Why has Christianity become so weak and irrelevant that it is now a laughing stock? What happened?

Why has Christianity become so weak and irrelevant that it is now a laughing stock? What happened?
>inb4 jews
real answers only pls

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only certain sects.
9 times out of 10, if it's something disgustingly liberal and blasphemous it's either 'United Church of Christ' or ELCA

You cannot be Catholic and gay. Heretics that say otherwise should be crucified.

all christians are gay. worshipping a near-naked male = homosexuality

Secular humanism and the cult of rationalism. Additionally, Western society over the past 50 years has trended more and more to putting the individual above the society as a whole, and so people fill their senses and minds with materialism, as well as engage in their basest desires (hunger, thirst, lust) without moderation.

Christianity is partly to blame for this in that it is flabby, weak, and the Protestant sects are endlessly fracturing upon themselves, while Catholicism is blatantly corrupt and an obvious scam to anyone with internet access and a curious mind.

There needs to be some new moral code of the future. Christianity is dead and it just doesn't know it yet, while Islam is poised to fill the vacuum that Christianity leaves. For the record, I believe that this would be disastrous - Islam is culturally retarded (in the truest sense of the word) and would plunge us into a new intellectual dark age. On the other hand, moral relativism borne from the Enlightenment has gone totally overboard and empowered the individual to completely disregard his/her duty to the society.

>t. reprobate

It's 2017. Christianity gets more destroyed over the years. That's the plann all along. Destroy the followers of Christ and replace them with islamists. Welcome to the soon to be revelation

Any anons who haven't seen this should watch it now.


The first step to freedom is acknowledging your are a slave.

would you accept that a Islamist is gay?
> no that would be ridiculous, he is clearly going against the fundamental believes of Islam , if that s the criteria we are all muslin.

christians spent centuries squabbling over petty doctrinal bullshit. they lost touch with god, the infinite, whatever you want to call it. the underlying divine reality. and instead they spent their time squabbling with each other and lecturing people despite their complete lack of spiritual authority

then the enlightenment came along and shoved over the whole house of cards. why do we need christianity telling us how to run things? we can do that ourselves. and christianity was so used to being a temporal religion invested in the goings on of the world that when it was supplanted by political ideology it had no other role to fulfil. so now it is dying. its no loss really since real christianity has been dead for a long long time. real islam too for that matter. sad!

christ cucks have always been good goys.

christ cucks will let the refugees in once the pope commands them to.

Daily reminder that stronk pagan Romans persecuted Jews and christians because they both were degenerate and refused to assimilate to a superior european culture
Daily reminder that Romans almost finished the job before getting subverted and attacked by christian psyopped snow niggers
Daily reminder that christians and jews have a symbiotic relationship, and that if one goes, the other will surely follow
Daily reminder that Christianity has never and will never address the JQ
Daily reminder that half of all jews in the world live in the most christian first world nation on earth
Daily reminder that jews have little to no influence in nations where christianity is declining, thats why they're sending in rapefugees to start reactionary movements

>the pope commands the Christians
I bow down to no man but the lord.

>christianity is dying ahhhh

>Christianity has never and will never address the JQ

Martin Luther " the jews and their lies"

I have two Catholic friends who identify as homosexual, but have sworn to celibacy to honor God.

>only real answers pls

Well, then you must accept it. The memes are not merely memes, newfaggotfriendo. Jews and more specifically Cultural Marxism, is exactly the answer. None other can suffice.

Go fuck yourself shill fuck, implying most modern degeneracy is not DIRECTLY traceable to the Protocols and the Tribe. Like they finally did in Rome, they are doing us in.

