Well well

well well

go back to the reserve


Go back to your nomadic travelling tribe that never owned land and willingly traded it to settlers for resources and later signed treaties to relocate


natives btfo

Diversity is our strength. Worked out well for the Native Americans.

Said the school shooter.

And blacks only commit crimes because of the bad environment that whites have confined them into. You don't get better when you are forced to drink water from separate fountain or stay in the back of the bus.

I remember native americans bitching about cultural appropiation when it wasn't even a trend.

Italy confirmed niggershed.


asians disproportionately commit school shootings, tard.

Nigger it got way worse after the civil rights movement. Coincidentally fatherless niggers also skyrocketed.

saw this a billion times, plebs go out

rich blacks commit more crime than poor whites you idiot

Quick, who is trained in the art of KEK?!

those digits man

That data was never proved to be right.

Blacks don't drink water and they prefer to sit in the back of the bus
T. Burger who went to an 80% black school


Praise Satan