How the fuck do we solve the manchild-problem?

How the fuck do we solve the manchild-problem?

I mean, so many white males are just dropping out of life because they're pathetic vermin. Instead of making a family, and most importantly, children, they just rot in front of their computers every single day, watching anime or playing stupid video games.

I personally know at least 3 of these subhumans, and they all have certain things in common.

>went to university
>earn a decent amount of money
>either waste the money on trivial horseshite or save it for no apparent reason, or waste on on manchildren collections (comics, guns, anime shit)
>have absolutely no interest in politics, history, anything else but their shitty manchild hobbies
>politically passive, don't give a fuck about what's happening to their country
>absolutley NO productive hobby, 95 % of free time is spent in front of their computer watching degenerate anime

What the fuck do we do?

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ban video games
force young men to pick minimum 1 sport that they must play, weightlifting included

thats pretty much all you need to save the next generation

also guns are not a collection toy

you can use them to hunt and will serve you well in the coming race wars

who cares what she thinks

>caring what women want
I don't think you can get anymore beta than this

i play video games a lot of my time but im interested in history and politics and have a good job.
do i count as a man child?

>Instead of making a family, and most importantly, children
>not following the cucky path of marrying, losing half or more of your hard earned wealth and your kids
>booohooo fucking losers

>either waste the money on trivial horseshite or save it for no apparent reason
>save it for no apparent reason

Taking out unnecessary debt is putting a collar around your own neck.

>conflating guns with "comics and anime shit"

>What the fuck do we do?

I think (((you))) should yell downstairs and ask your mom for another serving of tendies.

>whining that subhumans arn't breeding

Its cucky to care about what a women thinks.

Women just don't realize this is what they wanted in a man all along.

>tfw NEET manchild

Did you read the post? Yes

We induce a solar flare to wipe out the video games, all the electricity, internet, etc...Having to go all survival mode will quickly weed out the cucks from the men. Think Rust IRL

Men want real women. Not monkey-branching, hypergamous, money-leeching whores. =)

>>conflating guns with "comics and anime shit"
Yes actually. Gun collecting numale with about 200 plastic tacticool Bass Pro Shop guns detected with funny car stickers on their truck. (redneck numale)

Lets talk about what western women offer first.

But real men are racist...

Real men do whatever the fuck they want. Kys with this faggot cuck post.

>le smiley face
Reddit is down the hall and to the left

>women on average are fat
>less women wanting a traditional family life, choosing career over family
>Lower to middle class jobs can no longer support a wife and three kids well.
>Schools/Universities teaching feminist bullshit

and you wonder why some guys saying Fuck it! imma play some vidya and jerk it to anime?

there's a high demand for cucks, girls love cucks.. seriously lady in op is retarded.

>ban video games

This should be the priority. It would solve the Twitch and much of the Youtube problem as well.

fuck what women want

i'm sure she's ridden the cock carousel a hundred times over, getting fucked by what she considers "real men". Literally on birth control, getting pumped and dumped - if she wasn't, the first 'real man' would have knocked her up and left her the next day.

Speaking of birth control, it fucks up her hormones so much that it neutralizes a woman's natural ability to detect compatible mates - instead she will just fuck whatever kikes tell her she should fuck - and spend her entire life feeling unfulfilled and never understanding why

She's right, Liking traps is faggotry. There's no such thing as a feminine penis, A penis is apart of a male body. Retarded teenagers dressing up like tranny anime grills are still male.

This is the real blackpill

This bitch dyes her fucking hair blond, total scag, noone want. The problem isnt with men but how repulsive these whores are. Done/thread

Must suck to live in California. Sorry man, you'll have to be satisfied with your dildo collection and muh weed.

>Poland faggot doesn't know surrogates exist

Are MGTOWs this retarded?

Legalize prostitution to give these fuckers a taste of the good stuff

OP is a faggot


Hey bitch, if you want equality you got to let us play our games!!!! GOT IT BITCH? Then maybe I'll give you some respect!! No wonder you can't even get equal pay!!! It should be so easy but your such a stupid bitch who doesn't deserve shit!!!

Hire prostitutes to be their girlfriend for a week

Once they pass that barrier, they'll be normies

>le posting before analyzing OP's pic and my response.
Logical analysis for niggers is out of your basement and off the nearest cliff.

I'm a white man with an average job and an average salary with an average sized dick. Women don't want to be with me, they'd rather be with black and brown men or slut around for older and rich men. Not gonna take part in that shit, I'd rather jerk off, browse Sup Forums, and play video games.

No reason to put effort into a relationship when that woman gave herself to dozens of guys. I'd rather just pay money to fuck 10/10s.