>Christianity become so weak

only protestucucks

>Pope says gay marriage is from satan
>Pope Francis speaks against Gay adoption
>Compares trans rights to nuclear arms race
>Pope Francis says that there's no salvation outside the Church
>He excommunicates an Australian priest supporting gay marriage and women clergy
>Pope Francis is against gender theory and for traditional gender roles
>Pope is against abortion
>He Encourages the use of force against ISIS
>Pope Francis is against lukewarm "faith"
>The Pope is misquoted often
>The Pope Rebukes Communist Cross

Wrong. Check out Marching to Zion. Same guy has made several Christian anti-jewish movies & documentary-tier things, great stuff. Not to mention: William Cooper (who was kind of christian), brother Nathaniel, and quite importantly this guy:


unsure if this is the one where he names them but he names them all the time. Amazing lecturer.

Because people don't want another authority hanging over them and dictating what they should do. People don't see religion as a doctrine they should follow but more as a set of intrinsic moral values separate from institutions. People are still religious, they just don't like the Church.

> In a paragraph from his On the Jews and Their Lies he deplores Christendom's failure to expel them. Moreover, he proposed "What shall we Christians do with this rejected and condemned people, the Jews"

>Along with antisemitism itself, Luther's harsh anti-Jewish statements in his On the Jews and Their Lies and other writings have been repudiated by various Lutheran churches throughout the world.
>Strommen et al.'s 1970 survey of 4,745 North American Lutherans aged 15–65 found that, compared to the other minority groups under consideration, Lutherans were the least prejudiced toward Jews.
>Since the 1980s, some Lutheran church bodies have formally denounced and dissociated themselves from Luther's writings on the Jews.
>In 1982 the Lutheran World Federation issued a consultation stating that "we Christians must purge ourselves of any hatred of the Jews and any sort of teaching of contempt for Judaism."
>A strong position statement was issued by The Lutheran Evangelical Protestant Church (LEPC) (GCEPC) saying, "The Jewish people are God's chosen people. Believers should bless them as scripture says that God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.

shall i continue?

>yfw they wouldn't carry a "Some gays are Christian, Get over it!" sign at a pride march

Shit only seems to work one way.

Who is "the lord"?

delusional christcuck. you can cherry pick 500 year old books by 1 person or random sermons from deranged ministers all you want, but the vast majority of your religion (99.99999%) are beholden to the jews.

>all black people are based, look at this nigger I know, he's super intelligent!

God, who else?

Well, at least here in Brazil, most mainstream Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical denominations are still against homosexuality.

People who claim themselves as Christians aren't to be judged by others, Christians or not, but by God and only God. We all sin, it's the good we do and the repentance we ask for that changes things. As a real Christian, I know I make mistakes and forgive others for theirs. I work to better myself and make suggestions to others to better themselves as well. Humans were made in God's image but we are not gods ourselves and will sin and make mistakes. God can be harsh but also forgiving. It's your actions in life that show your virtue and righteousness rather than who screams the loudest.

Some Gays may consider themselves Christians, they have that ability. It isn't my position or any other Christian to judge if they are or not. It is between them and God.

Great post, I agree.

>Choosing to burn in hell

Well, gays are degenerates.

Christianity has become so weak because it has merely adapted to the wider culture which has become weak. Christianity went from timid peaceful roots to a crusading religion in a similar manner. When exported to Europe and growing in the environment of a post-Roman world, it became a religion steeped in the politics of the day and eventually adopted the crusading warrior spirit when fighting against the Muslims. Christianity always developed parallel to the zeitgeist of the day but often lagged behind a bit. So now many things Christianity thought was degenerate in the 60s is now becoming tolerated and event accepted among many more Christians.

Jews may very well have something to do with it, but it's probably not a ZOG conspiracy. it is a conspiracy, though.

Media has pretty much made real Christianity unpalatable. They constantly push stories that paint Christians as hateful and hypocritical. They glorify stories of people "persecuted" by Christians. They snidely portray them as backwards and against science.

So, the youth has grown up with Christianity painted as some old, outdated religion, standing in opposition to science and reason, responsible for persecuting the poor, innocent fags and mudslimes, with creepy pastors and fanatical followers, etc.

