If you had to pick between Poland or Hungary to live in a 100% white country. Which one would it be?

If you had to pick between Poland or Hungary to live in a 100% white country. Which one would it be?

Personally i'd pick Hungary. Orban sounds pretty based

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Why don't you just go back to Ukraine?

Because it's shithole, especially west, and I'm not ukie



Both are Slavs and both aren't white

Hungary because I have dual citizenship and speak the language. Also budapest girls are fucking SLUTS for westerners.

I'm talking anal on the first date.

gr8 b8 m8

>both aren't white

>Both are Slavs

Poland because higher wages and less gypsies

Hungarians aren't Slavic mate

72% of Hungolians say they were better off under communism than they are now.

Meanwhile, pretty much everything communist is banned in Poland.

Hungary, if they took back their mountains.

I'd pick Hungary too, though I'm learning Russian and intend to learn Polish afterwards because Magyar is apparently a bitch to learn (also practically NOBODY to teach mag here).

But yeah I like Orban, he is bro tier and a guy who knows what Europe truly is.

But they aren't jews like a certain medipak nation either.

Jewish American, so every country I'd like to go to will hate me for my "nasty Jew ways"

Probably Poland. Already have Polish friends, so connections wouldn't be that hard.

Why not Greece? They seem like good people.

You'd be safe in Krakow, that's the most jewed city in Poland.


Thought they killed off all the Jews there.

I'd try poland for some time actually.

Orban looks like based, but he is really corrupt. And i mean REALLY. Bigly. The whole party of his (fidesz).

Anthing that they make in the country either from EU money, or from tax payers, they steal the half of it, and the actual thing that they do, is low in quality, but cost really much.

My favourite example is a bike road that has been built. It costed 3x the price /km than in western countries do it, and after a few months it got cracks on it. Big fucking cracks.

Have to say tho, that ppl are pretty based. We are mostly conservative, idiot leftists are much more weaker, and smaller in size. Media is pretty wide spread on the political spectrum. We have unbareable libshit, and quite based, but government propaganda spreading right leaning too.

Holy shit, really? I work in Kraków, and i've seen a few people with funny noses but never really noticed...

No, it's like sanctuary city for jews. They jew their way to stay alive and protected.

Would humble merchant be OK outside of Krakow?

Also, this is the longest I've been on a Sup Forums thread without people demanding my death.

Han yourself jewish parasite

Today on things never happened.

I mean budapest girls not more sluts than in other countries if you go to a fancy club and have blink blink.

We are now robbed constantly by political partys. Nothing gets done, and nothing gets better. Ppl are sayin this "things were better back in the ol days" but it's just a meme.

Most party promise every 4 years the heaven, but they just lie, and suck the blood out of the ppl. So pretty huge % are really depressive, and pessimistic.

Also wages are 3rd or 4th then like in UK or GER, but the prices are the same (of living. housing is cheaper, but not much).

Haha learning hungarian have fun. Try mandarin first, it's easier.

Hungary is the the right answear, Poland is cucked.


our current government and their alternative are both shit. we are stuck in an endless loop. now don't know about orban but he seems to be doing alright.

do you look jewish? younger people have become surprisingly bad at spotting the jew. even in countries where survival depends on it.

I think you'd be ok in large cities, we have few niggers walking alive, although they can't feel safe.
As long as you're white and don't act weird you're good.

>double digits confirm based Poland

Double digits. Double confirmed


Both languages sound God awful, with Hungary taking the cake in the most awful one on Eurasia.

Hungarian people are more arrogant and chauvinist.

Now, looking at land, I don't really know anything about Poland's landscape, but I sure would like to live near lake Balaton or in Carphatian Basin, so prob Hungary takes this one.

Poland is pretty big my dude. We have everything

No chance for me to learn Hungarian, and I hardly can find any traction with their culture if there's any (do you guys literate?), so Poland it is.

Actually want to say a few more things on this.

When in 89-90 the Soviet union fell apart, we did not had any prosecution for the old system's political criminals. Look at it like this: we did not had a purge.

Also our brotheren Polish guys have really bad experiences with the russian guys, so they are really against anything that has connection to them.