>women want

What these posts never seem to get is that the average gamer is in their mid to late thirties. Most people who play video games are people with families and careers who just see them as another hobby.

I don't get why there's so much hostility towards video games on these weird posts and none directed at films or books.

>women want

Who cares what they want?

>How the fuck do we solve the manchild-problem?
Why is it something that needs to be solved? The problem will solve itself if we stop dumping food on niggers and importing muds like crazy.

Look for women who are 28. They start to get the baby rabies because they are on the verge of losing fertility and have wasted their youth on school and work so if they want to have any children they have to start basically immediately.

>ywn be as cool as Roger

>be me
>go to state flagship university
>major in Economics and Mathematics, CS minor
>get job offers for 50-65K out the door
>decline, because I earn more selling shit online
>2 years now since I've graduated
>made 85K last year while fapping to traps & watching anime all day

Modernism and technology have made it so that life is easy and everyone is entitled from birth. There's also no incentive to being a manly man. It's just hard work with no perceivable benefit

I don't watch trap porn -not usually- but if a woman told me not to do I'd exclusively fap to trap porn

I like how you included 'saves money' in there as if it was a bad thing. You don't need an apparent reason to save money, because you save money for when the reason becomes apparent.

oh look this thread again

heh I had a gf from bosnia once. i brought up video games once and i've never seen such hate and disgust. "You play video games? like a child? i thought you were a man." i stopped playing video games....

>women want
Who gives a fuck?

>manchilds still defend this itt


How about you start by fixing white whores instead? White bitches are the worst
of course Sup Forums is a bunch of cucks though, they'd take any pussy they can get

pic related is right. There is nothing wrong with video games on occasion and in moderation, but if you play them more than once a week you're either a cuck or a fag. Unless you're retired. Then who cares.

Films and books promote social and intellectual growth and can lead to significant improvements in other aspects of life.

Video games do none of those things and are almost universally juvenile and vapid. Video games are regressive and soon enough you'll be that stupid faggot that constantly brings up video games in normal discussions.

Who cares about what talking holes want? Dick em and get away from them. Thats all the real interaction with them that you need if you want to keep your sanity intact.

Open exceptions for intellectual relationships tho

you keep posting this thread...

Real men do what they want and don't let a bitch tell them otherwise.

no one is gonna "man up" to used goods and take one for the team if the prize is a 30 year old hag with mental issues and life crippling debt

Are you planning on having children through surrogates at least? It's best to keep the white birth rate intact.

there is nothing wrong with finding traps attractive in their feminine female form

Stop playing video games
Stop watching porn (most important)
Stop watching anime (certain exceptions like Fist of North Star, Cowboy Bebop, Berserk, Urusei Yatsura, etc. are ok. No moeshit)
Stop being unemployed

>saving money

Men respond to incentives. If you make it so that having a family sucks dick, they quit having families.

See I don't get this attitude. The average gamer is 36 years old. More people over the age of 35 play games than people below that age.

America has done everything in it's power to socially reject masculinity. You are lead to believe that white men are the root of all evil so white men either reject society in favor of escapism or they become bottomfeeders who "fight" for the rights of trannies.

My girl loves video games just as much as me.

Make marriage attractive to men, make men's decissions matter again in society, overall let people take control of their lives without the current safety nets and people will start to become responsable or starve.

Currently most males drop out of life because it is the way that brings in the best outcome for them. taking effort and trying to become "males" again doesn't pay dividends in the end, but leaves you with a divorce, never seeing your kids and lots of debt that ain't yours (and in most white countries, kids that aren't yours either).

Sempai help me
Im so fucked up that i cant make anithing, i wake up do some Sup Forums the i sleep and repeat its an eternal cicle.
They told me that i have to respect woman and so i have done but by observing them this woman dont want respect they want dick and cum.
Im so pathetic help me out.

It solves itself. The reason you can't understand this is because you're either one of them yourself or lack any sort of critical reasoning.
Very few people make a conscious decision to "grow up". Rather, it tends to be a response to degenerating living conditions around them. The issue isn't the video games either. Fuck's sake, one of the Green Bay Packers is streaming fucking Dota now. You think that guy has any problems getting pussy?