So, to avoid the constant derision of their liberal friends, many Christians are altering their beliefs to fit the pushed worldview: everyone is equal, it's okay to be gay, morality is relative, etc.

Not even really a believer, but it's so painfully obvious. They want it destroyed. They want it mocked. They want it warped into something unrecognizable.

Fuck these cryptokike bastards and the untold thousands of fedoras and faggots that they have spawned

Cuck religion from the start.
>inb4 muh crusades
Deus Vags were mostly against other white pagans/christian "heretics". They were too busy stealing shit from each other to give a fuck about white women taken into islamic slavery.

I would not claim all of Christianity is weak, this varies by sect and country.

If you've ever met an American Southern Baptist, these are the brimstone types that'll tell you that you are going to hell simply because you weren't consistent on avoiding sin.

Isn't Catholicism in Poland also "aggressive?"

I also know seems as if Christianity takes a more fundementalist approach in some Asian countries such as South Korea.

>I'm not a christian, but I'm also so not like one of those unenlightened atheist fedoras
>I'm a centrist! I'm so smart!

Also, aren't there tons of hypocrites on Sup Forums that claim Christianity is too weak, but whenever some Christian does something "extreme," all of a sudden Christianity is labeled fundementalist and stupid?

Fags took over the church and declared God Loves Fags!

It still isn't true but perversion only cares about pleasure. Truth is a weird curiosity that it would rather not think about.

Sup Forums is full of slide threads, the CTR can't bear with having lost

The Catholic Church was subverted by Vatican II (and has been subject to decadence for centuries but at least they never applied it to doctrine as they do now).
Protestants are too fractured and were easily subverted to become tools of the state (left-globalist). This is why evangelicals who can't be muzzled are so demonised.
The Orthodox church was suppressed for almost a century by the Communists but is making a comeback in based Russia.
Other churches are too small, irrelevant, exist in Muslim-occupied territory (e.g Coptic, Eastern Catholic etc.).

Well in us is an agenda for that,they make fun of Christianity, also note that jews hate christians, qnd Jesus Christ,and want to detroy the concept.They push the gay agenda, remove christian symbols in public, encourage atheism or other religion .If you teach creationism...you lose your job, if you say something bad about jews or muslims...God bless you after...have you seen someone making fun of jews? But they make fun of Jesus all th0e way and no reaction...it s normal.

That is what fucking happened to it. All you dumbass fucktards crying about muh homophobia muh bigotry muh violence for years FUCKING RUINED IT ASSHOLE.

Over a billion adherents, weak, lol.

Why would we shun and replace something that worked perfectly for 1 and a half millenniums?
It is exactly this that caused its downfall
So all of Europe and America were good goys from lets say 500ad-1970ad
It seems to me like quite the opposite, it is from 1970 when liberalism and hippe niggers took power and Christianity went on a massive downfall, and the west lost all its culture.
Daily reminder that rome was on a downfall before Christianity
Daily reminder most Romans weren't edgy autists and willingly converted to Christianity
Daily Reminder that you are jew if you are spreading lies such that jews and christians are synonymous
Infact the opposite is truer, look at france, once a great blue bastion of the west now a jewish atheist shithole.

>Over a billion adherents

semantics hue hue hue

Look at this guy chanel, got a lot of redpills:)
and he was born a jew...he knows more than us goyms

Not at all, unless you count filthy commies who were baptized as Christians in statistics, but then that's hardly making the religion "stronger."

>Why would we shun and replace something that worked perfectly for 1 and a half millenniums?
Because Humanity has outgrown it and its unbelievable mythos. You might as well ask the same question of a pantheon of gods: why would Humanity sun and replace something that worked perfectly fine for multiple millennia?

Christianity has had the teeth ripped out of it by the sons of the Enlightenment, and now only exists to pacify those Westerners who feel the void of spirituality in their hearts. With each passing year it cleaves further and further to the dominant political ethos of the day; secular humanism. It's quite evident that Christianity's time is up and it must be replaced by a new moral code, or else we risk succumbing to Islam or nihilism.

