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>lock him up

for what?

For not jailing Hillary.


So why should he be locked up he didn't do any war crimes like the others.

sage for the 6th time today

sage & ignore faggots

But the entire Russian connection thing is a very obvious fabrication and if you still believe otherwise at this point there is no helping you.

>Hitler had "HIS" Berlin wall

what the fuck

tfw people are still chanting "lock her up"

it was about 20 years of nonstop corruption, with literally hundreds of pieces of corroborating evidence.

Bill Clinton literally knocked up a penthouse pet and had her murdered in 1979.

Also Maddow is 100% confirmed cokehead. The voice never lies.

Yeah, it was about murder.

She's killed at least a dozen people that we know of.


I don't get it, what does this have to do with her embarrassing herself so hard last week that even leftist late night clowns made fun of her?

Losers don't get to make the rules.

I worked in Intel for the military for 5 years. For me, yes, it very much was about the emails. Specifically the fact that emailing classified info on your own private email server is no big deal if you're Hillary Clinton.

She looks terrified


maddow is an out-of-touch, uneducated gash, as is anyone who believes she made a valid point here.

>Comey on Hillary: "“Although we did not find clear evidence [of any intentional misconduct] there is evidence that they were extremely careless of very sensitive, highly classified information.”
>"To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now."

What did he say in recent hearing about current investigation's results?

So Trump has classified data on a server in his bathroom?

Why? Hillary directly broke the law multiple times, lied about it, then throws out wild accusations that even McCarthy himself would doubt; but because the MSM loves choking down Hillary's shit like Hershey's kisses, they push a bullshit narrative.

It has no gender. How can I take it seriously?

you will never meet bigger degenerate, hypocrite, dindus than right wing retards

Biggest scumbags in the universe

get out, jamaicuck

I just wanted her to get locked up, because it would've been a shitstorm.

oh well, at least you won't reproduce

>Hitler had his Berlin wall
>The Berlin Wall (German: Berliner Mauer) was a barrier that divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989. Constructed by the German Democratic Republic
>Leftists confirmed for being literally retarded

impeach him for what?
lock him up for what?
Idiotic liberals confirming the stereotype again by putting their feeling above the law/facts.
Purge when?


I H(s)E(h)A(a)R(r)D(e) T(b)H(l)A(u)T(e) she's on the upswing with great things coming up.

>Maddow thinks she gets to make rules


What has Trump done that's illegal?
Making demorats cry bitch tears isn't a xrime.

The shills flipped the script for the time being. Since the theater yesterday libs are straight up accusing Trump of treason.

It's the power of the libtard celebrities. They believe everything the news tells them. They're retarded.

i honestly hope that is a bait edit by a Sup Forumsack and not the actual picture because if that is the actual picture I think I've just lost all faith in humanity

>So Trump has classified data on a server in his bathroom?

Wtf i have walls in my house... oh shit im literally hitler

>1 post by this ID

Sage and report, idiots. This is a shill thread.

Fuck off Leafer.

Are you implying that this is about emails? Shill, please go.


Kek this has to be bait


>"New Rule"

Are these people 8 years old? Because that's how my 8 year old deals with losing games.

>i honestly hope that is a bait edit
It is, occupydemocrats said so uvu

>Kek this has to be bait

Lock who up? And why?

When your old and retired you can think back.
"This is how I wasted my life".

It's always a new rule with occupy democrats. I see them posting more and more "new rules", why do they need to change the rules and not play fairly?

> If you were saying don't lock her up then but are saying lock him up now, you have to admit it isn't about the emails.

fuck this shit its GAME TIME
>go to Snapchat Y .me
>leak girl at school
>post results






Maybe it dropped off because she's a gender baiting dumbass retard that even stevie wonder wouldnt stick his dick in.

>occupy democrats

haha okay


So fucking true.

I keep forgetting that man has a vagina.

it dropped because she wasnt covering a major story

Are you retarded or do you just love posting irrelevant drivel?

>hitler had the berlin wall

alright, now i know it was one of you fucks who made this as bait, no way a liberal is this stupid


ITT: OP is a degenerate numale hipster cuck.

What did "she" cover in previous Wednesday?

O shit

Why would I shout for an innocent man to be jailed?

>down from previous Wednesday by 16% in a critical category.

No surprise

They have Wendy's in Russia?

It's a universally agreed upon fact that using a private server to conduct Federal Government business is a felony.

Then not submitting these emails, in full, to the State Dept is a felony.

Having classified documents on a private server is a felony.

Deleting emails (avoiding FOIA) is a felony.

Allowing non-authorized users to view classified documents and emails is a felony.

This is not a conspiracy theory, its actual laws, unlike colluding with or meeting with foreign governments as a private citizen. Trump would have had to claim he was "representing" the U.S. in some sort of deal to be in violation of the Hatch Act and no one actually believes this.

They want to paint a picture as if he colluded with Russia to win the presidency to delegitimize it and ultimately use it as a vague ethics violation to bring impeachment (which they can't get).

I have to admit that this may be a Poe's Law for me...

>when you want to report obvious bait threads but fear turning Sup Forums into a censored circle-jerk
Just bear it and move on lads.
Some of our best humor in the election came from twisting b8 posts into unrecognizable messes.

>be maddow
>in bathroom
>shaving cream on cheeks
>shaving peach fuzz from face
>hetero cis white male secretary bursts into bathroom
>”Sir! It’s here! Come quick!”
>you splash some water on your cheeks to wash the residual shaving cream from your face and look yourself in the mirror
>”the itsy bitsy donny went up the water spout,” you sing to yourself, “down came the rain and LEAKED THE TAXES OUT!”
>you and your hetero cis white male secretary cannot stop laughing
>it’s almost as funny as a tiny trump
>but far more powerful
>surely it will lead to trump’s impeachment
>you put on your vanity bulge codpiece and pantsuit
>you enter the studio triumphantly and take your seat behind your desk
>the camera turns on
>”to my fellow self-identifying marginalized americans. we got ‘em!”
>”let’s all have a look at pic related shall we?”
>but wait, something’s wrong
>instead of a big fat zero there’s actually a sizeable number
>no worries because it’s actually the rate that matters
>you run some quick numbers in your head and realize the rate is actually quite significant too
>you swallow hard
>your voice creaks, “as you can see…”
>hetero cis white male secretary bursts into the studio and hands you a piece of paper
>with white house stationary and all it reads: Congratulations on your big scoop Ms. Maddow. We think you’ll make a great addition to the trump public relations team!
>and it’s signed The Little Dutch Boy
>”no, no, no! take down pic related! this was a set-up! He’s a con man! This is another one of his cons! Where are you HILLLLAAAAAARRRRRYYYY!”
>MSNBC goes to “technical difficulties” screen..

>had a server in her home with top secret information on it: ironclad
>approved of a deal while at the state department that gave a russian company a large portion of rights to US uranium: ironclad
>members of said russian company gave millions to the clinton foundation around the same time as the sign off: ironclad
Not anymore.

>file deleted
What did I miss?

>no way a liberal is this stupid

Apparently youre 6'4 with a fat 9" cock m8.

stop making rules

The URL says Sup Forums but thread looks Sup Forums
Confusing timeline

Pic that said "this guy is 6'4 with a fat 9" cock" and an arrow pointing to your post

This cant be real jesus christ

I'd wish mods were this fast to delete bbc threads. I'd also wish the pic was true.

Oh gee, let me see here uhhhh.....

'there is no evidence'

Shills selling their souls to the billionaire Nazi/Jew and pedophile bosses for money are trying to lay judgement on others.

fuck off