As for what you're talking about, that's not even a manchild. Your "productive hobby" is your fucking job. You get paid for that, and if it pays well enough for you to buy all of that silly shit, the chances are that you are providing some service to society that warrants it. It is not your prerogative to demand some sort of action be taken against these people and their relationship with society, and indeed, they are probably far more useful to society than you ever will be. That person is, through their own sweat and hard work, supporting artists, gun manufacturers, and Japan's booming animation industry, creating a demand for more creative jobs that would not otherwise exist. The only worrying thing is if they don't save any significant amount of money (the only thing that's really needed to start a family is a house and a female you can tolerate. Once a man has a house and money in the bank, it's very much his dating market), but if the floundering Boomer generation is anything to go by, this is not an issue that's exclusive to gun-toting anime fans (huh...that's an image).

When you eliminate mobile games the average age falls back into the teens.

Hey leaf faggot

Traps are still gay, cross dressing still makes you male. Deal with it.

>just dropping out of life because they're pathetic vermin
No. They do that because of how pathetic and disgusting are sluts around them.

Given the choice of being with a slut that sucked dozens/hundreds of cocks and let some randoms Chads do whatever they want with their bodies and they liked it, or to just live their lives comfortably alone, they chose the latter.

You are mistaking the result for the cause. You want to fix men you have to fix women first. But it's already too late for millennials. We will see a whole generation of old, alone, homeless women living in poverty on streets. Gen Z seems to be smart and I don't think they will repeat the same mistakes.

This. 30+ is not ripe for children. They are used up bitches who have been whoring for their entire 20s. Beware of this shit, they will fool you into falling for them.

League of legends and minecraft says otherwise.

>1 post by this ID
Almost sure this is a slide thread, anyway...

The problem isn't that the men are weak, the problem is that they were made weak and then kicked out of society. Let me explain how this works:
Strong men create strong societies. Thus, if a society is full of strong men it is hard to dominate it. However, a society full of weak men is easy to push around, the weak will be purged and the remaining strong will lack powerful leaders to direct their strength. It's the same of what happens when you kill the commander of an army: the troops loses it's brain, each branch start to do it's own thing and everything falls apart quickly.

So, to control western society, the first step was to create weak men. To do so, they destroyed every single male-characteristic with feminism. They told every kid that doing the things they would naturally do, that they would like to do, were bad. Then, during puberty, they tell males that they aren't allowed to feel horny, that they are rapists, and that they should bow down to women. On the third stage, we have two types of men:
>The liberal nu-male cuck
These followed each step and are considered the pride of society, being used as examples. They are weak and their only purpose is to spread cuckery.
>The outcast
Men who went stray in one of these steps. Because they just don't accept it, they were excluded from society.They were turned into evil, hostile creatures, and their so called failures are pointed out to everyone. They are told that they are the problem, when in truth they are just victims.

To solve this problem, you need to destroy the indoctrination of young men, re-establish their bond with their family and with society, to fight the indoctrination of young women into whores and praise male values, as well as accepting male behavior.

>"real" men
>but all women are real women!
Ok, and none of that shit in the OP applies to me

Stop wasting your time on Chinese cartoons online forums

look user i want to start a family and shit myself but lets face it. the conditions are hard and definitely more complicated than they used to be a few generations ago. woman are demanding, kids take a lot of your care and you need to suck your bosses dick to finance it all. no wonder that a lot of modern males fall into the vidya game trap where life's simply easier. and who the fuck really cares, at the end of the day we will turn regardless of our achievements to dust. sure having kids is nice, having a nice wife is fine but but keep these things at a 'nice' level you really need to hard try. having a ordinary job is not enough anymore, a average factory worker who cares for his kids and himself won't be able to fincance it. the other option of course is breed regardless of anything but thats not what we should want, since its really at the end of the day is a thug factory in most cases.

Yeah people should stop being such faggots but the change is one that needs to be made individually. In today's world where stuff is still too comfortable, that's the unfortunate fact. You may be able to lightly push some faggots but for others it's likely beyond hope.

If things get a little less comfortable I think some of these guys will just drop, but it would be good for the next generation.

when a woman tells you to man up all you have to say is...

Why? Then they will no have no reasons to convince you to do so

I keep fooling myself into thinking I want a female around, and then I realize I really don't. I want to work, come home and do whatever the fuck I want to do to relax. I can fap to whatever and get it over with. I don't need some pussy to come inside of, a rubber one works fine. If I want to cuddle I can get a fluffy and loyal pet that will at least act like it needs me. Getting married is a risk, having kids is a risk. Your life belongs to your family if you have one. I want to enjoy my own life. I don't want to come home after a busy day to a woman complaining about how annoying her life is, how sad she feels, or other emotional shit, or told we should go eat at some overpriced shit restaurant or go watch some shitty movie at a theater. The grass is always greener, until you realize that there is no grass. Just a lava pit.

You sure you don't have your weapons mixed up?