>when there's no edit
Sup Forums I am disappoint.

Keep on tipping, fag

There isn't more human suffering
It's the reason everyone is asking for more out of like Henry VIII

weakness of man, hundreds of years of subversion by ((gnostics, masons and illuminates))


*out of life like


>some institution gets infiltrated by the Frankfurt School


Good. Only plebs like the Roman empire. They weren't even white by Sup Forums standards, don't know why nordic pagancucks defend it, I guess they liked being slaves.

>.If you teach creationism...you lose your job

You should.


Your belief, I m not here to argue ...now
You will realise it s a spiritual unseen war going

If you teach atheism you should be fucking strung on a post.

Catholics basically say that gays should practice celibacy is they absolutely, positively cannot get a rise from a chick

Hope it dies along with the rest of religion. Bunch of fairy tales, grow up, face reality, and find community through other means.

Christianity and Polytheism had one thing in common, there was belief and fear in something greater then us, this was the reason why they were respected and listened to in the first place. What will make this secular code, once created actually listened? What will be so special or great about it. What makes you think the niggers of humanity will actually listen to anything without treat of hell/god/death?
After secularism, there will be nothing to believe in, no point to live, if we worship a meteorite coming our way, would anything change?
If you are atheist/agnostic you can reply to me with "but if we worship god it won't make a difference either", maybe the meteor won't stop coming our way, but until then there will be such benefits, like the perseverance of our culture, humanity and morality, and maybe with these advantages we will be able to stop the meteorite ourselves, or at least die happily and in peace.

Because that's simply the natural outcome of its pacifist teachings and willingness to adapt to modern society by retconning everything non-pacifist.

>Oh i'm so fucking enlightened I live for absolutely nothing!

Stop projecting.

Found him by mistake, researching muslims coran
He has a good story to tell ...from the cold rational /competiting thinking into a warm one

No I live to see what life has to offer and enjoy human interaction. It has inherit value, doesn't need to be given it by a book of bullshit.

Hope it dies along with the rest of **the west**. Bunch of fairy tails, grow up, bend over to the **kikes**, and get **aspergers** through other means.
Atheists always love to play god, how do you he's projecting, and not simply stating the truth scumbag?
So you are a degenerate tripping on dopamine and the approval of greater men then you to solve you're daddy issues?
Why can't we enjoy both what you just said and still care about our faith/culture/ancestors.

That is what you fucking atheists are. Deviod. You literally do not do anything at all. You don't have militias. You don't do humanitarian missions. You don't have shelters set up. You just sit there on your ass and fucking whine about muh fairy tales and Christianity using the same arguments over. Fucking useless.

Cuck population, cuck religion.

>You cannot be Catholic and gay.
Being a sinner doesn't mean you aren't a part of the Church. On the other hand, disagreeing that homosexual relations are sinful is heretical.

Protestants fractured the Church.

>find community through other means
That's how subversive ideologies are born, because people don't ever "grow" out of religion, they just find something else to fill its place. It's in our nature to deem some things sacred and above reproach.

Currently, for most people in the west it's the secular religion of Liberalism, "equality" being its god. And further beyond that, as if pulling the strings, there's Marxism, with the state as god.

No they don't remeber communism!
Remember the great USSR, all countries European and Non-european that were under its rule are now prospering due to the great Atheists!
Oh and don't forget beautiful China!

Well I hope they enjoy burning in hell for suckin dicks and getting butt fucked

Nice six. You are what you whine about because you were lied to by the serpent. The guy in your pic is right and not incorrect. Oh well

Look at the beautiful Atheist Chinese sky, if only Europe would follow their footsteps!

