Fact: your country has never and will never match the glory that was historical Sweden

Fact: your country has never and will never match the glory that was historical Sweden

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I beg to differ.

If your "empire" is even less impressive than the shitshow that was Portugal's, you'd better just be quiet.

>1000 AD
>Sweden occupied by Denmark
Why talk up your own accomplishments?

>sweedish glory
>good one

>forgetting the biggest empire in human history

>1 million population
>Extremely poor
>Cucked all northern europe for a century and insured the survival of protestantism in mainland europe
It was impressive as Fuck

Sweden is shit and i'm happy we are not in union anymore

million population
Yeah, but 1 million Portuguese, not swedecucks.

>Sweden occupied by denmark
Those regions were originally danish and norwegian, swedish battle prowess made them ours later however

>Swedish ''Empire''

Iberian brothers kicks your ass, cuckold.

I'm sure you're proud of your host country Mohammad.

Being a great Naval power with low population is relatively Easy, being a land based great power with 1 million population is hard


You were never a land based power. You were pushed around by actual great powers for your entire history.

What the fuck does that matter? Build a boat then.

Surely a superior race such as Nordics could build proper boats, if it were that easy.

Bort härifrån libanon!
>2 giant uninhabited wastelands
Not that impressive

"Swedish" conditions has even become a term our media uses when talking about immigration gone bad, ghettos and such

giant uninhabited wastelands
are you autstic
Also at the time it was first conquered egypt and the nigerian colonies had majority of africas population


>implying Sweden annexed every single area they raided
>implying it was Sweden that did the raiding
>implying the """"first swedish empire""""" wasn't actually ruled by denmark
>Implying the British Empire wasn't the grandest civilisation to ever grace the earth
Stay in school, kids.



>swedish viking empire

>Every place I stand
>if they don't kill me
>it's mine.

Yeah nah you dumb cuck, there were only like 5 swedish trade settlements in Latvian territory around 1000 and all of them got BTFO by the Latvian tribe there

What are we supposed to say when this happens?

Ruling dynasties of early medieval Sweden, Denmark and Norway were all Swedish descendants

>his empire is less than 35 million kilometers of land

Yeah, no one lived in India. Idiot.

>OP just now realized nearly every nationality on Earth aside from ancient indigenous peoples and niggers have almost conquered the planet and that Brits were the very last ones who tried but got cucked by America which is only 300 years old yet rules the entire world in that tiny span implying to any idiot who doesn't understand human history that conquering a continent and beyond was common and only proves that everyone except niggers and ancient natives are capable of the same thing
whew. the point of war kiddo is that it doesn't matter how fucking dumb you are; if you're at least intelligent enough to WIN, then you win EVERYTHING including the knowledge and means of technology of whom you conquered, and based on your tiny span of land today Sweden fucking lost among all of Europe.
>the size of UK's island
>England itself is only a third of its entirety
jesus fucking christ how embarrassing, African niggers roam around in larger fields.

And look at you now

"Consequently, the Swedes gathered an enormous army and attacked Curland. The first town they attacked was called Seeburg. It had 7,000 armed men, but the town was pillaged, ravaged, and burnt by the Swedes. The Swedes sent back their ships and started"
Get rekt you fucking slav

>African niggers roam around in larger fields.
Yet they still live in mudhuts raping murdering and pillaging eachother over some bananas.
Many such cases. Sad.

>"And look at you now"

>Swedish Empire
kek literally irrelevant

>giant uninhabited wastelands
So what is so impressive about Scandinavia and Northern Russia?


>swedish viking empire
wew lad

You were saying?

good wiki autist

In reality Estonians, Latvians and Finns sacked Sigtuna, Curonians BTFO your raiding parties multiple times, cucked the danes and when you decided to take on the stickjew religion, they took hold of the Baltic sea

I can hear your wifes son calling you now, better run and clean after Bashar

that land is dumping place for our jews and your muslim niggers so take a look at yourself again

>Inbefore Britain is Danish and Swedish rapebabies and so it is rightfully Viking empire

My last name is Swedish, but I know little about the country besides the fact that they were once Vikings.

Shut the fuck up !
I claim ur post as part of the spic shitpost Empire! Praise us and the glorius gypsies NON NOBIS DOMINE!! PLUS ULTRA!! and etc etc

All you need to know is.
Used to be great but is now shit.
And thats it.

Fact: everyone else's are still better than modern-day Sweden.

soooo... a Swede has decided to take bask in the pride of largely Danish achievements...???

that must be the most pathetic thing I've seen on pol this month

>Swedish viking empire
are you retarded
>1st empire
you mean the Kalmar union?

>born in 1523
But that is incorrect
>what is House of Bjelbo (Folkungaätten)
>what is House of Munsö

Educate yourself about the caroleans

>Never subjugated brown people

It's like you're not even trying

>3rd Swedish empire

m8, you know damn well that was just a personal union between you and Norway and nothing else

>Danish and Swedish rapebabies

Sweden had absolutely no major tole in the conquest of England. That was mainly Denmark, with some efforts from the Norwegian.