Communism was not good for us either. We were under occupation, and we tried to chase the russians away (look it up: 1956 freedom fight hungary). It was a sucess for a brief period of time, but the came back, and whopped our asses. Who did not run from them, they just got killed. Total terror on the people. Look it up: ÁVÓ. They had informers, snitches, and if you even said something negative about comminism you at least got jailed and beaten.

If some fagot says "things were better under communism" it's jsut beacuse he is a senile old fuck, who knows nothing outside of his garden.

The only reason anybody says this, beacuse things were easier. You did not have to involve yourself in politics, election was easy since there was basically one party. They idolize that time for the illusion of simple life.

>We have everything

Except mountains.

But its not a problem, if I get to live near a sea, like the Baltic one.

I'd prefer polish girls tbqh

It was sad by others as well but I can only agrre with them, Orban and his party fidesz is corrupt, money goes to the pockets of his friends and his friends companies get to work on almost every projects again to give them some extra money. People think communist times were better not becouse it was that great but the current situation is much more shittier. And we have lot gypsies...

but they have a desert, a scandinavian wood-church and a (plastic) palm tree in their capitol. that's a lot for a country usually associated with the color grey.

>Romanian calling others chauvinist

Mein sides!

We have plenty of mountains on the south.

Whatever, we don't need gypsies here :^)

I inherited one of the most Polish last names there is. Can pretty much go there tomorrow and role-play as a polack.

>no u

thanks for proving my point

Can a gyppo into geography?


Warsaw and Krakow are jewed. It has to do with the fact that our neomarxist elite is largely jewish and naturally wants Poles to feel the guilt for the fact that Jewry is gone. They have even erected a big ass museum of the polish Jewry and guess what, it's already occupied by your Critical Theory marxists, exploring guilt and how Poles are responsible for the Holocaust. Man, if the Jews won't stop their ways, they'll unleash a great pushback

I'd pick Hungary, goulash is based and I'm Serbian. So i'd be closer to my people's.

Magyars are mongols, show some respect

>tfw first and second post weren't a Hungarian saying Poland and a Pole saying Hungary

Did I call you a Vlach Gypo or mountain nigger? No. Just pointed out the fact that Romanians on an average are ten times more chauvinistic than us. Except for 'space Scythians', but those are usually mental.

>Haha learning hungarian have fun. Try mandarin first, it's easier.

I would try if I even had anybody to teach me, but yeah most people that tried said similar stuff to me.

>le internet meme friendship xD

True, they're threading on a thin ice. They've been getting away with it for too many years.

>he just keeps sperging out

Take a deep breath and realise that you are wrong.

Yes, YOU, are objectively wrong.

Relax, and now post again.

Depends on which front do you want to fight in 20 years:
-Western - Choose Poland
-South - Choose Hungary.

I'd say we are more conservative. We only joined the "western civilization" in 1989-90. We have a few generation left out from the progressive liberalism, so we don't buy into that shit so easily.

Most man here still belives that the woman's part is raising children in the family. In reality man, and women too works still, beacuse of the shitty wages. It's rare that a family can live well from only one pay.

Maybe, i give you that. I'd say proud. Proud of our history, our ancestors. Our won, and lost battles. We were a great nation once, we defended whole europe alone against the whole turkish empire (we rarely got help and they eventually broke us).
Nowadays people life here is filled with depression, and pessimism from what i think. You do a work that is much easier and made by 2 ppl in the countries to the west from us (hell, even austria our neighbour). And you get the 3rd of the wage as a western country. But the prices are the same. Well have fun. Life is not impossible but i think it's hard mode in hungary.

Oh look, France is 36 to 42 percent muslim. Sweet.

Thank God we have plenty of ammo in the Oppression Olympics®.
Our story is maybe even more tragic, maybe that's why they're so anxious.

Fuck off

If Le Pen doesn't win i'm seriously planning on moving to Poland, already visited and it was pretty great, many good people, even in their independence march everyone was really kind and welcoming

But i don't want to be that useless fucker who come to profit so i'll try to join the army or be useful in any way i can, and get the fuck back to France if Le Pen gets elected 5 years later or if big happening (not likely to happen)

Also France has a history of friendship with Poland, which stopped after WWII sadly, so if shit hit Poland i'd do my part

can i come pls ?

Hungary would be the greatest country on earth if you purged the corrupt and reinstated the monarchy.

