a global thing. MS went down for few hours.
lol I have no idea desu. It used to be 1:1 before.

Hosting online is basicly AWS Amazon vs Azure vs Google. I'll see if I can find which cloud service which is most attacked, it may be linked.

But when that happens we know the source, Russia or China. This time the source is UNKNOWN.

This is a bait thread. Sites linked are uterly retarded because they don't take into account the use of proxies

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>I've had it for months
Newfag trying to call other people newfags.

It was nuked yesterday, I'm trying to find the source of the attacks.

I haven't noticed anything




I was wondering why a 20GB update file for this piece of shit CoD game I borrowed said it would take 18 hours.

It can only mean one thing

>that the sources are aliens
This is, of course, the only logical conclusion.

Welp looks like you are serious, usually these threads are just "1 post by OP" shitfests.
I haven't noticed anything here in Germany, not with my upload or my download. Then again I don't use any of the social networks, or google, or Microsoft services or any of the cloudservices. I browse Sup Forums and Jap web for fun and very specific news journalistic outlets for serious reading, so it isn't like I would notice the internet slowing to a crawl even if they did bother do go attack futaba which is probably not what they are targetting anyway.

I have a vidya fag friend as housemate who was complaining about his gaming being shoddy and filled with packet loss the past 2 days, he was blaming me accusing me of hogging the net, when I showed him I wasn't he just walked of in a huff (I know you are likely reading this you faggot). Didn't think much of it and just assumed his shitty vidya was playing up, it isn't like these online games don't experience network issues all the fucking time.

No idea, it isn't affecting my touhou or my reading and my system is clean so I can't say I really care.

the end is here

OP never updated windows. Now Microsoft is punishing

>I might actually go outside if this is true.


Stop lying user

No 400lb hacker would have this power normally
Dident the CIA lose the plans to their hacking super weapon recently? wonder if it's related

>shit it down
>not bog it down


Oh no, you poor thing, you can ONLY get 50Mbps.

Bitch, the only internet available here is 10Mbps that never actually gets that high. Fuck off.

You say that, but you know just as well as I do that you'll just be playing offline vidya and doing offline reading while you autorefresh in the background.


[email protected]

Actually I just moved back home yesterday, Completely renovating my home now, used to have servers in the same room I sleep in and the heat build up and buzzing was too much. It's really nice here now, would post images if I could.

BRB, will see if I can find anything worthy.


>tomorrow is 322

CoD infinite on PS4, yeah it was a 20GB update to use the network features.

Friends tell me Telia och Tele2 are fine for some reason. ComHem and BBB are under heavy attacks.

Weird attack.

I would say "Probably historic." My bad.

Proxies doesn't make the source unknown retard.

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hey you

This attack is unique, it behaves really strange. Some new type of cyber warfare maybe?


testin if my internet is slow or not

well it is seems ok.
op is a faggot

Could be, it have happened before I know. I think it was AFA who was behind.

Just when you thought CoD can't get shittier... it does.

Just get BF1 like the rest of us.

It's probably just utilization of the leaked CIA methods.

u gonna buy that concert ticket mate?

>mfw you guys have internet access

You doing this shit? STOP FUCKING UP MY INTERNET!!!!!! Gotta download that last porn movie!!!!

From what I could find they are, a friend working at netnod just confirmed he is as perplexed as me.

Might be some new kind of cyber warfare that's being tested?

Jabber is down, you're serious? They have like 100s of independent servers.

I hate to admit but svensken is right for once. Packet loss has ruined my online job interview.

Last time this happened it was the CIA using all internet connected devices to block a WikiLeaks upload. Probably the same thing again.

I get 50mbps americuck hahahahah

What's your ISP?

I'm trying do draw some connections.

You know, if the internet was kill for a couple days would that bring THE HAPPENING?

>all attacking the US

uhh, can you not?

How can Norway compete?

Thanks globalization and capitalism. Well, I just got ayylmao'd at 3am and taking to faggots from Europe.

>would that bring THE HAPPENING?
Unironically, yes. People would go insane. Many would have no more reason to stay indoors. Rape would skyrocket and we'd have to form irl clubs to hate on Jews with.