Does she really stand a chance against Trump in 2020?

Does she really stand a chance against Trump in 2020?

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Fuck no.

If the Dems actually run her, Keith Ellison, Booker, or Hillary again like some think they will they're fucking retarded.

If trump has taught me anything, its that anyone can do anything with meme magic on their side


Nah man all the Bernie Bros and Bern outs hate her for her refusing to support Bernie and essentially showing what an establishment piece of shit she is.

Lol wanna be Indian

Say it with me...

Why not booker? Young and black, like Obongo.

The Harvard fake indian cultural appropriation memes will be epic.

God, I hate this whore. If the Dems run her, I hope to God she gets fucking curbstomped

Injun admixed "whites" are so ugly.

Please GOD I hope she runs. Let's seal Trump's second term ahead of time.

sher doesnt stand a chance to live 4 years and not get oldtimerz . shes 67 and women get oldtimerz at a increased rate vs men. she will be shitting metal in no time

I sort of hope the Democrats will run her. Trump will destroy her.

>gay rumors
>corporate cuck
Yep, just like Obama.

Obama had charisma though. Does Cory Booker have charisma?

Hoping she runs, the indian memes will be great

Boring same old same old corporate candidate
He's like Obama with less charisma

Zuckerberg though would probably be the worst..

Boomers will never relinquish power until they are dead
How does Gen X put up with these people?


Zuckerberg/Warren 2020

Meme Dream Team

These same bernouts who 'hated' Hillary campaigned and voter for her after she got the nomination, remember that these people have no integrity

say it with me

President Tulsi Gabbard

and Vice President Jim Webb.

It's over, Trump is finished.

I wanna goo all over her

>Jim Webb

I love that guy

Tulsi is going to get crucified by the democrats for going to Syria and meeting Assad. Sorry she's too sane for them


If you've ever heard Booker speak you'll immediately know why it's a bad idea.

At least zuckerberg knows something about business and tech

>Trump in 2020
>implying Trump will make it to 2020 as president

probably not but then stranger things have happened
>see 2016 elections

She's a crusty old commie. We wouldn't even know who she was but for Russian machinations.

If Putin's gone over to the Republicans, it's already over for shit like her.

I think somebody without political experience is the most likely candidate.

Only a moron would ever believe Hillary Clinton would win against anyone.

She lost the only real election she's been in (safe seats in NY don't count).

Tulsi is more likely to be a Republican by 2020 than the Democrat's presidential candidate.

Absolutely! +10000

She is totally /ourgirl/.

I know I will be backing her when the DNC sends me another letter begging for money.

"My Papaw and my Memaw said I'm an Indian cause of my receding hairline."

I wonder if her parents meant Indian as in a person from India?

Yes please!

Not me motherfucker. After the Nevada caucus, I did everything I could to convince people to not vote for Hillary or to not vote at all.

A lot of you fairweather politikos on this board need to give us the credit we deserve.

People like to say meme magic is what gave Trump the win, but the truth is SPITE is what actually did the deed.

Only if the spirit animals of her Indian forefathers guide her to victory over the great orange white man.

so not a chance in hell.

Hillary is a disgusting and repugnant criminal. And her voice sounds like a demon who's about to press a baby's head against a cheese grater.

>Tulsi is going to get crucified by the democrats for going to Syria and meeting Assad. Sorry she's too sane for them

you are giving the base too much credit for even giving a shit about that and i think the elite know shes probably the strongest general election candidate in a long long long time.

plus if she runs with webb against trump it will be a fucking reckoning.

he was my man but in my heart of hearts i knew he was not charismatic enough to carry a primary election.

Franken would beat Trump in 2020, just like Biden would have beat Trump this year. The Dems just need to nominate a non-cuck white guy and they win.

>Dems nominate a white guy

user it's like you don't know what Current Year it will be in 2020

they said the same thing about Joe Lieberman and he doubled down and tried (but failed) to bring the party back to reality. i could see her doing the same.

You mean the black Elizabeth Warren?

All he does is yell and the Berniefags don't like him.

He's got a lot of connections to big pharma too.

I loved her voice work in that new Disney movie

I really hope her entire campaign won't be FUCK RACISTS and I HAVE A VAGINA.

