The Deep-State is out of control

The FBI is a left wing political hit squad.

Where is the investigation into Salon or CNN?

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Who is Trum and what does he have to do with prussia?

>left wing hit squad
>handed trump the election on a silver plate by going HILLARY UNDER INVESTIGATION AGAIN NEW THINGS? a week before voting
>while not announcing this despite it having been going on for months

You can't deny Breitbart published many articles against Hillary. Also Flynn, Manafort and Bannon do have ties to Russia. So why shouldn't the FBI investigate?


>tfw you come into a random ass thread to shitpost and see a dank x:com ufo unknown may may


>let's investigate everyone who dares to be critical of the establishment
Muh freedom of press.
99.9% of worlds media was critical of Trump but lets destroy the 0.1% who supported him.

How does Bannon tie to Russia. He's an x-filmmaker turned Reg-pilled mastermind and Trumps Palpatine.

They also cleared her shortly thereafter. It was obviously meant to affirm her innocence to the voters. Just look at the shills who showed up here saying "See, Hillary didn't do anything wrong, the FBI says so".

The FBI was very pro Trump during the election.

So anyone who has any sort of ties to a foreign government is worthy of investigation?

I fucking told you retards but you didn't listen.

Allow me to repost it again:
Trump will be impeached by the end of the year, if not sooner. Screencap it guarantee it 1000%. He definitely colluded with Russians and irrefutable proof will be found. Breitbart, Drudge, Roger Stone, and Alex Jones will also be implicated for treason for spreading Russian propaganda, as will a few GOP congressmen and Trump cabinet members. I have sources and they are 100% right every time. I will cut off my own dick if I'm wrong because these guys never let me down. Can't tell you who or what I know but I can tell you that it's something yuuuuuuuuuge.

Trust me, the house of cards is about to fall. It's over. The corruption will come to light.

Russians are white it's ok


>Trust me, the house of cards is about to fall. It's over. The corruption will come to light.

Had what I'm assuming is a lefty say they prefer a strong CIA after I mentioned the deep state.

Cucks. Cucks everywhere.



wtf do you know spic

Comey didn't have shit to do with how the election went. Everyone was already decided. In fact, that comey didn't incriminate Hillary with anything substantial, it came off as a loss for trump.

>by the end of the year, if not sooner.

You can't get sooner than "by the end of the year". By the end of the year means anytime between right now and January 1st, 2018.

no they are not news you dont like is not propaganda. what world do they live in.

you dont have sources stop and seek mental heath care

Implying that Trump and his buddies are the corruption and not Hillary and her buddies are the corruption.

Serious question: Are you a retard?

maybe at the lower levels but Comey and the upper ranks of the bureaucracy are definitely part of the deep state, most of them are holdovers from the Obama Administration which revolutionized corruption and politicizing everything. Don't trust Comey.

How about the FBI investigate all the kikes in the MSM!!!!

At this point the deep state is so convinced that that they aren't impotent that they think the only way they were outmemed is by it having been the russian's who really did it. Thats all it is, they have never experienced weaponized autism before for the lulz.

He is a Leninist and has contacts to Alexander Dugin.

Yes, Hillary of course too.

comey is so bad at bullshitting it hurts.

>the corruption will come to light

It already has come to the form of John Podesta's emails. They refuse to prosecute Clinton, no matter the evidence, because that would bring the house of cards down. They're deflecting and going after alternative news sources who are threatening the MSM who are bought and paid for by the government. The system doesn't care about justice, the system cares about the system.

The entire Russia hacked the election argument is insane. Let's pretend for a moment that it's true. Russian provided Wikileaks with private emails that exposed multiple instances of corruption and illegal activities among high ranking government officials. What's the next step? Brush off what has been exposed and attack the source because "they undermined our democracy" when, in reality, it our democracy was undermined by our own government. They're just mad that we found out about it.

>tfw you tranceded timelines to where Liberal Crime Squad is real.

Good, it will make the fallout all the funner

Meanwhile almost all jew money donations went to the Democrat party, which ran a women who was 100% on board with all Jewish led political movements and a literal jew.

>every western leader asked who they prefer as leader of the US: CLINTON!

So, were they, and their media, complicate in trying to affect our election?

That's a nice edit.


The truth about immigration, by the numbers:


Cultural Marxist Jews Admit Organizing White Genocide

The plan to eliminate the white race:


Cultural Marxism in action… Political Correctness, the tip of the blade:


Cultural Marxism & Social Justice Explained:


Why are we in Decline - Cultural Marxism:


also see

The facts about slavery in North America:


Cultural Marxist Jews fund media propaganda against whites on an enormous scale:


Does this sound familiar at all? (starting at 6:52)


The Holocaust:




>Trump will be impeached by the end of the year, if not sooner.

>I fucking told you retards

I think you may be confused about whose retarded in this scenario, here's a clue instead of bitching try to win an election, the republicans are one state legislature away from being able to convene Constitutional Convention all by themselves. I swear you fucking idiots...