Who said anything about not caring about your culture and ancestors? I simply think you ought to be intellectually honest with yourself in order to properly solve problems and not repress them with lies, like the problems of facing death, dealing with bad shit that happens, etc. If you face everything logically, don't make decisions on the logic of "The bible said so", and admit the bible isn't true but want to go play pretend it is with a bunch of people to feel a sense of community as an agnostic theist, than that's fine with me.

Where does it say that. David and Jonathan and Ruth and Naomi became one flesh. They acted on it. Sodom increased their numbers and offered their girls to known fags? None of these words existed. Concepts did. Christ blessed us. Gays are not pimps. They don't also lay with females. They go in the 144,000. You are a pork eating hypocrite. And are not pagan cross dressing temple prostitutes



Pick one and only one.

Let's wipe out fags because without surrogacies they would have done to selves anyways. Let's bring our grand mas to a public grab ems gang rape for some reason. Yyyep. Truvada. Xq28 gene. Mental illnesses are Jewish spiritual problems without any bodily evidences. Become female. You're already cucked. Non sexual. And a feminist. Pink swastika. Bye bye

I was wondering when we'd see you.

Get back on your meds you schizo faggot.

So many people on Sup Forums are anti-Semitic, care deeply about religion, don't like gay people, say adultery is degenerate, but yet hate Muslims, who agree with them on all this stuff and more. Are you guys sure you don't want Germanistan and to convert?

>They will sort themselves out

That only works if you assume it's a genetic problem. The fact is it's much more likely to be from environmental causes, like early childhood trauma, hormonal imbalance in-utero, etc.

>get over it

The bible says otherwise faggot

Daily reminder the one true faith is The Church of Infinite Light

The poster you're responding to is a schizophrenic homosexual.

His handlers do him a great disservice by allowing internet access.

For his own good, do not reply to him any further.

Intercepted and saged

You're Oprah eh
You'e wrong. Go rape more kids
It does not. That word was never in existence at the time. The ones that were? That applied? Blessed. Nothing else. You don't go before Christ

So you're a mother fucker. And. Which woman or your mother raped you into clammosexuality?

If you don't see how this is obviously connected to Jewish influence on culture you should lurk more

why are you blaming christianity you fucking idiot faggot?

you must be a germanic, only germanics are so stupid

kys, imbecile

Shekinah hoax. Platonic complementarity. Haavara. Vaginas are made cheap for you by gays. Go use em. Buried in closet. Proven. When youtube banned gay videos because of 2 girls 1 cup house of air trolls. They got boycotted for nazi videos. Jews are matrilineal. Homos are against estrogen overdoses. Feminists and jews hate happy males. Like you do. Because females make us all fucken miserable and always have. It's their demonic political fake religion

>supporting faggots
more like insanity, no one who claims to follow the laws of the Living God would support such a monstrosity to nature.

>The poster you're responding to is a schizophrenic homosexual.
>His handlers do him a great disservice by allowing internet access.
>For his own good, do not reply to him any further.

>facing death
Why? What difference does it make? If you are going to die and become nothing, why does whether you believed that you are going to go to heaven or not after you die matter? I see what you are, do you not want people to have happiness in life because you can't get it? Do you not want
>caring about you're culture and ancestors
You want Christianity, what Europe, you're homeland, stood for and worked for through hundreds of years and its best times to go extinct and you tell me you like you're culture and ancestors, ya okay.
>facing things logically
I don't understand why the bible would stop this at all, it literally depends on the person. And the people who are illogical will just find something else and worse to replace the bible. At least the bible encourages good things and values, while whatever it is they will be replacing it with probably won't.
>agnostic theist
So you believe in nothing and everything, pick a side already, there is no such thing as a center ground, human nature makes this impossible. Haven't you seen what has happened of the tolerant left in the last 6 years?

>using Ben Franklin as a symbol of good
>he liked fornicating with old women

Simple answer: The leftists infiltrated the church.That's why they're all kid diddlers in the catholoc church and jew worshippers in the protestant.

Jews hate evangelicals though,which is hilarious.