Did I hurt your feelings?

jebawka, uczucio czy karakan?

>we defended whole europe alone against the whole turkish empire (we rarely got help and they eventually broke us).

Ofc you did man.

500+ seems like a good start, tbqh senpai. I also like their attitude toward the EU and migrants.

Yes. I'm crying on the floor right now

Yes, white French are welcome.

>France has a history of friendship with Poland
Literally xD

>look ma' I posted cool memes from karachan again!

It's not a meme, anyone can look up our shared history. A real bromance, what (thank god) still many values, and gives to the next generation.

One of our celebrations is March 15. It's a revolution's celebretory, and every year there are polish people at the commemoration. That warms my hearth

>Napoleonic Wars
>War of Polish succesion
>Great Emigration

It's not that bad

poland just seems to depressing

>many values, and gives to the next generation
Then how come that people asked on streets are calling hungarians poor gypsies and don't even know about this magic friendship? No one in real life gives a fuck about it, face it. It's just a meme.

Yep because Napoleon was so kind hearted and loved Poles. It totally wasn't about using polish soldiers as tools to conquering Europe :^)

>he doesn't even know his national anthem

Poland may not see us as an ally since WWII, but you're really the only real ally France ever had (historically)

also i heard some crazy shit about your priests, i'm actually atheist but i want to convert, but before that i want to take lessons of christianity, so the day i come, i will of course still be atheist, will i get beaten by le polish nationalist priest ? should i convert before i come ?

They both are depressing, Hungary I would not say is any better than Poland, maybe better things to see.

But to illustrate how bad it is, my uncle has to go to Germany to work to afford to live in Hungary because wages are terrible.

Well, at least we had a country for a couple years

>Lenin has showed us the way
>Let us shake away Catholicism and our culture to form a socialist arab republic

>should i convert before i come ?
No, many Polacks are fed up with clergy. Even some of those who still go to church.

>also i heard some crazy shit about your priests, i'm actually atheist but i want to convert, but before that i want to take lessons of christianity, so the day i come, i will of course still be atheist, will i get beaten by le polish nationalist priest ? should i convert before i come ?

Does not matter, they only care about coveting more and more people. What is the major religion in Poland? Is it catholic like Hungary?

Hungary because Budapest is a top tier city with muh high culture, furthermore hungarian gurlz are the cutest in Europe. Warsaw is boring and polish girls are too.

y u mad romansky? you don't have history?

Is this "monarchy was good" thing what they teach you there?

We had a pretty big revolution against it, what they could only beat with the help of a big ass russian army.

yeah. i didn't think hungary would have been sunshine and rainbows or anything, but budapest would have been cool to see before i kill myself because i have to live in slavland.

yes poles are mostly catholic

i didn't chose that

yeah i heard that some poles are returning to paganism

yes, i think it's the most catholic country in europe

Hungary. Orban is based as fuck and the gf is Hungarian

>Is this "monarchy was good" thing what they teach you there?
>monarchy was good
>taught in france

Budapest is really nice, do not expect people to speak English however.

Even if they do they will not speak it (I assume they're afraid of messing up?).

I've been there 4 times. Only time I ever encountered someone that didn't speak English was in a cigarette shop.

today in things never happened.

ofc not every polish and hungarian knows about this detail of history. At school they did not even teach this to us. Only if you take your time, and read it you'll get to know it.

I don't even know what is your problem. You don't know history? that is why you think it's a meme?

Where were you? I stayed in the lords residence on Lovag Utca.

No one I encountered spoke English and I lived there for a month (besides this guy at burger king).


i'm gonna go in the middle for Slovakia

>i heard that some poles are returning to paganism
I don't know about that, but lot of priest is getting rich, buing houses and cars, while normal people have to work hard just to meet ends. So there is this envy.
Also some priests are fucking nuts.
But still, people go to church to praise Jesus, not to listen to fucktard priest.
I think recently people actually returning to christianity, seeing all these shitskins ruining Europe. Deus Vult.

Oh and also they spoke English at tourist places like Celertas shooting club.

I told the security guard at my Hotel about it and he wanted to take his son lol.

Everyone knows about the friendship. It's blatant bait my dude

He's right though.


Your hoovercraft is full of eels

I've been to budapest, young people pretty much all speak English.

Beautiful city btw