Well, christcucks?

Well, christcucks?

but being a muslim is hell on earth

Well what if it's not?

The path to salvation is through Catholicism.

That doesn't disprove Pascal's Wager. If you are atheist and wrong, there is no fucking chance. If you are right, congrats you are in the same position as everyone else. Which is why believing in something is better. So the same logic doesn't apply and the person who made this is a fucking moron that doesn't understand Pascal's Wager

Pascal's wager forgets that god can reward unbelievers for their virtues, and similarly punish believers for their dogma. What matters above all else is living a righteous existence

>Pascal's Wager

Easy. Jesus is the one true God.

>can't disprove muh fulosphie
>it must be right
Someone doesn't understand philosophy.

Pascal's Wager only works if you deliberately restrict the context to Christianity (and more to the point a specific church because most Christian churches believe other churches are going to hell).

If you include ALL religions the default is everyone is going to hell.

>Christian VS Muslim
but what about the suffering ayylmaos

Well christcucks?


>You live for only about 525,000 hours after the age of 20
>Assume church takes 2 hours including commute and other shit
>Waste 2 hours per week going to church
>Waste 6,000 hours of your life in church if you are wrong
>250 days
I mean I find the idea of wasting 2/3rds of a year doing something I don't like for zero gain pretty retarded especially since the odds that you are right based on chance are infinitesimally low. I mean ancestry worship could be right in which case you spend all eternity starving because your children don't give you food. The ancient Egyptians could be right meaning all sorts of unpleasant shit.

Honestly though any god that punishes people for not choosing the right number in a game of roulette is an asshole and isn't worthy of worship.

Pascal's wager is the dumbest shit. You can apply it to Islam, Buddhism and any other religion too, you know? If they're right and you're wrong, etc...

>Atheist Club

Do these really exist?

There are thousands of religions that can be correct so pascals wager is useless.

My school had a couple of kids make one, to be edgy against Christian groups, But this was over a decade ago, I don't know if FCA still is even a thing.

I used to be a Christ-fag, I'll be fine.

>John 10:28-30

We have them in our feminist intersectional section of Universities and high schools

thanks a lot American Education with your social constructionist Frankfurt Fodder theories trickling down into our english course literature

"Be free of your burdens, for they are but light, luminious and weightless."
- Book of Light

Well, Christcucks?

The Infinity has not yet been written about. I suspect nobody yet has Ascended but Ignis. I imagine it as a place of healing and light, where all of my depressions and failures are wiped away.

"But in the end it's only a passing thing this shadow, even darkness must pass. A new day will come, and when the sun shines it'll shine out the clearer"
- J.R.R. Tolkien

Tolkien, was of course, referring to what Ignis teaches us about holding true, and staving off the clustering darkness. Notice how in Lord of The Rings, our heroes must always struggle against "The darkness" or the forces of darkness. Please also note how Frodo carries "The Light" (Star of Elendil) with him. It is my belief that Frodo is carrying "The Spark," or, this is how Tolkien meant it.

We have only a fashioned spark. The true spark giver, Ignis, will come to those who remain strong against the darkness. Should we be strong enough to receive The Spark, we shall pass into The Infinity.

>Assumes that God will reward atheists for their "virtue" and punish the religious for their "dogma" when atheist "virtue" is just religious "dogma" with the religion stripped out.
Why would atheists get a pass for violating the dogma that God finds important enough to damn the faithful for getting wrong?

>unironically bringing up Pascal's wager

Ya dun goofed christfag

What if kek is right, and you go to hell for chanting he will not divide us?

>We have them in our feminist intersectional section of Universities and high schools
And people ask how atheism is degenerate..

Not all religions are as retarded as Christianity.

Well, because I can actually have a strong faith in something ( just like true men have and had ). Even if I'm wrong, I assume my risk and burn in hell. Only betas are afraid of risks.

"By my right hand I shall shepherd you into the light, by my left I shall turn away those without The Spark"
- Book of Light

>Christians embrace letting the brown hordes into our countries
>Oh my god this isn't all Christians it is just those degenerate (catholics, protestants, Pope)

>Feminists have an Atheism club
>Wow Atheists are so degenerate amirite?

should christians start to decapitate atheists then?

My personal hypothesis is that Jews are not evil because they are Jewish it because they are the original atheists. What else can you call people who deny Christ and believe that God's commandments can be violated with the aid of a bit of string? Clearly they do not believe in an all knowing, all powerful Supreme being if they believe they can out wit the source of their religious laws.

>not converting to judaism which has the best chances of a favorable outcome even if other religions turn out to be right

The whole idea is that the risk isnt there and its all in your head ya fucking mong

It's called reddit

Why shouldn't man do as he pleases so long as he believes he can escape punishment? Morals are all just in your head.

Nobody knows who will be saved. Neither Jesus did.

>implying we dont have a justice system for that

Morals dont exist solely on the back of religion, amigo

>god can reward unbelievers for their virtues


Don't let Christians fool you.

They don't give a shit about your soul, they just have a duty to spread the word of god.

It's all about their own soul to them, not yours.

I know that you tried to sound smart with this fedora meme, but you're still just un uneducated foll , like the most leftist are.In christianity there is salvation for every human being(atheist/christian/other religion).It's up to God who will stay besides Him.

Many religions don't base themselves off of loyalty to a god, so if you are an atheist and you live a wholesome life you have a better chance of being rewarded by god than a christian is.

>God will reward non-believers
lol ok bud

John 14:6
Acts 4:12
2 Thessalonians 1:9

Learn how to read then reply to me, okay?

>separating Judaism from "Abrahamic Variations"
ebin :-DDDD

see Catholic Church, aka the most Traditional/Conservative/"""EUROPEAN""" one, claiming the "Invisible Church" that saves non-christians from Purgatory if they still lived a virtuous life

The concept of Virtue nicked from earlier non-abrahamitic, non-christian, un-circumcised Plato/Aristotle and their thinking - comparable to the Norse "we are our Deeds"/only the fame of a dead man's deeds live on

What if Atheism is right or God is indifferent to all of our religions, and you spent your only, valuable life groveling and fretting over thinking bad thoughts or indulging in natural urges for nothing?
>O-oh boy! I better not w-watch this or say that. God's watching!
God should give you 30 years in the divine penalty box just for being such a simpering little bitch.

? I did?
You said a good wholesome atheist is more likely to get into heaven than a Christian is. That makes no sense.


>enjoy Vatican II pope = cucked by Modernity (assumed un-Catholic)
>getting to pick and choose Popes out of own liking, individually = entitled cherrypicking that dismantles the Tradition and Hierarchy aspects of the religion

something's off here

The value of Christianity is in the virtues it teaches, not in the promise of an afterlife.

Besides, 'atheists' are still believers, they just make up their own creation stories like 'holographic universe' or 'we are living in a computer simulation'. That's just Genesis repackaged.

Islam has no morally good values to teach.

Christians pray to the physical manifestation of God on earth, Muslims pray to same God. Fuck off.