Where are my fellow chileans?

Where are my fellow chileans?
We need another thread to disccus on who will be next president

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We have some commies here we can deport and send you back, they have to be given the helicopter ride.

You will never make people see PiƱera as anything else than a money grubbing bastard.

what about kast or ossandon


Ossandon it's good choice, sadly for Sup Forums Kast it's to white.

His great grandfather was part of the SS or something like that, it's would be terrible if the Clinic gets a hold of it.

How is the standard of living in Chile, financially, and otherwise?

I've considered moving to a Latin American country but most seem like a questionable place to live if you have a choice.

So how is Chile?

How white are you?

cant say european white , but still white

>How white are you?

100% white looking and sounding. 50% white genes, 50% puerto rican (so no idea).

>How is the standard of living in Chile, financially, and otherwise?
The average salary is like nothing, but if you have a good degree you will be instant upper class.

>So how is Chile?
Comfy af if you are wealthy desu, also the more to the south you go the whiter it gets. Santiago is not that bad if you live to the northeast, elsewhere its a shithole. I recommend the south, like the X region.

>european white
Yeah that won't be going on for long anymore

if is this real we need to colonizate mars now

Why would you leave the States?

We are the roman empire of South America.

I work in an urban area: 70% non white
stat is PRE migrant crisis germany
Yeah we Europeans need a new homeland in 40 years I think. I'm thinking a part of the u.s. or maybe somewhere on the southern end of south america.

This is Europe today


I don't know but you must dislike this:


Tijd voor een onafhankelijk Vlaanren

This is in Borgerhout


Antwerpen toch? Hoe erg is het met de politieke correctheid daar?
Ik werk in de randstad. Het is bizar hoe het veranderd is in de afgelopen 10 jaar sinds ik als 18 jarige ging studeren.

Antwerpen is de meest rechtse stad van Vlaanderen altijd al geweest. Vlaams Blok haalde daar ooit 30% toen ze nog erg radicaal waren (holocaust ontkennen etc)


Hadden wij maar een soortgelijke partij

i dont know if this is normal chilean or something else....

It's Dutch obviously

I'm glad I'm not the only one for that, almost all Santiago (except northeast side) are just shithole. Everthing is poor and dirty. Alot of poor and discusting houses/apartment. I live in Santiago centro and I often go to the northeast side in a bicycle with my father. It's actually comfy and beautiful in northeast Santiago. I don't like so much living in a shithole apartment. At least until December/January I return to Norway (I'm Chilean-Norwegian). I'm in a vacation in Chile with my chilean father.

By the way I used to live in Southern Chile I lived in Puerto Varas and Frutillar and there are alot of white people here, In Santiago are mostly mestizos and some whites,

Ossandon must have a hell of a chance to get to the presidency, or else it's Up the Hearts 2.0: Electric Boogaloo.

Don't laugh. Too much independents and not a consensus can do that, you know.