Bernie has named idpol as something the Democrats need to move away from to get competitive nationally again. So maybe that will be their 2016 takeaway.

Pelosi will never allow this.


there is a new yorker article from a few years ago that has been laying dormant for many years. its not flattering in the least and will probably kill a good chunk of his momentum with the college educated over 100k which he needs for fundraising (he simply wont inspire like Bernie did)

Yes. The Republican Obamacare replacement will be costly for those who are at risk. Trump may have been impeached for Russia collusion.

The second president of color!

>implying that in 2012, right after Obama won, ANYONE would think Trump could ever win any election, let alone the presidency

Spite? I would have guessed it was the revelation that Clinton is a criminal child molester.

>Leave Drumpf to me!

They're fucked. They need new blood that isn't psychotic progs. They don't have it and they're not looking for it.

I wanted her to run this time. She'd have had my vote.
But to answer your question, No. She actively supported the Hildebeast revealing herself as just another political whore.

>Not Trump
>Free shit

Pick 3, 2020 Dem campaign plan. Basically the 2016 plan.

We could have had Rand Paul vs Jim Webb, but instead we got a meme and a incompetent crook. Don't get me wrong I voted for MAGA, but I would have preferred Rand.

Would genuinely like to see how assblasted she gets going up against Ivanka 2020

Most normies didn't pay any attention at all to the Podesta leaks, and that's why most people don't appreciate them for what they are, even now.

Most normies couldn't ignore what happened in Nevada though, and that night saw tens of thousands of long standing democrats such as myself, completely turn on the party.

Spite was a much larger factor in Trump's win than anyone wants to admit, and with good reason.

Fuck her. Look at her voting record- she hasn't done shit for anyone regarding anything remotely important. She hasn't faced any important issue.

So, Obama?

she's pretty qt =3

The DNC isn't going to run a white.

Its going to be some FAT GAY BLACK WOMEN

Its going to be "EPIC"


Of course she does, liberals aren't going to vote for Trump.

>Does she really stand a chance against Trump in 2020?

If you think they are running out Pocahontas then you don't know how American Politics works


psychotic librarian-gym teacher hybrids have a better chance

why would they run another robot? politicians may be smart, but they simply can't communicate properly with rural and suburban retards, or city niggers

before she adopted those many, oh so many jowls.

>but still fostering the fang of shame.

why does she have a look in her eyes like, no ones home???

Can Obama run for president again?

If that happens it might get complicated.

I hear stormfront is gonna drop all these possible democratic nominees now before they have ss protection

>hi how are ya
>hi how are ya
>hi how are ya

If they actually run her, there will be an historic landslide for Trump and it will permanently damage the Democratic Party.

How do we meme it into reality?

Yeah which is why clinton won Nevada, nice job berniebros!

You do not even know the person the Dems are running in 2020 because the Dems don't know yet . Gotta fix their party first. I think running a candidate based on neo-lib pop culture popularity and no real substance otlr platform will end exactly how it ended for Clinton, regardless if she never broke a law(Topkek).

Inb4 healthcare, trump incompetent , Russia, and any other wishful fantasies Hillshills dream up

Hey you sumabitch we worked hard for Clinton staging those violent altercations at trump rallys! I won't have you trash us brah!

Rand will be ready someday.

She's not even an injun. She lied through her teeth to get a Native American scholarship.


t. New Jersey

Just go look at what happened in Nevada.

The Bernie supporters were literally denied their chance to vote, and then the state party heads ended the event early specifically so they could adjourn and give the delegates to Hillary.

The only reason people didn't see more about it was because the MSM went out of their way to ignore the local outrage.


I hope she runs, just for the memes.

maybe before she autocucked on Hillary

If she had shown a little support for Bernie, maybe, but she's a fraud and progressives know it.

I was really pleased with her until she drank the russophobic kool-aid. She's 7/10 for that retardation. Trump would have to turn out very badly for me to consider her. Trump shows no signs of being anything but awesome.



no, this isnt europe, we arent this cucked yet.

I think she has about the same chance of winning that these cows had of living.

Nope. She won't even win the Primary nomination.



She's an ugly dumb liar.

Hi wayne, sorry to hear about you losing the race for president