Swedish education.

>discussion about pre 12th century
>posts the 17th century swedish holdings in Latvia

great job you absolute cuck

What is your surname? Is a generic -son suffix, a military or noble surname?

>Some Baltic German duchies
Kek, even our former lands (Croatia, Slovakia, Transylvania) are more impressive. Sad.


And Britain would later lose 3 wars and one footballl championship tournament against Iceland

Only reason sweden managed to get an meme empire was that Russia was weak after ivan the terribles retardness and when russia got the shit together in the 17th century Sweden was BTFO.


"""""swedish""""viking ""empire"""""

>Tfw ancestors died on the battlefields of Ukraine and Germany only for cousins to give up Sweden

Brits are also Roman, Norman and Anglo-Saxon rape babies, so Britain is rightful clay of Italy, France and Germany

This, Sweses were busy chasing Slavic pussy in Russia just to get cockblocked by a Finno-Ugric/Baltic guy called Rurik. His descendants destroyed Sweden's only viable attempt at becoming relevant a few centuries later.

Gotta stand with dad in this issue.

You're boring like every thread thats not this one.

>And look at you now

My post was sarcastic dude.



WTF is OP on about. ~1,000 was all Denmark. Is this some poor trolling effort, or are you actually that stupid?


> The North Sea Empire, also known as the Anglo-Scandinavian Empire, was the domain ruled by Cnut the Great as king of England, Denmark, Norway and parts of what is now Sweden between 1016 and 1035. As one historian put it:

and here's a map of Sweden in the year 1000


OP, stop smoking that shit.

Op this thread is useless: Sup Forums likes what your country and your people once were the problem is the present. Please try to bring up current problems with your conationals from personal experience and what I read by otwer Swedes the risk of being labelled a racist is low and you would be surprised to see how many share your views but were too scared to make the first step.

> more cucked than ever, studies show Dutch still living in the past
be here and now faqqot

Rurikid Monarchy was extinct by the time of Karl XII

Pretty much everything the Danes in this thread said
Sweden is literally Bosnia/Kosovo - a should-not-exist

What is wrong with having relations with Britain's finest? Do you have your soldiers? Do you have the men who fight for your country? Do they not deserve to be freed from the vile British sows and indulge in the unmatched beauty of Icelandic women? You disgust me, you unpatriotic weakling

Who cares?



Sweden is the land of cunts.

this is the reason while im a self hating swede.

Norway was also relevant in the viking age. Sweden was cucked by the Danes for 500 year, then became somewhat relevant at the end of the 30 years war with their arty spam tactics. Unfortunately for them, it wasn't really effective against Polish mass heavy cavalry later, and was utterly countered by Russian infantry rush, which cost them their Empire and all relevance. Unfortunately they still haven't realised this after 300 years as you can see by the typical unwarranted Nordcuck superiority complex of most of the Swedish posters on this board.

>Cnut the Great
>literally a descendant of a swedish bloodline

Swedish viking BTFO'd in Finland in the 11th Century
>Brúsi had this stone erected in memory of Egill, his brother. And he died in Tafeistaland, when Brúsi bore long-spear [=battle standard] after his brother. He travelled with Freygeirr. May God and God's mother help his soul. Sveinn and Ásmundr, they marked

This swede obviously just wants to be norwegian, understandable.


My favorite extinct country is Macedonia. I mean they managed to conquer Persia in a single lifetime. Alexander was amazing.

Fact: Your country will never match the rape rates commited by strangers.

>Sup Forums likes what your country and your people once were
If you spend more than 30 minutes reading about Swedish history then encounter the typical passive-aggressive Swedes with their superiority complexes you won't like them ever again. They are also fucking insufferable IRL compared to Danes or Norwegians who are usually less extroverted but won't act as a condescending fake piece of shit.

Who are these "strangers" Are they someone I should be worrying about?

>Danes being danes
Hail Karl XI!

pathetic, OP. pathetic.

I think they did during the Deluge, they devasteted Poland way more than you did during WW2. The only difference is that you actually managed to conquer them as well.

lol, no doubt no 10 is currently drafting contingency plans in the event of an icelandic invasion

And neither will modern day Sweden match the glory of historical Sweden.

Fucking ice island niggers.

You will outlast all of us.
Also hail the only remaining Vikings.

thats pathetic.

>"If you spend more than 30 minutes reading about Swedish history you won't like them ever again"
True, success breeds jealousy after all

Pic related shows originally danish/norwegian clay that was later taken by the superior swedes

You'll still have to do something about our next eruption


If you didn't have emperor, you didn't have empire.
Also, colonial "empires" are not empires at all. Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, British "empires" never existed, unlike Roman, Russian, French, German or Serbian empires. Pic related..