Were we in the wrong?


Last couple days I've seen Sup Forums's rhetoric change from:

>no proof of Trump-Russia collusion


>so what if he did? Obama and Hillary are in Saudi Arabia's pockets and nobody cares. Also, we love Putin anyway.

What gives?



Is it impossible to hold both of those opinions?

There has been no Trump-Russia collusion all along

Trump is also a Saudi gold digger.

I've actually been watching the boards very carefully and I never saw any threads like that. You are lying.

>nigger logic
>look at flag

aaaaahhhhhhh, right. Now it makes sense


last I heard the kids in OP's pic were looking at a museum provided app that provides info on the exhibits iirc.

It's not about "feelings". Everyone uses feelings when they speak or act.

Calling someone "emotional" is stupid. Logic has its emotions as well.

Look at Jordan Peterson cry.

I heard that too- and i don't deny the pic probably misrepresents some- but that answer is as telling as anything.

>the kids aren't looking at they art! they are looking at screens
>actually, they are looking at an informative app that have a nice voice-over giving info about the art and educating them further...

Still looking at a screen and listening to someone else's interpretation rather than just looking and experiencing for themselves.

Social has become > real. Many such cases. Sad!

I haven't seen evidence of anything except more felony leaking of classified intel. Guess we watch different news. You probably think Rand Paul is a tool of the Kremlin too.

Of course he is. He's collecting foodstamps too.

Honduras? What fake smoke signal outlets have you been paying attention to? Can you tell by the color of the smoke?

neither of these statements are mutually exclusive.

>I've seen the "rhetoric" change...

no (You) haven't, unless you JUST started to pay attention to the few dedicated shills and leftypol trolls and somehow confused that 1/64th of the total userbase as the rest of us.

You'd have to be pretty fucking retarded to do something like that however.

Are (You) ...retarded?

Theres no proof of Trump-Russia collusion

[Butthurt spic shill detected]

Sauce on the painting in OPs pic, pls

This. They laughed at Romney for suggesting that Russia was the biggest international threat. Suddenly all the liberal marxists in this country are paranoid about Russia.

Something stinks here. The establishment is feeding us a big turd sandwich.

You act like Sup Forums is one person

This board has never been about rational thought and discussion. The views of people here are purely reactionary, regardless of the facts - that's what gives

Both of these opinions have been said for months, if not a year. I know this because I've been here everyday and long before the election and even during the election many people almost exclusively voted Trump because they didn't want war with Russia, which Clinton and the rest of the establishment wanted. Surprise surprise they are still pushing for it, repeating ad nauseam. Anyone continuing to push the "muh russia" meme, and continuing with hostilities should be strapped to the ground and a boot stomped over and over on their face until their fucking skull caves in, full stop.

Why would I look at one boring picture if I can look at billions of any kind of picture, video, text or game on my phone?