Go away you weak cuck, go prep your bull.

>1 post by this ID

Here, have another sympathy (you).


>99% world media publish pro Clinton stuff
>one or two sites published pro-Trump stuff

Really makes me fucking think.

>failed commie overlords get the boot
>"they did this to us!"

Welcome to Venezuela. Try to console yourselves in the knowledge that real socialism has never been tried.

>youtube videos

I refuse to believe the actual deep state believes the muh Russia line unironically. Stooges with badges and useful idiots, yes.

Merkel and Clinton both know they are evil, and it sickens me.


>They are changing their factless accusation from collusion and hacking to propaganda.

so they are def here also then


This, the whole political spectrum is like 80% tilted to the left and they act like it's the end of the world when it's tilted 5% back towards the center.


I know right? Fuck drumpf!


They should investigate Hitlary for her russian ties.

>>muh conspiracies

The only Deep State is the deep state of denial you fuckers are in.

Oh boy the russian sockpuppets are really trying hard in this thread.

Why don't we investigate all the publications that published fake news and other crap about Trump?

You know why.

true that my dude

kill yourself shill

you know its true fgt

kill yourself too you idiot shill

Trump must fire Comey first.

why do you think we're about to be in a civil war with Lord Trump as are leader.

Ffff better get some water.

Is this a new pasta?

for about a week.

>Comey cost Clinton the election
>agents tried to start an investigation into Clinton based on fucking Clinton Cash
>most FBI agents are Republican, like any other law enforcement agency

Real Republicans are loyal to the Republic, not one man.

Lel I hope you kill yourself in 2020 when trump gets that extra 4 years

Why don't they just get some balls and come after us already? We're the so-called Russian hackers/spies/agents/shills/bogeymen they're looking for. Are they afraid?

Why are they all so ugly, it's painful to see.

Trumpy is going to prison y'all. Best start buying your kleenex boxes now.

>FBI smearing right wing news and inevitably try to get them shut down

I'm so fucking glad Trump won. I can't imagine how bad this would get under Clinton. Plus "fake news" would still be taken seriously because Trump wouldn't be there to mock it to irrelevance

>handed trump the election on a silver plate by going HILLARY UNDER INVESTIGATION AGAIN NEW THINGS? a week before voting

1: Congress voted for Comey to update them as soon as new information comes out
2: Dems loved Comey for years until he did that (his job).
3: If he didn't do his job, he would've gone to prison for ACTUALLY influencing the election.

The FBI doesn't deny or confirm the existence of an investigation.


Were going to hang you when the time comes faggot, tell your friends.

What is that?
Is that the new metal gear

No, if anything he HELPED her. He actually helped her by not recommending charges and still lost!

Even Trump is still under investigation, so its clear he's out to destroy him or at least his associates

If you look hard enough with an unlimited budget you can destroy anyone. Turn on CNN, every day intelligence leaks meant to add to the Russia investigation

wasn't russians.
>it was me


kek will smite you

If you're such a crybaby that you cant accept clear facts you should probably go fuck yourself.

the resist hashtag is so fucking gay


Who cares about (((Breitbart))) anyways?

noobs and (((shitskin "civic nationalists")))

>lel andrew already thinking about chugging bourbon and choking on a ham sandwich for lunch
fat fuck jew


Totally incoherent. Russia is now working for Breitbart?

i don't even read breitbart, but i know they're one of the few news orgz that will actually talk about the issues and investigate, unlike the 99% talking about "muh brusssians!! trump is hitler and rayciss, DAVID DUKE PEOPLE!!". so people should care.

Both candidates were jewish shills, most of the jews wanted Killary to win because of her aggressive zionist foreign policy against Syria

The thing about the democrats, if they are pointing the finger at you, it's a distraction to keep the attention off them for what they have done.

breitbart and infowars are privately owned media companies
they can take money and directive from anyone they want including putin

agian dnc/clinton's word becomes dogma to comey and the fbi

>clinton/obama/dem corruption has come to light time and time again
>nothing happens

shill talking about shills.

protip: if it's a jew or a jew tool, it won't do what it promised during the campaign, it will do the opposite.

trump is doing exactly what he said he would do and will continue to do so.

>Sup Forums defensing a site that was made because the founders were sick of "anti Israel bias"

Ugh, this has already fucking been gone over.

There is NOTHING.

The only "evidence" they could muster last go-round was that RT aired more anti-Hillary coverage than they did anti-Trump.

That's it.

how does doing exactly what he promised to do make him any less of a Zionist huh?

>implying boricua niggers know the word "zionist"
Fuck off with your division trolling, shareblue. Nice flag. You too fucking cheap to put your proxies in a real foreign country?

That MGS4. That's what games used to look like in 2008. Hell, look up some old Onimusha or RE4 playthroughs. People say Konami had the best facial rendering of that era but I say Capcom took the gold.

The slop you see passed off as AAA facial animations in 2017 is more small proof the world is going to shit.

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