Melania lives in the Trump tower at taxpayer's expenses

>Melania lives in the Trump tower at taxpayer's expenses
>Ivanka gets an office in the White House

really makes you think, doesn't it

really makes me hard

Maybe it wouldn't be so expensive if you libs werent so violent

anybody in the thread ever made love to melania?


tfw ivanka isn't really his kid, epstein fucked ivana, and now he's just twisting the knife.

According to some sources, Trump has the thickest and longest presidential penis in US history. It's about 13 inches erect.


>at taxpayer's expense

You'd rather her live in her own separate residence which would require additional security teams? Face it, they're going to get protection no matter what.


There was an older British user who had this yearly ritual he described in detail to us. Every year, on his birthday, he would masturbate to the First Lady of the US.

As you can imagine, this was quite a bit of a struggle during the Obama years. But he said that the one year in which he failed to perform the ritual, he had a horrible period of bad luck that wasn't corrected until he could perform the ritual again. He was delighted to know that Melania would be the first lady. Not only because he was in his 60's at the time of posting about this ritual, and merely the issue of Hillary being president would have lead to some horrible confusion on how to complete the ritual from that point on, but that Melania is a babe.

Just thought that may be interesting. In all honesty, Trump vets his women pretty well in regards to sleeping with other men. He's stopped pursuing many beautiful women (models, actresses, heiresses, etc..) on the grounds of them being too slutty, and has actually spoken about this. I think Melania came here to find a wealthy, powerful alpha type and be a trophy wife. Now she's the most powerful trophy wife in the world.

Just look at those legs. Jared stole her from us.

Who's jewing who?

No, it doesn't.

Retards, I live with my parents too, that way I can drive a camaro cos I don't have to pay rent

Not really. Ivanka has an interest in politics. Melania wants nothing to do with slimy spying pedos. Real head scratcher there.

its almost like they're letting Barron finish the school year or something you dense cunt

He's a Zionist, what else is new.

Is that melania on the right? Holy shit

I feel for Melania; having to lay there as the Donald looms over her.
Yet money has a way of erasing such unpleasant experiences.

The fuck? You didn't notice she was hot before this photo? What are you, from Greece or something??

And yet, how?

(this is the part where you lack everything)

Not at all OP. Nothing weird with that.

>Barron is ivanka's son

The fact that isn't impossible is hilarious.

>the President of the United States admits to being sexually attracted to his own daughter

and that's just what he says in public

>Trump tower at taxpayer's expenses
>at taxpayer's expenses

>implying completely normal father/daughter love can be perverted by YOU FAGGOTS.

Pls. Keep trying. Normies know it's okay to love their children.

Basement holocaust soon.

i'm pretty sure melania would know if barron wasn't her son

>normalfag w/ 3 daughters
>I know they're hot

Okay, so, what would you have rater I have supposed, literal niggers and faggots.

What should I have done?

My girls are strong and good helpmates. Come at me, faggots.

I did but her expression there really did it for me.In previous pictures she looks like a wild cat.

Well, cheese dicks?
>inb4 leftists pls go