>Picking useless women over my interests and hobbies
Fuck Off Kamil

It's not wasting time if you're enjoying it. You're saying you should be spending your time making some whore happy instead? I think that's a much worse use of time. We as individuals decide what is a good use of time and what isn't.

This is exactly what they intended when they started dismantling gender norms. They don't want white men breeding or having sex. So now that white men are withdrawing from society, white women are going to black and brown men for relationships and sex and marriage. Just gotta accept that this is the new norm and the future. And white women happily choose black and brown men anyway.

Why get married and have kids with a thot? MGTOW make a good point, these bitches ruined it all. Now the family is dead. Thats it. Oddly enough, converting to ISLAM may be the only thing to save white people from going extinct, because then the bitches would follow command. If youre a guy who wants women to be free and have a vote, then you ARE the cuck. These girls just want to be girls, why do you think they want open borders? its a racial shit test, either youll all stand up and put these thots in thier places, or the muslims will for you. This all ends in major patriarchy, thats without a doubt. Either in Sharia or with the white westerners taking the vote back from women and making them go back home.

true, but that is not their final form

OP is mad because his bitch made him quit his hobbies lmao, kill yourself cuck

>Promotes Race-mixing


Antisaged :^)

this tbqh
most women would fuck an attractive man with a strapon. do you let it happen because of that?

are you a fucking retard

I won't disagree with you, because how it is for you is how it is for most people our generation these days. Trying to get married simply doesn't bring any benefits in this day and age to the modern man, quite the opposite in fact.

Depends if your a King or not. These faggots think cuddling after sex is manly. After im done pounding a pussy she should make me a sandwich and rub my feet as i play Black Flag a second time. Be thankful if i let you sleep next to me.

No, they really don't. Statistics from dating sites show that white women largely go for white men, and very very few go for black men. Whores ona beach will say they love black men to appear PC, but they don't actually fuck them. It's all bullshit by some interracial cuck who keeps posting here so they can fap to their fetish on pol and trigger people. More women are just settling for unsightly white men or living and dying with their cats. A good conservative white woman will find a nice white man, period. That doesn't mean we want to settle for whores. I don't care that some dumb bimbo is fucking a black dude or a mexican. It doesn't bother me, and why should it? I can enjoy my life without caring who some dumb peoples kids are fucking.

Also those white women who do end up going for black and brown men end up as single mothers on dating sites, or single ghetto mothers, dead or beaten. Just fyi. Statistics don't lie.

>How the fuck do we solve the manchild-problem?

How the fuck do you get the man you want? Simple. Be the woman he wants.

>be me
>Went to uni
>Group IT Director for a global media business
>high salary, investments already
>No g/f
>gaming PC
>2 GTX1080 SLI
>4k monitor
>16Tb Hdds
>200mbit home fiber
>Play vidya
>drink fine whisky and beers
>set for life
>120" projector screen and home cinema
>no whining
>no complaining
>could buy 3 high end sports cars with the money saved not raising children
>No legal risk
>No financial risk
>most modern women complete and total degenerates




Men live like kings when they don't have relationships and kids, there is no denying this, debate me.

Yes it keeps whites from going extinct, Go back to r/childfree anti-Natalist scum.

Bongs are more retarded than burgers.

Convince women that sleeping around isn't actually liberating, and that choosing a stable person and staying with them is in their best interest?

Why get married and have kids with a thot? MGTOW make a good point, these bitches ruined it all. Now the family is dead. Thats it. Oddly enough, converting to ISLAM may be the only thing to save white people from going extinct, because then the bitches would follow command. If youre a guy who wants women to be free and have a vote, then you ARE the cuck. These girls just want to be girls, why do you think they want open borders? its a racial shit test, either youll all stand up and put these thots in thier places, or the muslims will for you. This all ends in major patriarchy, thats without a doubt. Either in Sharia or with the white westerners taking the vote back from women and making them go back home.

You're British so it doesn't really matter what happens to your country. We must save fellow burger whites from dying.

there is nothing wrong with a woman using a strap on on you

I'm enjoying being single. I think most men just beat themselves over it because of what society tells them, or they get lonely. It's really a mind over matter thing. Living without whores is easy. I could probably find a conservative female, but honestly I don't even want to bother. If Trump can give some incentives to do so I might consider it, but until then, let them be blacked or cat'd or whatever they want, I simply don't care. There will always be more white women coming up who want older men. The good thing about being a guy is that you don't have to worry about time as much as females. We age like a fine wine, etc.

Of course I enjoy the time I'm spending here, I was just making fun of OP with his big lessons of morality posted on a site for nerds like Sup Forums